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St Peter's College Logo and Images

St Peter's College

Hackney Road, St Peters SA 5069

St Peter's College is a world-class anglican boys school situated in Adelaide, South Australia.

St Peter's College remains uncompromising in our commitment to be at the forefront of boys’ education. We aspire to be a truly world class school where each boy flourishes.

At Saints, in addition to academia, our focus is the character shaping of boys and young men – developing a sense of service, courage, commitment, integrity, morality and honour. In today’s world we must ensure that each and every boy has these underpinning values in order for them to make their way successfully in a changing world.

The School is an Anglican day and boarding school for boys catering for students from Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

Annesley Junior School Logo and Images

Annesley Junior School

28 Rose Terrace, Wayville SA 5034

Set on beautiful grounds on the edge of the city, Annesley Junior School is a caringcommunity where every child is cherished for their individuality. What families most love about Annesley is that it's a school where children can genuinely feel at home, and where values are lived out everyday.

Annesley Junior School caters for boys and girls from two years of age to Year 6. Annesley children engage in a rigorous program with a focus on leadership, serviceand community sustainability. We offer flexibility as to when your child commences in our Early Learning Centre and we have multiple intakes into our Reception classes, recognising that children are ready to start school at different times. Children are also welcome to join us in other year levels.

At Annesley, our children enjoy an expansive outdoor space with lushgreen lawns inwhich to learn and play, and their inside learning environment was purpose-built for young children. Our school is mid-fee and is open 49 weeks of the year. The Early Learning Centre, Before and After School and Vacation Care programs are accredited, enabling families to access the child-care benefit and rebate for these services.

Annesley has ten core values, which form the basis of how our teachers and students interact: resilience, responsibility, humility, civility, justice, compassion, respect, gratitude courage and integrity. When our Annesley children grow and enter the wider world these values serve them well, allowing them to appreciate the differences – religious, cultural or otherwise – of those they encounter, and to flourish as true global citizens. Annesley’s values are implicitly and explicitly taught through role modelling, trans-disciplinary units, discussion, questioning and guided reflection.

Our children benefit from the rich history of a distinguished educational institution founded by the Uniting Church in 1902. Community events are held in what is the historic heart of the school, Gillingham Hall, a grand structure built in the 1920s. Here a sense of tradition is most tangible. The school is a ten-minute walk from the CBD or a three-minute walk to the tram stop, which many parents working in the city find very helpful. Annesley’s close proximity to the tramline also means classes frequently travel into the city for excursions to extend their learning.

Annesley Junior School is a vibrant place of learning. Our students are well prepared to be active, responsible and ethical citizens of our global world.

Wilderness School Logo and Images

Wilderness School

30 Hawkers Road, Medindie SA 5081

The world has much to offer the young woman whose education has enabled her to develop confidence in her abilities.

Wilderness is a school dedicated to understanding and meeting the differing needs of girls and young women in each phase of their development from childhood through adolescence to young adulthood.

Because we are a small school, every girl knows that she is an important part of our 'family'.

We are able to work with her, and with you, so that she can develop her full potential with a positive attitude to herself and to the joys and challenges life will hold for her.

From her first day at school your daughter will be in an environment where she is valued for what she can offer as a person. She will know that achievement and leadership by women are natural and to be expected.

Cedar College Logo and Images

Cedar College

215-233 Fosters Road, Northgate SA 5085

Cedar College is comprised of three departments - Primary School (Reception to Year 6), Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9) and Senior School (Year 10 to Year 12). These departments allow students to develop academically and socially at an appropriate level, while providing an academic facility that offers a complete education from Reception through to Year 12.

It is the goal of Cedar College to train children to live, serve and work effectively in God’s world, through a Christ-centred and caring environment. This goal is achieved by encouraging a relationship with God, developing Christian attitudes and behaviours and ensuring a consistently high level of academic knowledge and skills.

Mount Carmel College Logo and Images

Mount Carmel College

33 Newcastle Street, Rosewater SA 5013

Set within a vibrant and welcoming community, our broad and inclusive Teaching & Learning and Student Wellbeing programs accommodate individual needs, provide flexible transition pathways and promote the pursuit of academic and personal excellence for your child. 

As a Josephite school, we are proud to share in the tradition of the Sisters of St Joseph, who have shaped our spirited community. We continue to build upon the spirit of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop through providing an education immersed in the Gospel values, whilst living out our own Core Values of Belonging, Diversity, Excellence and Relationship. 

Our motto - Caritas et Dignitas (Love and Dignity) - reflects our heritage as a Catholic School in the Josephite tradition. At the heart of our mission is a diverse learning community where relationships are grounded in Gospel values, individuals feel they belong and all are encouraged to succeed and celebrate excellence. 

At Mount Carmel College, we value student leadership and encourage your child to be involved in decision-making processes and student initiatives that build our vibrant community. Our extensive Curriculum Extension Activities complement our systematic curriculum and support our belief in providing an educational experience that nurtures and supports the development of the individual.

Our commitment to Social Justice is expressed through our low-fee structure, strong pastoral emphasis and excellent educational opportunities for your child. We welcome you, as parents/caregivers, to become involved in our community to help support the academic and personal growth of your child and the Mount Carmel community as a whole. 

Nazareth Catholic Community Logo and Images

Nazareth Catholic Community

176 Crittenden Road, Findon SA 5023

Nazareth Catholic Community was established in January 2007. The following extract provides the background to the establishment of the Community."I am pleased to contribute to the inaugural New Catholic Community Precinct newsletter highlighting this exciting family centred project.

This endeavour will focus on ways of engaging with families in a whole of life journey by providing resources, opportunities and ministries to support the religious, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual growth and well-being of families. It is our goal to provide these services in a way that is holistic and integrated within a strong faith environment. A core component of the new Community will be an educationally innovative R-12 Catholic school, with each student, their faith development and their family, at its heart.The evolving community will bring together families from the Albert Park/Findon, Flinders Park/Hindmarsh and Seaton parishes as well as from the Mater Christi, Cardinia, Our Lady of the Manger Parish Schools and Siena College. It will also engage with the wider Catholic and local parish communities in the provision of ministry and services.At its heart will be a community who come together in Eucharist and who bring this to their life and learning. They will make available the Christian message and Catholic tradition to all in ways that are contemporary, relevant and inclusive.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish School Logo and Images

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish School

17 Pennington Terrace, Pennington SA 5013

Our School vision:
To work in partnership as a learning community celebrating God’s presence amongst us modelling the life of Christ celebrating the gifts of the community working together to give our children rich learning opportunities that help to make a difference.

Our mission statement:
A community of learners making a difference.

Our spiritual focus:
And I say unto you: “Ask, and you will receive, seek and you will find
knock and it will be opened to you.”   Luke 11:9

As a Catholic School we support the Vision for Catholic Schools developed by the SA Commission for Catholic Schools:

Catholic Schools - Educated young people in all dimensions of life, invite young people to join in the Church’s mission, welcome students to a Christian learning community, prepare young people for life.

Our Lady of The Sacred Heart College Enfield Logo and Images

Our Lady of The Sacred Heart College Enfield

496 Regency Road, Enfield SA 5085

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College is an all girls secondary Catholic College, with 620 students from Years 8-12. Founded in 1951 in Adelaide, South Australia, OLSH is located in Enfield, only 6 kms from the Adelaide CBD and 20 minutes from Adelaide International Airport.

OLSH is a vibrant, inclusive and hopeful community, in which each individual is valued. Our passionate, generous and highly competent staff, prepare students for future challenges by encouraging creativity, perseverance and resilience.

We encourage excellence. We strive to develop within each girl confidence in her particular talents and abilities and the knowledge that she is important and unique.

The OLSH Campus is structured around several courtyards with modern facilities and its fenced grounds provide a safe and secure learning environment for all the girls. The Senior Campus opened in 2009 offers an innovative, adult learning community for our senior students, to support their transition from school into life in the global community.

Our outstanding learning program, recognising the particular way in which girls learn best, produces excellent results in Year 12 and leads graduates to University courses, in fields such as Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Business and Medicine.

Your daughter’s success at school will, to a huge extent, predict her future. We equip students with the skills for success in this rapidly changing world. OLSH provides a multicultural community of students in which your daughter can develop strong interpersonal skills and global friendships.

Our Lady of The Visitation Catholic School Logo and Images

Our Lady of The Visitation Catholic School

433 Victoria Road, Taperoo SA 5017

Our Lady of The Visitation, Taperoo, became a centre for Mass and a school for children of the area in 1953. The Dominican Sisters came from Semaphore to conduct the first classes. Faithful to the wishes of their founder, the Sisters were "... to study and teach the truths of Christ and awaken in all the love and understanding that are a response to these truths." The School Motto, "VERITAS" (Truth), enshrines this ideal and provides the basic inspiration for the staff and the pupils.

The very large block of approximately 8 1/3 acres probably seemed an outrageous investment back then, but with the South Australian Housing Trust and private builders erecting homes in the area, a State high and primary school and a possible school at North Haven, everything indicated the area would grow. The wisdom displayed in purchasing such a large block is appreciated by all at Our Lady of The Visitation today.

The Taperoo Parish is part of the Lefevre Catholic Community under the pastoral leadership of Fr. Brian Angus.

The Parish is actively involved in the school community and shares school facilities. Class Masses organised by the school are a valued part of Parish life.

Prescott College Logo and Images

Prescott College

2 Koonga Avenue, Prospect SA 5082

Prescott College is a co-educational day school for students from Years 8-12 based in North Adelaide. Enrolments are welcome from any student who wishes to study and learn within an environment shaped by Christian beliefs, values and lifestyle. The school is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is a part of one of the largest protestant education systems in the world.

Prescott College is a small private school and this provides a family atmosphere where students have close, personal contact with their teachers. Students are provided with personal and academic challenges combined with individual attention to ensure that your child will receive one of the best educations in Adelaide. Student learning is also enhanced by our motivational performance level program.

St Patrick's School Logo and Images

St Patrick's School

33a Dudley Street, Mansfield Park SA 5012

Our wonderful R-7 co-educational school is situated at Mansfield Park (adjacent the new Westwood development).

Our school is based on the example of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop whose values of respect, dignity, love and freedom through education continue to inspire our dedicated staff to support each child to achieve their potential.

Our School motto 'In Omnibus Caritas' which means 'In All Things Love' lies at the heart of our teaching and learning providing an opportunity for your child to learn and grow in a caring environment.

St Dominic's Priory College Logo and Images

St Dominic's Priory College

139 Molesworth Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

St Dominic's Priory College is a Catholic School in the Dominican tradition. The student body consists of girls (Reception - Year 13) and boys (Reception - Year 2). St Dominic's seeks to provide a sound and balanced education for students in a community committed to Faith in the Gospel of Jesus. The school's mission is to nurture the unique gifts of each person within a secure and loving environment.

St Francis Primary School Logo and Images

St Francis Primary School

458 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys SA 5032

At St Francis School we promote a particular view of the human person, the community, the world, the environment centred on the person of Jesus Christ.

We grow together in Faith, Peace and Wisdom as we develop and celebrate an inclusive environment where right relationships and students' intellectual, spiritual, social and physical well-being is paramount in all we do.

Our curriculum
The Australian Government introduced the Australian Curriculum in 2011.

In 2012 we implemented all four subject areas into our teaching and learning. We plan, teach, assess and report using the Australian Curriculum as our framework for English, History, Science and Mathematics. We will continue  to use the SACSSA framework to plan and assess all other subject areas.

The curriculum at St Francis School aims to meet the needs of each individual child.

There are nine learning areas:

  • Religion
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Languages Other Than English (Italian)
St Joseph's School West Hindmarsh Logo and Images

St Joseph's School West Hindmarsh

56 Albemarle Street, West Hindmarsh SA 5007

Choosing a school for your children is one of the most significant decisions that you make. Their experiences when young impact greatly on their future. We see parents/caregivers as the first teachers of your children and we as a school are here to continue what you have begun. This partnership is important in supporting the development of your children over the years they are with us.

At St Joseph’s we strive to be a welcoming community with a strong emphasis on developing a sense of belonging for both children and their families. We work closely with our Parish community as we nurture the life and faith of children. Our school motto “In Omnibus Caritas” translates as “In All Things Love”. This philosophy of the Josephite Sisters continues to be at the core of what we foster and try to live out daily.

Our school prides itself on providing quality teaching and learning experiences for all students. At St Joseph’s the students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and dispositions to be confident and active now and as citizens into the future.

St Michael's College Logo and Images

St Michael's College

78 East Avenue, Beverley SA 5009

St Michael’s College is a Catholic school committed to a Vision of Lasallian Education - an education which is engaging, caring, religious, inclusive, comprehensive, student-centred and contemporary.

The College is continually evolving to meet changing needs. Our philosophy to develop students into well-rounded, active members of society and ‘be the best they can be’ is delivering results.. there is a pathway for everyone if they are prepared to work hard.

The College comprises two campuses offering a primary education to boys from Reception to Year 7 at Beverley and a secondary education to girls and boys from Year 8 to Year 12 at Henley Beach.

The human and Christian education of the young, especially the poor.

St Michael’s College is a Catholic School committed to the Lasallian vision of education and to challenging and supporting students to “be the best they can be”.

St Michael’s: 

  • is a community that involves staff, students and their families in learning that presents Jesus Christ as the model for growth.
  • is student-centred, inclusive and respectful of human differences.
  • combines the best traditional and contemporary educational practices.
  • prepares students for the broader community and lives of faith and hope.
St Monica's Parish School Logo and Images

St Monica's Parish School

92 North East Road, Walkerville SA 5081

Vision and Mission:
Our school shares the belief that Christian values shape the students of today to become the role models for tomorrow.

At St Monica’s Parish School we provide a safe and supportive learning environment where children feel confident to take risks and achieve excellence.

Our community embraces the Josephite tradition of love, understanding and acceptance of others.

At St Monica’s Parish School we embrace the Josephite tradition of love, understanding and acceptance of others.

In the spirit of the Josephite Tradition our mission is to ensure:

  • Christ is at the heart of our Community which supports the Catholic faith
  • Each person is valued and respected as an individual
  • All cultures and beliefs are recognised
  • We strive to provide quality education and care that meets the needs of each member in our community
  • We provide a safe, positive, inclusive learning environment
  • We work in collaboration with the wider community to provide challenging and relevant learning experiences
  • There is a spirit of friendship and support between the various groups that form our community
  • We reach out to the less fortunate in our community
  • Professionalism is evident in all facets of school life.
St Paul Lutheran School Logo and Images

St Paul Lutheran School

44 Audrey Avenue, Blair Athol SA 5084

God’s Word and love inspire St Paul to provide a Christian education that is lived daily in harmony with the school’s Mission Statement:

“We are committed to excellence in a Christ-centred education within a safe caring environment.”

In contemplating St Paul as your child’s school be assured your child’s primary education will be enriched and sustained by people who are respectful and compassionate, serve selflessly and see themselves in a partnership with parents/guardians as together we impact positively on their voyage of discovery which we commonly call ‘school’.

By coupling a dynamic and innovative curriculum with motivational teaching practices within outstanding facilities it is our goal that each child strives daily to use their gifts to seek excellence and in so doing comes to view their future as one filled with hope and optimism.

Living and Learning Together In Christ

We are committed to excellence in Christ-centred education within a safe and caring community.

Connected. Innovative. Grounded in Christ.

St Pius X School Logo and Images

St Pius X School

8 Windsor Grove, Windsor Gardens SA 5087

Our school was built on a foundation of dreams, determination and prayers. The words ‘Strength’ and ‘Kindness’ boldly adorn the foyer and these words encapture not only the vision of our founding Priests and Nuns but all of those who are part of our school community.

The story of St Pius X School is steeped in the tradition of the Brigidine Sisters.

The Brigidine Sisters were founded in Ireland in 1807 for the purpose of providing a Catholic education to children. They were women of faith and hope, strong yet gentle in their love, in close union with Jesus Christ and in communion with all God’s people.

In the 1960s, Fr JP McCann approached religious orders of Sisters to take charge of a primary school being built in Adelaide. Mother Pius, the Provincial of the Brigidine Order in Melbourne, accepted this challenge with great strength and kindness. A community of sisters moved to South Australia for the sole purpose of opening a Catholic primary school in Windsor Gardens.

On March 4th 1962 St Pius X Primary School was officially opened with 200 students from Kindergarten to Year Four.

Temple Christian College - Mile End Campus Logo and Images

Temple Christian College - Mile End Campus

2-6 Henley Beach Road, Mile End SA 5031

At Temple Christian College we aim to be an extension of the home, providing a community environment that allows the founding purpose of the School to be maintained, this is - to allow students to pursue excellence for the Glory of God.

Temple Christian College has been established under the Oversight of a Local Church, Adelaide Christian Centre, a CRC (CRC Churches International) church based at 27 Sturt Street, Adelaide

Temple Christian College is called to:

  • Minister to the body of Christ.
  • Be a light to the nation of Australia, and the nations of the world.
  • Uphold Christian principles.
  • Minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Teach and train children in all aspects of life in such a way that God is seen to be at the centre of everything.
  • Be an extension of the Christian home, fulfilling the God-given mandate for parents to bring up their children in His ways.
Saint Ignatius' College - Junior School Logo and Images

Saint Ignatius' College - Junior School

58 Queen Street, Norwood SA 5067

What is a Jesuit School? It is one based on Christian Humanism, which sees the growth of all the humane as important, and which knows that ‘the glory of God is man and woman fully alive’.

Hence we have always emphasised the development of ‘the whole person’ mind, heart, body, will; the intellectual and the affective, the spiritual and the physical, the imagination and the sense of critique. Our ideal is to see our students as unique and gifted, no matter the range. In traditional Jesuit terms, they are to be treated with ‘cura personalis’, individual care, ‘like the several instruments of an orchestra, each with its own timbre and quality’, so that each may play the part in the world that only he or she can fulfil, the role they are called to play in the Mind of God.

Our ideal graduates are to be ‘young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion’, with an attitude of excellence and service, knowing that they are called to be ‘men and women for others’. In the words of Ignatius, our young people are called ‘to praise, to revere and to serve’, and they are to do this by developing their talents, the potential within them. Their search should be to find God in the world, and in their hearts and minds, as they grow through life in their love of Christ and their neighbour. They should grow as young people able to use their judgement, to discern the direction of the paths into which they tend, whether such paths lead to greater love and truth or to hate and evil in the world. And they are to be young people of great heart, ‘fully alive’, and of great generosity: ‘Lord, teach me to be generous’ towards God and towards neighbour, was Ignatius’ own prayer.