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John Paul College Logo and Images

John Paul College

McMahons Road, Point Cook VIC 3030

John Paul College is a regional coeducational Catholic secondary college, established under the authority of the Archbishop of Melbourne and operated on his behalf by the parish priests of the five member parishes of the region, Chelsea, Frankston, Frankston East, Langwarrin and Seaford, through the College Board.

John Paul College provides a comprehensive secondary education in a Catholic environment. It is a place where students feel safe and that they belong, a place where students’ individual strengths are nurtured and developed and a place where faith and a sense of community are fundamental to who we are. This is how we live out our mission: With Him is the fullness of life. A John Paul College person knows who they are and what they intend to contribute to their community and the world.

The college aims to assist parents in educating their children into full Christian maturity. All families, staff, parents, students, parish clergy and parish members see themselves as part of the John Paul College community.

Thomas Carr College Logo and Images

Thomas Carr College

Thomas Carr Drive, Tarneit VIC 3029

Thomas Carr College is a dynamic Catholic learning community, guided by the Gospel. Excellence and opportunities to develop are pursued. Through our hope and service to others we shine our light into the world.

Thomas Carr College was established in 1997 with an initial enrolment of 72 students. In 1998 we moved to our permanent site at 35 Thomas Carr Drive Tarneit. We currently have approximately1200 students from Years 7 to 12.

As a Catholic School we aim to educate our students with an appreciation of the spiritual as well as the intellectual and physical aspects of their lives. We aim to work with our parents to produce young people of faith and character.

The College is situated on over 10 hectares of spacious grounds incorporating modern, state of the art facilities consisting of a newly built Middle School Science Centre, art and design rooms, technology (IT, materials, food, wood, fibre, media) laboraties, a well resourced Information Centre, a horticulture patch, drama and music rooms, an International Friendship Centre for the International Students Program and a fully equipped gymnasium. We also have a first class oval for football and cricket, 8 multi purpose courts for tennis and basketball and practice areas for hockey and cricket.

Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne Logo and Images

Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne

1785 South Gippsland Highway, Point Cook VIC 3030

Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne is dedicated to helping Christian families provide affordable and good quality Christian education for their children. As an independent school we are committed to providing the choice that many Christian families are looking for in terms of the education of their children.

To build a unique school that will equip a Godly and skilled generation to reach their God-given destiny and transform their community.

Bethany Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Bethany Catholic Primary School

80 Thames Boulevard, Werribee VIC 3030

Bethany - A place where individuals matter.’

Bethany is a large co-educational Catholic primary school situated in Werribee North within the western suburbs of Melbourne. Established in 1995, Bethany promotes and values academic excellence and provides a balanced, personalised curriculum with a strong focus on student wellbeing.

The purpose built facilities include four learning centres specifically designed to cater for the developmental needs of the individual. Each centre is spacious, bright and well resourced to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner.

The school strives to create an environment of mutual respect and support among staff, parents and students, and to maintain the flexibility and open-mindedness required to deal with a constantly changing educational environment.

Irene Mccormack Catholic College Logo and Images

Irene Mccormack Catholic College

Bradman Drive, Point Cook VIC 3030

Irene McCormack Catholic College is a co-educational secondary College accommodating about 850 students from Years 7 to 12. Irene McCormack offers a holistic education where students are challenged to explore their spiritual, religious, intellectual, physical, cultural, social and emotional potential.

Irene McCormack Catholic College (IMCC) strives to be a leader in educational and technological excellence by providing students with the best hardware, high-speed broadband and trained teachers to integrate new technology into the curriculum.

We continue to work towards improved classroom achievement with a focus on individual engagement and academic excellence, gained by integrating the use of technology with best educational practice, and by providing teachers and students with current and relevant digital resources and facilities.

Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School Point Cook Logo and Images

Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School Point Cook

260-278 Point Cook Road, Point Cook VIC 3030

At Lumen Christi Catholic Primary, Point Cook, you are part of a very special group of families, who along with the staff and parish community of Point Cook belong to the Parish of Laverton and in particular to the Laverton Catholic Education Community. (LCEC)

The Staff of Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School, Point Cook are committed to providing a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum; one that attends to every child’s complete development – mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation and spirituality. As part of that complete development we aim to equip our students to develop their own independent, critical way of thinking and judgement so that they can make informed decisions that attend to their own specific educational environment throughout their lives.

As respectful educators, we endeavour to provide learning experiences that are meaningful, contemporary, relevant and suited to the individual’s ability, their stage of development and to living in our Australian society. The making of meaning, which is a life-long process is at the heart of our curriculum.

St Andrews Catholic Primary School Werribee Logo and Images

St Andrews Catholic Primary School Werribee

110 Greaves Street, Werribee VIC 3030

The teaching and learning of the Catholic faith is the primary purpose of St. Andrew’s School. We endeavour to continue the education in faith already begun by the parents in the years prior to commencing formal education. It continues as a partnership with parents and the Catholic community of St Andrew’s Parish.

The sense of community that exists at St. Andrew’s is a strong one. It is exemplified by the willingness of all members (parents, staff, parish priest, pastoral associates and parishioners) to support, encourage and be there for one another.

Our school is characterised by dedicated teaching and administrative staff, caring and responsive family groups, and children who possess a love of learning and sense of fun. Our purpose today is to educate for strong, moral and disciplined individuals who strive for excellence and who develop their intellectual, social and creative talents in order to be effective, responsible citizens.

Our students are from many cultural backgrounds, and we follow the ideal of the Christian community in which each learns and grows in an environment of mutual respect and co-operation.

Our school motto is ‘LIVE, LOVE, LEARN’

Kolbe Catholic College Greenvale Lakes Logo and Images

Kolbe Catholic College Greenvale Lakes

Lysterfield Drive, Point Cook VIC 3030

Kolbe Catholic College is an integral part of the local and universal Church, a community of people sharing a common belief in the Gospel with its life centred on Jesus Christ.

As a Catholic school Kolbe Catholic College seeks to educate the whole person, and integrate Faith with the culture and life of a developing young person in Australian society. Priority is given to fostering each person's best expression of self. Particular attention is given to the holistic view of a contemporary curriculum, with an emphasis on teaching vital skills such as literacy, numeracy and social co-operation, whilst integrating knowledge, skills and values across all learning areas.

The College community is inspired by the legacy of St Maximilian Kolbe - a story of heroism, courage and self-sacrifice; a beacon of hope for the future. Kolbe's life and death inspires us to follow Jesus as he did; his faith, his commitment to those in need no matter what it would cost him and his passionate concern for excellence in living his faith.

Mackillop Catholic Regional College Logo and Images

Mackillop Catholic Regional College

Russell Street, Werribee VIC 3030

MacKillop is a Catholic college in the Josephite tradition. Inspired by the spirit of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, we strive to:

  • Encourage individuals to reach their full potential as life-long learners by providing an innovative, challenging and collaborative learning and teaching environment in a rapidly evolving society;
  • Foster leadership by empowering and developing all members of the school community;
  • Enhance positive relationships in a supportive community by promoting justice and a sustainable future;
  • Support wellbeing by affirming the intrinsic dignity of each individual, embracing diversity and empowering active citizenship;
  • Witness to the presence of God amongst us by celebrating our Catholic heritage as a faith community.

In this, we seek to be disciples of Jesus, our model for authentic humanity.

St Leo The Great Primary School Logo and Images

St Leo The Great Primary School

315 Mason Street, Altona North VIC 3025

As a most important part of our parish, St Leo The Great Primary School provides a welcoming, safe and enriching learning environment that promotes success for all.

Our staff presents and gives witness to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, so that our students may come to know and worship God, and to love and respect their neighbour.

Our motto ‘unity is strength’ inspires our children, parents and staff to cooperate in all we do.

St James The Apostle Primary School Hoppers Crossing Logo and Images

St James The Apostle Primary School Hoppers Crossing

330 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029

We at St James the Apostle Primary School are very proud of our dedicated staff, supportive and involved community and the wonderful children who attend the school.

If you already have children at our school, we look forward to continuing our partnership with you. For new families considering enrolment at St James, we would welcome the opportunity to present to you the great educational opportunities that our school has to offer.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere of faith and a sense of community in which all can participate and feel welcome. We look forward to journeying with you, celebrating our faith and belief in God, encouraging, supporting and caring for each other as we face the challenges that are ahead.

Mount Saint Joseph Girls College Logo and Images

Mount Saint Joseph Girls College

133 Maidstone Street, Altona VIC 3018

Catholic girls' school; Years 7 to 12.


VISION: “To be leaders in girls’ education enriched by the teaching of the Josephites.”

As a Josephite School:

  • We promote Catholic values in educating young women in the Mary MacKillop tradition (Live their faith)
  • We aim to develop informed and compassionate women in faith who will strive to make a difference in the world.
  • We value, foster and respect the uniqueness, integrity and dignity of each person
  • We encourage a love of learning through an innovative dynamic and challenging curriculum
  • We encourage students to strive for personal excellence
  • We aim to provide a safe learning environment within contemporary specialist learning facilities.
Heathdale Christian College Logo and Images

Heathdale Christian College

175 Derrimut Road, Werribee VIC 3030

Heathdale is a Kindergarten to Year 12 College, with over 1100 students, that aims to cater for the educational needs of the community in the Western Regions of Melbourne. We are a non-denominational, co-educational Christian College that offers excellence in a comprehensive Christ centred style of schooling.

The concepts of education and schooling are quite distinct. We believe parents have the responsibility of educating their children and that as a College we provide the opportunities parents are looking for to properly educate their children. We like to foster the idea and practice that Heathdale is a place where school and home work together as partners to nurture children in the Lord. Heathdale has its basis in the Christian faith and offers values and a moral outlook on life consistent with that faith

St Martin De Porres School Laverton Logo and Images

St Martin De Porres School Laverton

13-25 Bellin Street, Laverton VIC 3028

St Martin de Porres Primary School is a Catholic learning community. Committed to our faith, centered on the life of Christ, growing together as people of God.

It is an honour to lead this exciting catholic educational community. St Martins, through the living out of its motto, “Love and Service to all” has developed a reputation for providing excellent education along with programs that promote social justice and wellbeing for the members of the community.

Religious Education, with its strong focus on the development of Gospel values, underpins our curriculum. Children are challenged to develop skills in all aspects of the curriculum in order to provide a solid foundation for life-long learning and making a positive contribution to the community.

St Peter Apostle Primary School Logo and Images

St Peter Apostle Primary School

16 - 38 Guinane Avenue, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029

At St. Peter Apostle Primary School, we recognise that each person is special and we aim to provide an education in an atmosphere of love, support, trust and understanding.

We endeavour to meet the needs of all children, parents and staff. As part of the community of St. Peter Apostle Mission Parish, we foster an environment where we all may grow in faith.

St. Peter Apostle Primary School was formed in 1973 as part of the Werribee Parish with an enrolment of twenty-six students. St. Peter Apostle Hoppers Crossing was proclaimed a parish in 1977. The school enrolment grew quickly in the early years and peaked at 733 students in 1985. Over the past five years the average enrolment has been 600 students and the present enrolment is 596.

St. Peter's has a diverse, multi-cultural (29 ethnic cultures) school community that is comparatively small in area to other neighbouring Catholic Schools. Our Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value of 1046 indicates we are just above the average ICSEA national values.

Westbourne Grammar School K-12 Logo and Images

Westbourne Grammar School K-12

300 Sayers Road, Truganina VIC 3029

A Christian non-denominational day school; Co-educational from Preparatory to Year 12.

Westbourne Grammar School is committed to being the leading Learning Community in the western suburbs.

It balances a challenging curriculum, diverse activities, pro-active pastoral care, integrated information technology, outdoor experiences and friendly sport in a highly cost effective package.

All assemblies commence with a hymn, prayers and a homily.

All students are required to take part in the regular services of worship, which are held for each year level, as well as special services for the whole school on occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

Annunciation School Logo and Images

Annunciation School

4-14 Nolan Avenue, Brooklyn VIC 3012

Annunciation – a faith community striving for excellence and personal growth while providing an education that focuses on the future and meets the needs of today”

Annunciation is a small, community oriented Catholic school serving Brooklyn, Altona North and surrounding areas.

Our school is a place where everyone is known, welcomed, and cared for according to their needs. Our strong commitment to our Catholic values helps us create a caring, safe and happy school.

We have a dedicated, caring staff who work hard to provide a quality curriculum.

Point Cook P9 College Logo and Images

Point Cook P9 College

18-50 Ponsford Drive, Point Cook VIC 3030

Point Cook Prep – Year 9 College community. The College (formerly Point Cook Primary School) was established in 1923 on the RAAF Williams Base, Point Cook.

The College brings together the best in contemporary educational design and promotes active studentcentred learning through the creation of flexible, functional spaces. It will also be a leading example of ecological sustainability, with a wetland to retain and reuse water and a range of other utility conservation measures. This is a key initiative in linking the teaching of environmental sustainability with its practical application and the College vision.

Queen of Peace Parish Primary School Logo and Images

Queen of Peace Parish Primary School

62 Everingham Road, Altona Meadows VIC 3028

Queen of Peace is a learning community that is Christ centered, valuing Our Faith, The Human Person, Justice and the pursuit of Excellence

We are children of God journeying together in our relationship with Jesus, alive in our world

We all have talents and capabilities that are nurtured in an environment that respects the dignity and worth of the whole person.

We welcome all people into a peaceful environment that empowers them to become proactive members of our global community.

We respect all people, in an environment that is just and free from discrimination and inequality

We value opportunities for learning and reflection that challenge us to aspire to individual excellence.

St Marys Primary School Altona Logo and Images

St Marys Primary School Altona

95a Railway Street, Altona VIC 3018

St. Mary's Primary School is a welcoming and supportive Catholic Community. We proclaim the presence of Jesus Christ in all people. We value and celebrate our faith, diversity, individuality and promote life-long learning.

Our school motto "CARING CATHOLIC COMMUNITY IN EDUCATION" reflects our commitment to supporting our catholic community at St Mary's and building links to the broader community in Altona through our programs and extra curricular activities.

St. Mary’s school offers a comprehensive curriculum incorporating all aspects of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards Framework. A very successful early literacy program is the cornerstone of our strategy to ensure that all students experience success in their learning.

Intervention programs are additional supports for children who do not make the gains that are expected of them. A new mathematics initiative will ensure a similar approach to the teaching of mathematics. An instrumental music program, specialist music and art teachers ensure that the Arts are a prominent feature in our school. Pastoral programs also feature strongly at St. Mary’s; caring for children is part of our culture.