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Bikram Yoga Ocean Keys & Joondalup

education | Joondalup WA 6027

(08) 9301 4165
Unit 7/61 Key Largo drive, Clarkson (near corner of The straits) & 7/200 Winton Road, Joondalup WA 6027

Whether you have never practiced yoga before or have simply been away for a while we hope you find all of the information you need here to begin sweating like never before and taking your body on a journey that will lead you to feeling fantastic.

Bikram Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. It is a complete, holistic workout that’ll make you sweat, laugh, groan and cry; doing more for your mind and body than you ever imagined possible! You’ll be challenged in ways you never thought possible THEN at the end of class you’ll feel amazing, you’ll feel energized, you’ll feel happy and most importantly, you’ll feel alive!!

If you make the commitment to yourself to invite this Yoga into your life, your body will LOVE you for it and so will your friends and loved ones!

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