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Cerebral Palsy Education Centre Inc

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The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) specialises in programs for babies and children with Cerebral Palsy and is the only one of its type in Australia. The therapists and programs are recognised around the world as some of the most successful at giving children with CP the chance to live their lives as independently as they are capable of.

The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) is the 'Centre of Excellence' and is used to demonstrate innovation and best practice in universities in Australia and internationally. We offer a range of comprehensive, inclusive, and innovative service to families who have a child with Cerebral Palsy (and like conditions). These programs are designed to meet the child's special learning requirements. We are also continually developing and refining our programs. Strategies developed with these groups are internationally acknowledged as world first.

The services we offer are planned by parents and professionals working together to identify and plan for each child's needs within the one program. Assessment procedures identify the family priorities, key issues for participation and learning and functionally defined goals. The programs are tailored to include learning opportunities required to meet each individual child and family's goals and priorities within the group.