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Gateway Retreat

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Gateway Retreat is a corporate education centre and the Campus for the Institute for Holistic Studies. Built on eco-sustainable principles in one of the most picturesque and tranquil areas of Brisbane, Gateway Retreat is a hidden gem and the perfect location for both learning and relaxation. If you are looking for a unique experience and genuine down-to-earth luxury come in and find out more. Peace and tranquillity will be at the heart of your journey of discovery. At Gateway Retreat you can truly focus on yourself and what you want to achieve in the future - personal development is at the core of everything we believe in. Your experience can combine learning, spirituality, nature, relaxation and fun. Whatever you choose we can guarantee you will leave with a memory that will keep you smiling long after you depart and plenty to look forward to when you pay us another visit.

Dr P M Grimbeek

927 Upper Brookfield Rd, Upper Brookfield QLD 4069
I have worked as a statistical advisor privately and in university settings since 1995. In that role, I?ve advised and assisted students and staff and others in successfully completing research reports and other publications, including a variety of post-graduate theses (i.e., Honours, Masters, EdD, PhD). I charge a fee of $80 per hour to students, and $100 per hour to other individuals (project rates by negotiation). However, I don?t charge anything for a preliminary consultation to establish what needs to be done and how much that would cost. I can advise and assist in converting preliminary Excel- and online-survey based datasets into SPSS datasets and preparing these for analysis, including merging datasets, data cleansing and checking. I have run workshops on this topic in university and other settings. I can advise and assist in the reporting of descriptive and inferential analyses (tables, figures, and text). I can provide guidance in the reporting of outcomes based on ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, and MANCOVA procedures, with a guide to reporting MANOVA downloaded frequently from my website ( I can also provide guidance in the reporting of outcomes based on SPSS factor analysis procedures plus a range of regression procedures, including the use of a modelling approach to identify parsimonious models based on complex sets of predictor variables. I can advise and assist in using AMOS to construct and report models that confirm hypothesised scale structures and regression models, including complex models with mediating/moderating variables and multiple outcomes, including reporting the relative strength of direct vs. indirect pathways. I favour Leximancer for qualitative text analysis for reasons that include its ability to analyse large amounts of text with ease and at speed, a thesaurus based on the dataset to be analysed, and, finally, tables, graphs and text that can be pasted directly into MS Word to produce instant reports of outcomes.