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Star of The Sea Catholic School Logo and Images

Star of The Sea Catholic School

53 Passage Street, Cleveland QLD 4163

Our aim at Star of the Sea Catholic School is to build a nurturing, inclusive and family oriented school that will unite faith, learning and culture in harmony. We will strive for excellence and will provide a child centred and innovative curriculum. We are fortunate to be situated overlooking Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island. In such a setting we will work together to develop a strong environmental education program.

Literacy and Numeracy programs will be embedded in cutting edge technologies that will ensure that your children are well-equipped to live and work in the twenty-first century.

Not only will we be promoting lifelong, independent and responsible learning we will also be encouraging openness and understanding of all faiths and cultures and in particular Catholic spirituality and Aboriginal spirituality.

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School Alexandra Hills Logo and Images

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School Alexandra Hills

St. Anthony's Drive, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161

St. Anthony's is the oldest Catholic School in the Redlands and belongs to the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese. Furthermore, it is part of Alexandra Hills Catholic Parish, catering for the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of boys and girls from Prep to Year 7.

Our students are our hope for the future. They excel in their educational aspirations not only from a strong holistic program, but also from a firmly built school culture. St Anthony’s Catholic School community continues to share in reviewing and reflecting our key components of organisational and community learning. This is necessary so as to engage in our holistic Strategic Renewal Framework.

As a Catholic School we promote the traditions and ethos of the Catholic Church, which unites the personal and social aspect of our Catholic culture. The ethos of St Anthony's refers to the pervading spirit or character which is reflected in our daily learning such as The Arts (Music and Drama Achievements/results), Sporting Achievements (Local, District and State Representatives), Academic Excellence (Maths competitions, Literacy competitions, reports from Secondary Schools etc), Community Involvement (Local Shopping Centres - Top Quiz Kids etc) and Religious activities (Missions, Assemblies).

St Anthony's is remembered by past students as a happy and friendly place. Students often return for visits long after they have left the school.

Redlands College Logo and Images

Redlands College

38 Anson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160

‘Christ-centred Excellence’

Redlands College is a co-educational, independent day school in Wellington Point providing quality educational experiences within a Christ-centred environment for students in Prep to Year 12.

Established in February 1988, the College has grown from only 91 students to 1170.

The Christian faith within Redlands College is fundamental will all teachers practising Christians, therefore this in then displayed in all aspects of the Colleges teaching resources, behaviour policy and the relationships between the staff, students and parents.

Modern Facilities for student learning;

  • Modern well equipped buildings
  • Comfortable air-conditioned classrooms each equipped with an interactive whiteboard or data projector
  • Multi-purpose laboratory and art room
  • Oval and adventure playground (for Junior School)
  • Music rooms with sound proofed rehearsal rooms
  • Computer labs
  • Drama and art studios
  • Home economics kitchen
  • Multipurpose Sports Centre
  • 25m Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Air-conditioned Library
  • Large undercover outdoor area

With many other current building projects on the way.

St Luke's Catholic Parish School Logo and Images

St Luke's Catholic Parish School

45 Degen Road, Capalaba QLD 4157

St Luke’s Catholic Parish School caters for children from Prep through to Year 7. In partnership with our families, our Parish, the Catholic Education Centre and wider community, St Luke’s offers a curriculum which supports the growth and development of the whole child: socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically.

Our staff respects the uniqueness and dignity of each child and base teaching/learning programs on sound educational theory and practise. Set amid pockets of natural bushland and native gardens, our modern buildings and facilities offer an attractive and welcoming learning environment for children P-7.

At St Luke’s Catholic Parish School we believe that our gift of faith calls each of us (staff, children and their families) on a journey of search, discovery and celebration of ‘CHRIST IN OUR LIVING’. The prayer, liturgical and other symbolic aspects of school life here at St Luke’s complement our formal religious education programs, These integrate with the sacramental life of our local parish to sustain and nurture a distinctively catholic religious atmosphere at St Luke’s. This, in turn, supports the spiritual growth of students and the school community as a whole.

Ormiston College Logo and Images

Ormiston College

97 Dundas Street West, Ormiston QLD 4160

Ormiston College - Developing your child in scholarship, friendship & citizenship

Co-educational; Non-denominational Day School Ormiston College, regarded as one of the finest schools in Australia, is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational college, catering for students from Preparatory School through to Year 12.

The College is committed to excellence in education, with a curriculum designed to provide a pathway for all students to graduate with a Senior Certificate and a University Entrance Score. Ormiston College is to nurture and encourage an enthusiasm for learning transferable skills and processes which last a lifetime.

Consequently, the curriculum at Ormiston College has been carefully devised to provide knowledge, contexts and experiences through which students can learn and grow according to their individual abilities, learning styles and interests.

It’s far more than that. Being part of Ormiston College is about belonging to the College community, about being a part of a proud history of achievement and commitment to excellence, about friendship and belonging, and it's about taking pride in your school and yourself.

When students graduate from Ormiston College, they leave with more than an excellent private education; they leave with a sense of achievement, confidence, and self-respect.

Sinai College Logo and Images

Sinai College

20 Moxon Road, Burbank QLD 4156

Sinai College is an independent, Jewish day school, enrolling students from Prep to Year 7. Through a programme that balances and integrates both the secular and Judaic activities as well as the curricular and non curricular activities, students are encouraged to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

The School is dedicated to creating a caring environment in which students can grow to their fullest potential as responsible and dedicated members of the Jewish people and of the wider Australian community.

At Sinai College, we aim to teach our students to become lifelong learners inspired by a love of learning through a comprehensive program of secular and Judaic studies which places a priority on creative thought and expression and to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, ethical guidance, and practical application of Judaism.

Iona College Logo and Images

Iona College

85 North Road, Wynnum QLD 4178

 Iona College is a vibrant educational campus led by an ethos committed to the pursuit of excellence in the education we offer. Some 1400 students from years 5 to 12 attend this outstanding College.

A well-balanced program of education is offered for the Junior, Middle and Senior Years within an understanding of Christian values. Our aim is to prepare students who will grow in and live by their faith, develop their academic potential, and show sensitivity to the needs of others — be an asset throughout their lives to themselves, their families, their community and their Church.

Iona provides a flexible and comprehensive curriculum which gives students the opportunity to develop wide-ranging skills that present pathways to tertiary study and/or employment. Our vocational education program brings opportunities to develop the talents of students outside the traditional areas of study and a Learning Support Centre is offered for students who may require extra help with their studies and for those gifted students who are capable of extension work.

Moreton Bay Boys' College Logo and Images

Moreton Bay Boys' College

302 Manly Road, Manly QLD 4179

The College will strive to develop faith in our boys, realised by nurturing such qualities as confidence, trustworthiness, reliability, and conviction –  important qualities for men who will seek to provide a significant contribution to any relationship, association or organisation of which they are to be part.

The College will place great store in personal integrity with emphasis on honesty, truthfulness, honour and sincerity, absolutely desirable traits that transcend all relationships, vocations and professions.

Our Vision
Moreton Bay Boys College strives to be a leading internationally minded school that offers its boys an innovative, broadly based educational experience. Our philosophy is built on the foundation of Christian values and aims to develop each boy’s critical thinking; and individual abilities, equipping them with the skills necessary to be successful, productive and responsible global citizens.

St John Vianney's Primary School Logo and Images

St John Vianney's Primary School

15 Oceana Terrace, Manly QLD 4179

St John Vianney’s is a co-educational Catholic primary school (Prep – Year 7) with a current enrolment of 356.

We are located in Brisbane ’s South East, on a hill above Manly Village and harbour with panoramic views of Moreton Bay and the Bay Islands . Our website is designed to provide current and prospective students and their families, staff and the wider community with information about our school, curriculum and facilities.

St John Vianney’s is an energetic school community where staff, parents and students work collaboratively to develop a cohesive approach to education. Key features include a growing awareness of social justice issues and environmental sustainability. Some distinctive curriculum offerings include ICLT, LOTE (Japanese), Music and Arts programs (Visual or Dramatic Arts), Instrumental Music and Leadership Program.

Mary Mackillop Catholic Parish Primary School Logo and Images

Mary Mackillop Catholic Parish Primary School

10 Hardy Road, Birkdale QLD 4159

Mary MacKillop Catholic Parish Primary School is situated in the beautiful bayside suburb of Birkdale, 27km from Brisbane CBD. Our school prides itself on the spirit that can be found in our students, teachers, sporting teams, achievements, friendships and approach to learning.

Founded with the name of Blessed Mary MacKillop, the school espouses its motto of Reach Out - Embrace - Achieve, and prides itself on developing the whole child, but in particular the child's spiritual and faith life.

Our school offers the latest in teaching and learning, technology, extra curricular activities, and the benefits of being a high quality inclusive co-educational Catholic school. We offer our students a rounded education that supports personal growth based on Christian values. We encourage students to develop a knowledge of other cultures, languages and environmental and social issues.

Christian Heritage College Logo and Images

Christian Heritage College

322 Wecker Road, Carindale QLD 4152

Christian Heritage College offers a unique combination of academic and professional programs with a Christian perspective through fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Business, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Counselling, Youth Studies and Ministry.”

The College aims to be a Christian higher education institution that prepares people to make a difference in the world around them and in their professional career.

To love God with your whole heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbour as yourself, are the principles which guide CHC's mission and which give shape to our pursuit of higher education within a Christian vision of life. The outworking of this is through CHC’s understanding of a Christian worldview which underpins and informs all of our pursuits.

Guardian Angels' Wynnum Logo and Images

Guardian Angels' Wynnum

Main Campus (Prep - Year 3) 188 Bay Terrace, Wynnum QLD 4178

Guardian Angels’ is a Catholic, Systemic, Parish Primary School located in the suburb of Wynnum in Brisbane. The school is operated under the direction of the Brisbane Catholic Education Centre and is seen as an integral part of the Guardian Angels’ Community.

The school is well located which allows many opportunities for the children to take in the history, the local area and also boasts a panoramic view of Moreton Bay. Buses and trains are in close proximity to the school. Families are attracted to the school for its ability to provide example and living out of Gospel Values and aspiring to excellence in educational standards and opportunities. The motto of the school is “To Achieve Life” and through this we encourage the children to use their God-given gifts and talents in service of others.

The school offers a wide range of opportunities for students at many levels of development. The children are appreciated as individuals, each with enormous potential. However each child is also a social being living within a community. As we are a Catholic School, the children are immersed in the Catholic faith and culture, and through the leadership of our parish priest and parish community (staff, parents and volunteers), the children are led to live the Gospel Message and take it forth into the wider community.

Mt Carmel Campus (Year 4 - 7)
82 Chestnut Street
Wynnum QLD 4178

Moreton Bay College Logo and Images

Moreton Bay College

450 Wondall Road, Manly West QLD 4179

One of Brisbane’s leading girls schools, Moreton Bay College offers a unique, all-round education for each student, based on its record of outstanding academic achievement, exceptional cultural and sporting success and a strong commitment to Christian values and service to others.

The College is a Prep to Year 12 Uniting Church independent day school for girls, with a childcare centre for boys and girls. Set amongst 20 tranquil hectares at Manly West, the spacious campus and excellent facilities provide opportunities for all students to participate in the broad co-curricular programme and to experience success, not only academically, but also in music, drama, art, and a wide range of sports.

The College’s challenging and comprehensive academic curriculum is taught by creative, dynamic teachers with attention to the individual needs of students, so that each girl is encouraged to reach her own level of excellence.

Citipointe Christian College Logo and Images

Citipointe Christian College

322 Wecker Road, Carindale QLD 4152

‘Citipointe Christian College desires to grow from a good school to a great school. Queensland’s leading Christian school of first choice- through boldly developing an exceptional learning environment which prepares students for their future’

Citipointe Christian College is one of Queensland’s largest independent schools, with a student population of over 1650 students from Preparatory to Year 12.

Mackenzie State Primary School

26 Vivaldi Place, Mackenzie QLD 4156

Mackenzie State Special School

26 Vivaldi Place, Mackenzie QLD 4156

Arts Tree

248 Preston Road, Wynnum West QLD 4178
Art classes & workshops

Ocean Life Education

Wynnum Rd, Tingalpa QLD 4173
Ocean Life Education 'Brings the Sea to You' with fun marine education programs designed to inspire students of all ages to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem.Ocean Life marine educators arrive with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and information, blending 'hands on' interaction with science and humour.

Wondall Heights State School

260 Wondall, Manly West QLD 4179