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Marjorie Milner College-(beauty & Massage) Logo and Images

Marjorie Milner College-(beauty & Massage)

401 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Diploma of Beauty Therapy is offered at MMC Canterbury Road Campus. You are required to have a connection to the health industry to undertake these studies. At the completion of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy you are a fully qualified beauty therapist. The total number of hours is . This course will be completed in one year studying four days per week. Classes are offered day and evening. Day classes are from 9am to 4.30pm.

Our Lady's Primary School Surrey Hills Logo and Images

Our Lady's Primary School Surrey Hills

31 Erasmus Street, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Our Lady's Primary School was established in 1957 within the Wattle Park Parish. Parents and parish combined skills to construct the original building. Times change, but Our Lady’s community spirit remains strong as does our commitment to care, achievement and excellence – traditions that continue at Our Lady’s.

We believe that Our Lady’s Primary School is a place where Gospel teachings of Christ underpin all aspects of life. We believe in justice and that all people have the right to grow, learn and develop in an atmosphere of respect, encouragement and fairness, free from discrimination and prejudice. We recognise the importance of community in pursuing and realising this belief. This includes the school community, the parish community and the wider community who are invited to become involved in our school in various ways.

Marjorie Milner College -(hairdressing) Logo and Images

Marjorie Milner College -(hairdressing)

401 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Competency Based Learning (Hairdressing Training Package WRH06)
In line with the regulations of Skills Victoria and Skills Tasmania the Floristry Training Package must be delivered with continual enrollments so that a student will progress through the training at their own pace. Lock step training, where all students study at the same pace is not applicable under the delivery of the package guidelines. Therefore there are ongoing enrollments through out the year. Students can commence at any time during the school terms

Our Holy Redeemer Primary School Logo and Images

Our Holy Redeemer Primary School

311 Mont Albert Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Our community of 226 students learn in 10 classrooms, which are well resourced. Our results in Literacy and Mathematics are consistently above the State average. Our teachers are professional and dedicated to the task of providing a rich and balanced curriculum and providing support to our parents who are the first educators of their children, especially in the ways of faith.

At Our Holy Redeemer we lay the foundations for the future by providing our children with many opportunities to Grow, Learn and Succeed. We teach them about the Catholic faith and give them learning experiences to foster a love for and an appreciation of God’s presence. We endeavour to teach every child to become creative and reflective learners who approach life with resilience and with the ability to work both independently and in a team. We place great importance on Religious Education, literacy, numeracy and IT skills, as well as Inquiry Learning in a balanced curriculum, emphasising a fit and healthy lifestyle. We believe that children should be aware of our history and our place in the global community and that learning is a life-long process.

We understand the importance of providing our children with a nurturing environment and, like careful gardeners, we strive to minimise the effects of transition from kindergarten, childcare, home, another school, or maybe from another country.

Our Holy Redeemer School Surrey Hills Logo and Images

Our Holy Redeemer School Surrey Hills

311 Mont Albert Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

A Catholic Co-ed School from Prep to 6.

Mission Statement

For children to Grow, Learn and Succeed, we strive to:

  • Develop children’s awareness of Christ’s presence in the world and its people
  • Promote a sense of the tradition of the Church and understanding of Catholic heritage, whilst accepting the beliefs of others
  • Support parents as primary educators in preparing their children to take a responsible place in the wider world
  • Foster a love of learning that encourages creativity and reflective thinking
  • Recognise and develop gifts and talents and celebrate the achievements within the individual, group and wider community
  • Develop children’s awareness of cultures and their place in the global community
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment that is a place of harmony and humour
  • Instil a sense of resilience and well-being in our children
  • Cater for the individual, as well as offering a broad and balanced curriculum in the nine Curriculum Learning Areas.

Chatham Primary School

Weybridge, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Heguru Australia

201 Elgar, Surrey Hills VIC 3127
Heguru Australia provides a unique and highly innovative method of education based on an exceptional quality of Right Brain and Whole Brain stimulation programs. With over 27 years of research and development, our existing programs cater to children 6 months to 6 years old. Call 03 9808 9991 or email to arrange for trial class and experience the Heguru Method.

Surrey Hills Primary School

2 Beatrice, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Our Holy Redeemer School

311 Mont Albert, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Edar Surrey Hills

3 Guildford, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Education Strategies

56 Empress, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Hawthorn Studio Of Dance

1/ 1 Norfolk Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127
Baby Toes Ballet is a specially designed program made just for little ones who love to dance! We cater to children from ages 2 years and up using specially selected music and themes for each age group Call 9888 4759 to book in!