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St Peters Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Killeen Street South, Sunshine West VIC 3020

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School is located in the western suburb of South West Sunshine. The school is located approximately fifteen minutes from the central business district of Melbourne.

St. Peter’s is a Catholic Primary School committed to the teachings of the Catholic faith and the provisions of quality programs, which foster the full and balanced development of each child. Our school is committed to providing innovative curriculum and encouraging all students to achieve their personal best in all facets of their school life. Our current enrolment of 180 students allows us to provide quality education in a small school setting.

At St Peter’s we view education as a partnership – a joint responsibility between the school and home, bound by common beliefs and values in a spirit of mutual support and encouragement. We are proud of our growing traditions and our cultural diversity. Our cultural diversity is one of our major assets and one that we value and celebrate. As a Catholic School we value our rich religious traditions and culture. We provide for our students and their families an opportunity to celebrate our Catholic heritage in many different sacramental and non-sacramental ways.

St Paul's Primary School West Sunshine Logo and Images

St Paul's Primary School West Sunshine

Links Street, Sunshine West VIC 3020

St Paul's Primary School - a welcoming and supportive community where we value and celebrate learning, diversity and our Catholic heritage.

At St Paul’s, we believe that for children to succeed, there must be sound partnerships between home and school – both are seen as providing a vital and supportive environment for children.

Parents/carers are always welcome and are encouraged to actively participate in their children’s schooling in a variety of ways. These may include working in classrooms, attending excursions and camps, or participating and attending liturgical celebrations.

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