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St Bernadette's Primary School Logo and Images

St Bernadette's Primary School

2 Willey Street, Sunshine North VIC 3020

We, the community of St Bernadette’s, follow the teachings of Jesus.

We provide a secure, safe and supportive environment for the individuals in our community.

We promote respect, tolerance and acceptance of all.

We provide an environment which nurtures and encourages spiritual growth.

We create an atmosphere which supports and empowers growth of the whole person.

We encourage life-long learning.

Sunshine Christian School Logo and Images

Sunshine Christian School

Cnr Westmoreland and Warwick Roads, Sunshine North VIC 3020

Sunshine Christian School is a Primary School of the Lutheran Church and its aims are based on the Christian faith, applied in a day school environment.

The school encourages the development of a faith in God as revealed in Christ Jesus and provides a link between the home and the church.

Our aim is to have a school which exhibits and exercises a caring concern for each student and teacher: a school that has a happy and stimulating atmosphere, in which each student is encouraged to develop as a whole person and to give of their best in academic study, social skills, cultural interests and human relationships. The school is concerned to present the wholeness of life to students in such a way that they can make a perceptive and wholehearted response. On this basis the student may work, question, think, ask, discover, learn, create, serve, and worship in ways which will bring them gradually to responsible maturity.

The school offers a comprehensive education to all students. The curriculum emphasises the skills of communication, literacy and numeracy, the ability to think logically, to make decisions, learn of the physical world, and participate in creative activities, physical education, and Christian education. Teachers are lovingly concerned with the spiritual, intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, social, and ethical development, and growth of all the children, whatever their gifts and abilities.

Sunshine North Primary School

65-71 Suffolk, Sunshine North VIC 3020

Sunshine College

Northumberland, Sunshine North VIC 3020

Furlong Park Special School

58-84 Furlong, Sunshine North VIC 3020


54 Metherall St, Sunshine North VIC 3020
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