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Strathmore Secondary College Logo and Images

Strathmore Secondary College

400 Pascoe Vale Road, Strathmore VIC 3041

Strathmore Secondary College is proud of and maintains its traditions. These include the College’s atmosphere of good conduct; the fact that students feel safe and supported within the College; our encouragement of achievement and the development within students of personal worth and identification with the College.

At Strathmore we think it is important that students have the opportunity to learn in a physically attractive environment. We have received five architectural awards since 2002 for the quality of buildings designed for the College.

Students of the College have access to a range of facilities including our Arts and Technology Centre, Theatrette, Library, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Indoor Heated Swimming Pool, Music and Performing Arts building, Science laboratories, Food Technology kitchens, the Victoria Space Science Education Centre and all weather sports fields.

Our facilities have been developed to reflect our commitment to providing a learning environment that aims for the success of our students.

Strathmore Secondary College

400 Pascoe Vale, Strathmore VIC 3041

St Vincent De Paul School

92-114 Woodland, Strathmore VIC 3041

Strathmore Primary School

14-34 Lloyd, Strathmore VIC 3041