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Santa Clara Primary School

education | St James WA 6102

(08) 9451 4556
91 Coolgardie Street, St James WA 6102

Inspired by the Dominican tradition, Santa Clara Catholic Primary School is founded on the principles of Truth and the Christian way of living. We seek to nurture the individual qualities of each person within our school community in a caring and accepting atmosphere.

We strive to :

  • Give witness to the Gospel message
  • Foster a loving and meaningful relationship between God and each individual
  • Promote the cultural identity of the Catholic School through story, sign and symbol
  • Assist in the development of self-worth and the dignity of each individual
  • Provide opportunities for each person to develop his/her potential-spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially
  • Acknowledge and respond to the uniqueness of each individual
  • Promote an awareness of the need to respect and care for all creatio