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Tyndale Christian School Logo and Images

Tyndale Christian School

50 Fern Grove Boulevard, Salisbury East SA 5109

At Tyndale Christian School we actively encourage every person to belong rather than attend, to become a part of the community and a part of the family.

One of the main choices we face in life is whether we will be spectators or participants, and this is no different when it comes to schooling – for parents, staff and students.


Tyndale Christian School was established by Christian parents wishing their children to be educated in an environment that would support and complement the values and faith that the families sought to inculcate in their home. The focus of the School is to provide an affordable, holistic education for all students in a distinctively Christian community. Therefore, the Vision of the School is:

“To be a Christian community that fosters innovation and excellence in its programs for the academic, vocational and physical development of students; nurtures spiritual and emotional growth and prepares students to move into life beyond the School, confident and competent in their chosen field, and with an understanding of their spiritual and social responsibilities to the local, national and international communities to which they belong.”


The Mission of Tyndale Christian School is to do those things necessary to effectively achieve the purposes for which it exists (i.e. the Vision). While the execution of the mission will involve many actions by members of the school community, at the strategic level, there are two areas that are essential enablers to fulfilling the Vision. Therefore, the Mission of Tyndale Christian School is:

“To identify, encourage and develop the potential in each child through:

  • effective selection, training and retention of staff to develop and deliver a balanced, best-practice program of learning which is integrated throughout the student’s time at the school
  • building a community based on relationship with God and each other where the character of Christ is valued, developed and displayed.”

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Community and Yoga

28 Smith Rd, Salisbury East SA 5109
Community and Yoga offer Quality and Affordable Yoga Classes for all with certifed experienced Yoga instructors. Karen Nichol is the principle teacher and completed a two year teaching diploma in 2005 with on going training, knowledge and experience. Karen has over 15 years of practice experience and ten years of teaching expereince. Karen works through the community centres and council to offer affordable whilst quality classes. We hope to share Yoga with you soon