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Staines Memorial College

227-263 School Road, Redbank QLD 4301

Staines Memorial College provides a caring, quality Christian  education. We are an attractive affordable schooling option for families in Ipswich and the  South West Suburbs of Brisbane.

Staines is a small but growing education community. We expect to be a major education  provider in the SEQ “Ripley Valley”. We provide education from Prep to Year 12.

Our College has a non-denominational Christian ethos and caters for children from a wide  variety of Christian backgrounds and traditions. It also caters for families who - though not  necessarily Christian themselves desire a Christian school culture and educational experience for their children.

All staff are committed Christian people from various denominational backgrounds selected for their professional competence as well as for  their sense of calling to the ministry of a Christian school.

Redbank State School

9 Brisbane, Redbank QLD 4301