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St Charbel's College Logo and Images

St Charbel's College

142 Highclere Avenue, Punchbowl NSW 2196

St Charbel’s College is a young Independent Catholic Co-educational institution, and carries on the mission of sustaining the Maronite Catholic faith. Guided by the Monks of the Lebanese Maronite Order, St Charbel’s College strives to develop in its students a love of God and neighbour, an attachment to their Lebanese Maronite heritage, and an allegiance to their Australian homeland.

Opening its doors to students on 1 February 1984 with only 78 students, the College has expanded and today has around 1,100 students. With classes starting from Kindergarten to Year 12, the teaching philosophy embraces diverse and comprehensive practices that are appropriate to the learning styles of the students. Our teaching and support staff are very well qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated to promoting the personal attainments and pastoral care of students.

St Jerome's Punchbowl Logo and Images

St Jerome's Punchbowl

Rossmore Ave, Punchbowl NSW 2196

St Jerome's Punchbowl is a Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Primary School offering quality education from Kindergarten to Year 6


  • We exist to educate children in the Catholic faith based on our motto “Proclaim the Word”. We model the Gospel in thought, word and action.
  • We use a holistic approach to education (focusing on spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical development) so that children achieve their potential.
  • We encourage the active involvement of parents in the life of the school and in the educational wellbeing of their child.
  • Through the example of Mary MacKillop, we strive to serve each other and to participate fully as members of our multicultural community.

Punchbowl Public School

1333 Canterbury, Punchbowl NSW 2196

John Kelly Driving School

98 Renown Avenue, Punchbowl NSW 2196