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La Salle Catholic College Logo and Images

La Salle Catholic College

544 Chapel Road, Bankstown NSW 2200

LaSalle Catholic College is a Systemic Catholic School for boys from Years 7 to 12 in the tradition of St John Baptist de la Salle. The College opened in 1999 and is located in Sydney's Western Suburb of Bankstown.

A LaSalle education is a journey that draws its inspiration from the spirituality and educational principles of our founder, St John Baptist de la Salle. It is one of the many schools throughout the world under the care of the Religious Institute known as the Brothers of the Christian Schools or De La Salle Brothers.

A Lasallian education seeks to recapture, in contemporary ways, the original spirit of St John Baptist de la Salle's first schools in Reims, France. Hence, LaSalle Catholic College endeavours to touch hearts by developing the dignity and well-being of each of our students, teach minds through the educational programmes it offers and transform lives.

Our boys are accompanied on their journey by competent professional educators, who offer a myriad of academic, spiritual, social, cultural and sporting opportunities to enable our students to develop their gifts and talents, achieve personal excellence and prepare for the future with hope and confidence.

Mary MacKillop College Logo and Images

Mary MacKillop College

5 Carnarvon Street, Wakeley NSW 2176

Mary MacKillop College strives to empower young women to reach their potential by offering a wide range of academic and vocational courses to the HSC, as well as co-curricular activities and leadership and life skills. We are committed to ensuring that teaching and learning is of the highest quality. Teachers work in teams with mentors to explore a variety of teaching and assessment strategies. We encourage the young women to embrace opportunities to grow in their knowledge and pave the way for them to become life-long learners.

St Charbel's College Logo and Images

St Charbel's College

142 Highclere Avenue, Punchbowl NSW 2196

St Charbel’s College is a young Independent Catholic Co-educational institution, and carries on the mission of sustaining the Maronite Catholic faith. Guided by the Monks of the Lebanese Maronite Order, St Charbel’s College strives to develop in its students a love of God and neighbour, an attachment to their Lebanese Maronite heritage, and an allegiance to their Australian homeland.

Opening its doors to students on 1 February 1984 with only 78 students, the College has expanded and today has around 1,100 students. With classes starting from Kindergarten to Year 12, the teaching philosophy embraces diverse and comprehensive practices that are appropriate to the learning styles of the students. Our teaching and support staff are very well qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated to promoting the personal attainments and pastoral care of students.

All Saints Catholic Boys College Logo and Images

All Saints Catholic Boys College

43 Bigge Street, Liverpool NSW 2170

All Saints Catholic Boys College is a vibrant learning community, which serves boys in Year 7 through to Year 10. Our Mission is to assist parents in educating their children by providing a nurturing environment so that students will become responsible, self-disciplined, faith-filled learners. We are blessed with a dedicated staff that is committed to providing each student with a quality Catholic education.

Our parents, students and teachers form a learning community that highly values its Patrician heritage. We invite you to visit our school and to experience first-hand our positive learning culture.

All Saints Catholic Boys College, Liverpool draws inspiration from the charism of our founders, the Patrician Brothers. The College strives to deliver quality education, in the Catholic tradition, to young men from the greater Liverpool area.

St Patrick's College Strathfield Logo and Images

St Patrick's College Strathfield

Francis Street, Strathfield NSW 2135

St. Patrick's is a Catholic school for boys from Years 5 to 12. It began with an enrolment of 39 boys and today offers a quality education for more than 1400 boys and young men, ordinarily aged from 10 to 18.

The College is an Edmund Rice school. Edmund Rice was a wealthy businessman, husband, father and widower who founded, in Ireland in the early 1800’s, a religious order within the Catholic Church called the Christian Brothers. Edmund sought to care for and educate poor boys. His first school for needy boys was established in Waterford, Ireland in 1802.

The McDonald College Logo and Images

The McDonald College

17 George Street, North Strathfield NSW 2137

Independent, Non-denominational, Co-educational Pre-School to Year 12. Specialising in excellence in academic performance together with excellence in performing arts.

Boarding accommodation available (Yr 7-12 girls only).

Recognising that a rich and creative learning environment fosters the development of the whole person encapsulates the spirit of The McDonald College. Whether your child will be a professional performing artist or whether you simply recognise the value of a performing arts education, The McDonald College is unique and would value the opportunity to showcase our school to you.

From Pre-School to Year 12, we balance academic performance with performing arts in a community that encourages and celebrates individuality in a supportive environment.

Regents Park Christian School Logo and Images

Regents Park Christian School

59 Regent Street, Regents Park NSW 2143

Regents Park Christian School is a single campus school catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Serving the western and south-western areas of Sydney since 1976, Regents Park Christian School provides a Christ-centred learning community for up to 700 students. With over 50 ethnic groups represented in the student body, the school provides a high quality education regardless of a family's income, education or social status. It is a place where academic achievement, spiritual development, creative, and physical development are all given importance in an integrated approach to learning. Different gifts, learning styles and abilities are recognised and supported.

To find out more, contact the school for our free prospectus and to organise a school tour with our principal.

Bob Hughes Christian School Logo and Images

Bob Hughes Christian School

341 Blaxcell Street, South Granville NSW 2142

One of the main purposes of this school is to provide quality education founded firmly on the Word of God so that the students not only acquire the kind of knowledge to prepare them for their future, but they also gain Christian values and principles that would enable them to live the right way - God's way.

The school is one of the leaders in training children who are character laden and purpose driven. We strive to provide students with an opportunity to learn and grow in a loving, Christian environment and prepare them to live successful lives. We seek to give students ample opportunity to experience the latest technologies, master basic life skills, develop their talents and abilities and advance their knowledge of the key learning areas, all from a Biblical perspective.

Freeman Catholic College Logo and Images

Freeman Catholic College

Mount Street, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

Freeman is a co-educational systemic College founded in 1985 to serve the needs of Catholic families from the Parishes of Bonnyrigg, Mount Pritchard, Bossley park and Horsley Park in the south-west region of the Sydney Archdiocese.

We believe that good education is about setting high standards and challenging, motivating and encouraging students to achieve those standards. We provide two very distinct challenges for all students at this College. The first challenge is to be a GOOD PERSON. Each day the students are challenged to live out traditional family and gospel values. That is to be respectful, patient, kind, forgiving and understanding in their dealings with each other.

St Mary's Primary School Rydalmere Logo and Images

St Mary's Primary School Rydalmere

1 Myrtle Street, Rydalmere NSW 2116

By sending your children to St Mary's, you have openly and at personal cost affirmed your belief in the basic Christian values of Catholic education in the Diocese of Parramatta. These values form the basis of our mission statement for both our school and the wider diocese.

At St Mary's, we aim to create an environment and an atmosphere in which the Catholic faith is fostered, and in which each child's potential can be reliased and developed.

Education is seen as a process in which children are challenged to use and develop their skills. All children do not grow at the same rate nor do they learn in the same way. The home and school, therefore, share a common aim and purpose - to help each child grown into a well adjusted, independent individual.

As a Catholic School, we proclaim Christian values that highlight the importance of prayer and parish involvement. We value the significance of family worship at Sunday Mass, liturgies and sacramental programs. Above all, we believe in God our loving Father, Jesus his Son, and Mary our Heavenly mother, the patroness of our school and parish community.

Our School Motto is CARE - Care Always, Respect Everyone. This motto is upheld by staff, parents and students. It forms the basis for all of our daily interactions. In developing our Behaviour Management Policy we aimed to keep the CARE motto at its heart. We believe that in doing this we are being true to the Gospel values of love, understanding and respect.

In selecting St Mary's School for your child, you have chosen a Catholic education that will support and uphold your family's Catholic values. Your commitment to your child's education and faith development is vital in supporting the learning partnership between school, parish and home.

Meriden Logo and Images


10-12 Redmyre Road, Strathfield NSW 2135

Meriden is a medium-sized Anglican day school for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. There is also a Pre-Kindergarten for girls and boys. The school is located in Strathfield, Sydney, and is very easily accessed by train and bus.

The priority at Meriden is high-quality teaching and learning. Through an innovative curriculum, up-to-date pedagogy, very good resources and well-qualified and dedicated teachers, each girl’s individual learning style is catered for, and each girl is strongly supported in her learning.

Simultaneously, the girls are encouraged in other areas of their learning, including music, debating, drama, sport, personal development and community service. Meriden offers a well-rounded and holistic education, producing well-informed and talented citizens.

At Meriden, every girl is known and valued. The staff members work closely with the girls and their families to ensure that the best possible education is offered to the girls. Consequently, the school is well-known for its warm community atmosphere, its pastoral care of each student, its fine buildings, its strong Christian values and clear teaching of the Christian faith, and its excellent academic and cocurricular results

St Martha's School Strathfield Logo and Images

St Martha's School Strathfield

88 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield NSW 2135

St Martha’s Primary School is a Catholic systemic school serving the parish of Strathfield. It is co-educational from Kindergarten to Year 4 and educates girls through to Year 6. St Martha’s aims to maintain quality education and ongoing pastoral care, while at the same time providing a learning environment that is in line with current educational practices.

Our Vision

At St Martha’s Primary School our vision is one of working in partnership with parents in the education of our students. We commit ourselves to the development of an authentic Catholic school which:

  • Is founded on Jesus Christ and enlivened by the values of the Gospel
  • Highlights the relevance of our faith to life and contemporary culture.
  • Is embedded within the Parish community and shares in the evangelising mission of the Church
  • Is committed to the development of the whole person.
St Ambrose Primary School Logo and Images

St Ambrose Primary School

Stuart St, Concord West NSW 2138

St Ambrose School was established in 1924 and was staffed in earlier times by the Sisters of Charity, and remained administered by the Sisters of Charity until 1978. The school is situated in the municipality of Canada Bay and is adjacent to Bicentennial Park. Since these early times the school has been upgraded several times with the last major refurbishment project completed in August 2000. The school population has increased, which is due in part to the new housing developments at Liberty Grove, Breakfast Point and Rhodes. A demountable building was needed to handle an extra class group.

The 2011 student enrolment is 360 children ranging in age from 5 to 12 years. It caters for children and families from the Parishes of Concord West, Mortlake and Homebush.

The school is staffed by dedicated teachers and has always throughout its history been supported by parents, the St Ambrose Parish and the Catholic authorities.

St Ambrose is a special place where care underpins all that occurs. A friendly, co-operative family spirit permeates all aspects of school life. The commitment and dedication of theteachers ensures quality teaching and learning.

Holy Trinity Primary Granville Logo and Images

Holy Trinity Primary Granville

Grimwood Street, Granville NSW 2142

Holy Trinity is a Catholic school where we provide quality education to equip our children to participate in a changing society with hope and confidence.

The atmosphere of the school is characterised by friendliness, humour, tolerance and trust based on mutual respect between staff, parents and students.

We value:

  • Our Catholic faith and tradition
  • The dignity of each individual
  • The welcoming and hospitable atmosphere in our school

At Holy Trinity, we endeavour to form happy, creative and thoughtful students who are responsive to the needs of others in their community.

Our dedicated staff nurture children as they develop academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually into independent, skilled individuals ready to play an active role in society. Teachers work closely with parents and the parish to ensure students benefit from a well rounded Catholic education founded on the Christian ideals of love, service and family.

Holy Family school East Granville Logo and Images

Holy Family school East Granville

199 The Trongate, South Granville NSW 2142

Vision & Mission

Our vision at Holy Family Primary is to provide quality education in a culturally rich community, enabling each child to ‘live, love and learn’ in a Christ-centred environment.

The mission of the Holy Family Primary community is to strive towards:

  • Developing a loving and supportive community, based on Gospel values given expression through prayer, liturgy and social interaction.
  • Building a partnership between home and school to achieve our school’s mission and vision.
  • Providing a place of life-long learning for students, parents and staff.
  • Encouraging the pursuit of equity and excellence in all areas of education in accord with each person’s unique talents and needs.
  • Embracing and celebrating the cultural richness of our school.
  • Offering pastoral support for all school community members from a caring, dedicated and highly trained staff.
  • Cultivating effective citizenship and social responsibility.
  • Nurturing adaptability in a world of change to bring about a spirit of faith and hope for the future
St Peter Chanel School Regents Park Logo and Images

St Peter Chanel School Regents Park

43 Regent Street, Regents Park NSW 2143

St. Peter Chanel School is a Systemic Catholic Primary School serving the Berala parish. The school was under the administration of the Sisters of St. Joseph from 1925 - 1989. In 1990, the first lay principal was appointed. The school is administered by the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Education Office.

The Religious Education Program is based in the Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum. The school will try to develop in its pupils, personal faith, moral values, habits of prayer and religious practice. However, the school and classroom have limited possibilities for influencing these aspects of young people’s lives. The school does most for its pupils when it supports a life of faith, which is generated and nurtured in the home and local Church.

A feature of the Religious Education programme in the school is the home - school - parish co-operation, especially in the Sacramental Programmes. Considerable parent involvement is necessary in helping the children to prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Sacrament of Penance and Holy Eucharist for the first time.

St John's Catholic Primary School Auburn Logo and Images

St John's Catholic Primary School Auburn

77 Queen St, Auburn NSW 2144

We welcome children and their families from many lands and cultures. Students, staff and parish form a diverse, enthusiastic community. The multicultural nature of the school is recognisable by the presence of many different ethnic groups. This provides richness in social and cultural education and helps foster tolerance and respect.

St John's Catholic Primary School aims to develop a loving and prayerful relationship with God and a respect for one another, while endeavouring to develop the skills that will enable each child to function happily now and in the future. The staff's openness, respect and concern for all children in the school are important elements in achieving this.

This school is part of the Archdiocese of Sydney System of Catholic Schools. The Catholic Education Office (CEO) at Leichhardt is responsible for the central administration and payment of all salaries. The CEO receives all government grants and distributes them based on the individual needs of each school.

St Joseph the Worker Primary School Logo and Images

St Joseph the Worker Primary School

2 New Street, Auburn NSW 2144

St Joseph the Worker Primary School is a Catholic systemic co-educational school located in Auburn. The school is part of the St Joseph the Worker Parish. The school caters for students in Years K-6 and has a current enrolment of 120. The number of enrolments fluctuates regularly due to families moving into and out of the area.

St Joseph the Worker exhibits a very warm and welcoming community and has a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of the children by supporting and challenging them to reach their full potential.

In 2000 the school developed a new school crest and motto, “Creating a Difference” and in 2003 the school introduced a new school uniform. Our Vision Statement is inspired by our crest and our motto.

St Anthony's Primary Girraween Logo and Images

St Anthony's Primary Girraween

216 Targo Rd, Girraween NSW 2145

St Anthony's Primary, Girraween caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 and serves the parish of St Anthony's, Toongabbie. Our students typically come from Girraween, Toongabbie, Seven Hills, Pendle Hill and Wentworthville.

Our school provides rich learning and teaching experiences that cater for the changing needs of children today as they journey towards becoming the adults of tomorrow.

St Anthony's is committed to building and maintaining strong bonds between home, school, parish and community. It is these relationships that help us achieve our goals and deliver a quality education to all students, based on our faith.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary Greystanes Logo and Images

Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary Greystanes

Braeside Road, Greystanes NSW 2145

Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary, Greystanes is a dynamic Catholic school committed to quality education.

Serving the parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace; children, parents, teachers and pastors work together to provide a Christian environment that nurtures the uniqueness of each individual.

Children are encouraged to know and like themselves; and to experience fulfilment through personal success and public acknowledgment. They are also taught to respect each other.