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Mary MacKillop College Logo and Images

Mary MacKillop College

5 Carnarvon Street, Wakeley NSW 2176

Mary MacKillop College strives to empower young women to reach their potential by offering a wide range of academic and vocational courses to the HSC, as well as co-curricular activities and leadership and life skills. We are committed to ensuring that teaching and learning is of the highest quality. Teachers work in teams with mentors to explore a variety of teaching and assessment strategies. We encourage the young women to embrace opportunities to grow in their knowledge and pave the way for them to become life-long learners.

Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney Logo and Images

Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney

110 Cross Street, Kemps Creek NSW 2178

Heritage College is a co-educational school catering for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. It was established in 1998 to provide a place of education where children feel safe, valued and respected and where they are encouraged to excel in all areas. Heritage College endeavours to be accessible to families seeking a positive, disciplined and caring educational environment and therefore undertakes to keep its fees as low as possible. The College currently has around 200 students and this small size enables each child to benefit from individual attention and recognition.

Heritage College strives to:

  • support each student and their family so that they feel safe and valued
  • encourage students to identify their needs and to work to achieve their best
  • work with others, encouraging all to feel good about their successes
  • assist students to understand that God is delighted in positive, helpful behaviour and to demonstrate this day by day through honest, thoughtful and reliable actions
Freeman Catholic College Logo and Images

Freeman Catholic College

Mount Street, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

Freeman is a co-educational systemic College founded in 1985 to serve the needs of Catholic families from the Parishes of Bonnyrigg, Mount Pritchard, Bossley park and Horsley Park in the south-west region of the Sydney Archdiocese.

We believe that good education is about setting high standards and challenging, motivating and encouraging students to achieve those standards. We provide two very distinct challenges for all students at this College. The first challenge is to be a GOOD PERSON. Each day the students are challenged to live out traditional family and gospel values. That is to be respectful, patient, kind, forgiving and understanding in their dealings with each other.

Good Samaritan Catholic College Logo and Images

Good Samaritan Catholic College

401 Hoxton Park Road, Hinchinbrook NSW 2168

Good Samaritan Catholic College is a Year 7-12 comprehensive co-educational Catholic College located in South Western Sydney, Australia.

The Good Samaritan Catholic College Community is committed to quality education. Our challenge is to make a positive contribution to the transformation of society by encouraging independent and creative thinkers to search out new ways of dealing with our rapidly changing world.

Our name Good Samaritan Catholic College and our motto "Journeying with Compassion" offer us a challenge and mandate to live the good news of the Gospel in the context of our times.

We acknowledge that each person is on a life-long journey which is a continuous process that reaches beyond schooling. We are called to enrich and empower each student to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will give us an appreciation of the fullness of life.

We acknowledge the individuality of all members of our community and value the gifts they bring with them to our shared journey. All members of our community are encouraged to explore their potential and to strive for personal excellence.

Compassion is an integral part of our journey. The call to journey with compassion is a Gospel imperative which demands each one of us a spirit of service, a sense of justice and a search for truth. It acknowledges the dignity of every member of our community and calls each one of us to act with courage and integrity.

The Good Samaritan Catholic College community is committed to quality education. Our challenge is to make a positive contribution to the transformation of society by encouraging independent and creative thinkers to search out new ways of dealing with our rapidly changing world. As a community truly journeying with compassion, we will come to better understand the Gospel message, to grow as individuals and to help each other build the Kingdom of God.

Holy Spirit Primary School Carnes Hill Logo and Images

Holy Spirit Primary School Carnes Hill

25 Main Street, Carnes Hill NSW 2171

Holy Spirit Primary School is a new Catholic School situated in the south-western suburb of Carnes Hill. Our school population continues to grow each year, accommodating many young families who have settled in Carnes Hill.

We are excited at the foundation, establishment and subsequent development of our new school at Carnes Hill. Our time has been exciting, energetic and spirited as we experience growth, unity and a common vision for this school and parish. Of course, beginning school or entering a new school is one large step in the life of your child as they learn more about themselves, others, the world and God. You have already taught your child so many lessons in life. At Holy Spirit School we will strive to support your efforts to provide a challenging and enjoyable Catholic learning environment for your child.

May the Holy Spirit guide us and “enflame our hearts” as we walk in partnership to nurture the education and faith of those placed in our care.

Good Shepherd Primary School Hoxton Park Logo and Images

Good Shepherd Primary School Hoxton Park

21 Twentieth Ave, Hoxton Park NSW 2171

Good Shepherd Primary School is a faith community of students, staff, parents and parish.

In each of our endeavours we acknowledge the person of Jesus Christ as our role model and as our inspiration. The image of Jesus as the ‘Good Shepherd’ challenges us to nurture each other as we follow in His footsteps to proclaim the Good News by example, in word, prayer, celebration and action

Our school community is committed to the development of the whole child.

In a spirit of partnership with parents and the parish, the school promotes the demonstration of Christian values, pursues the promotion of excellence in learning, and the recognition of the individuality of learners.

Trinity Catholic Primary Kemps Creek Logo and Images

Trinity Catholic Primary Kemps Creek

61-83 Bakers Lane, Kemps Creek NSW 2178

Trinity Catholic Primary is a co-educational K-6 school providing an attractive environment for our students’ educational, spiritual and recreational needs. Trinity Catholic Primary is situated in vast grounds on the outskirts of Kemps Creek and shares a site with Emmaus Catholic College and the Emmaus Retirement Village.

Our school’s motto is ‘In Giving We Receive’ from the prayer of St Francis, which reflects hospitality. We believe that giving is the essence of true Christian hospitality and we encourage our students to be generous, caring and loving.

Clancy Catholic College Logo and Images

Clancy Catholic College

201 Carmichael Drive, West Hoxton NSW 2171

Clancy Catholic College is in its sixth year of operation, and caters for students in Years 7-12.

Clancy Catholic College has been established to provide quality Catholic education for boys and girls through years 7 – 12.

Named in honour of the former Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Edward Clancy AC, this Catholic learning community is enlivened by our motto “To Love Like Christ”. As a developing Catholic College, your son or daughter and your family will have a real part in shaping our emerging culture, spirit and learning environment. Students will also enjoy the opportunity to experience leadership and develop strong relationships with their teachers and fellow students in an explicitly Catholic environment.

At the heart of the daily life of our College is the provision of quality learning opportunities for our young people. An emphasis is given to differentiation of the curriculum to cater for individual needs and talents, the provision of significant eLearning opportunities for students and the provision of opportunities to learn both within subject areas and beyond in the co-curricula life of the school.

Thomas Hassall Anglican College Logo and Images

Thomas Hassall Anglican College

125 Kingsford Smith Avenue, Middleton Grange NSW 2171

The Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation established Thomas Hassall Anglican College in 2000. In that year it had 150 students from Kindergarten to Year 7. The College has experienced rapid growth and in 2011 has 1350 students from Prep to Year 12.

The College has been developed as a single campus providing a seamless transition from the junior, middle to senior years. The establishment of the College has been extensive with an ongoing building program providing a facility strategically located in Sydney's emerging South West growth region close to the M7 and M5.

Our facilities are spacious, modern and well equipped. There is access to a diverse range of resources that engage students in learning both inside and outside the classroom. Its many features include attractive landscape design which creates a sense of space with specialist learning areas shared across the Prep to Year 12 continuum; a well equipped auditorium and extensive playing fields.

Marion Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Marion Catholic Primary School

1788 The Horsley Drive, Horsley Park NSW 2175

Marion Catholic Primary has a comprehensive program committed to Christian values and excellence in Education. Building on past achievements, Marion School confidently prepares today's child to meet the demands of tomorrow's world. At Marion Catholic School we are proudly committed to the teaching of Christian values, to a real concern for the individual and to providing an ordered yet stimulating environment which bring out the best in every child.

Personal Relationships: Our school encourages effective personal relationships with strong support for parents and guardians. There is a strong sense of identification and belonging, allowing for easy acceptance of new ideas which creates a closer working relationship between children, parents, guardians, teachers and priests.

Mary Immaculate Primary School Logo and Images

Mary Immaculate Primary School

110 Mimosa Road, Bossley Park NSW 2176

Mary Immaculate Primary School is a Catholic systemic co-educational school located in Bossley Park, and is an integral part of Mary Immaculate Parish.

The school caters for students in Years K-6 and has a current enrolment of six hundred and seventeen students.

As the Faith Community responds to the increasing demands of a changing world, by their Baptism and their acceptance of enrolment at Mary Immaculate, all are challenged to participate in sustaining and giving life to the school’s vision. The school community is strengthened by its links with the Parish which is a vital part of what Bossley Park is all about – a community of believers working together to further the gospel and a place where family values, Christian faith, the practice of prayer, tolerance, acceptance and togetherness is fostered.

Saint Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School Logo and Images

Saint Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School

5- 7 Greenfield Rd, Greenfield Park NSW 2176

Lighting the way - Preserving Our Faith, Culture and Heritage

Our school is dedicated to educational excellence, encouraging students to reach their potential in a nurturing environment to become productive Australian citizens, reflecting the faith of the Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian language and Culture.

St Hurmizd Assyrian primary School is a unique learning institution founded by His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia after his appointment as a Bishop of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East in a Diocese that includes Australia and New Zealand. In Australia as the Assyrian community grew to many thousands of individuals, His Beatitude's vision was that the young Assyrians needed to attend a school where the Board of Studies Curriculum is taught as well as extra study would be introduced that would include their Language (Assyrian) and Culture.

John the Baptist Primary School Logo and Images

John the Baptist Primary School

Mount Street, Bonnyrigg Heights NSW 2177

John the Baptist Primary School is a large four-stream Catholic Primary School located in Bonnyrigg Heights, the heart of Sydney's growing South Western Sydney region.

JBPS serves the growing Catholic families and multicultural population in surrounding suburbs of Bonnyrigg Heights. The total school population in 2009 is approx 850 students.

JBPS is a Systemic Catholic Primary School administered by the Catholic Education Office, Sydney.

Emmaus Catholic College Logo and Images

Emmaus Catholic College

87-109 Bakers Lane, Kemps Creek NSW 2178

Emmaus Catholic College at Kemps Creek is a co-educational, 7-12 secondary school committed to providing a learning community in which students, supported by their families, staff and parish have the opportunity to develop spiritually, academically and socially. Students prosper in a community founded on inclusiveness. Everyone is welcome at Emmaus.

We believe all students can learn and succeed; that quality relationships are fundamental to learning; and students are motivated by high expectations combined with structured guidance and encouragement.

Students at Emmaus are offered:

  •  the chance to be part of a community of learners and educators committed to consistent improvement
  • guidance on their personal spiritual path
  • a relevant, modern and practical education
  • a comprehensive curriculum tailored to each student’s needs
  • meaningful connections with their peers, and school and parish communities
  • encouragement and support to pursue their dreams
  • an environment promoting personalised learning

Emmaus sees itself as one member of a learning community that encompasses the local primary schools, parishes and wider community. As such, the college works in partnership with these, sharing facilities and resources wherever possible.

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary, St Mary’s, Holy Spirit Primary, St Clair and Trinity Catholic Primary, Kemps Creek are all linked to Emmaus to ensure continuous education from K-12 and to allow younger students to benefit from mentor relationships with their older peers.

Unity Grammar College Logo and Images

Unity Grammar College

70 Fourth Ave, Austral NSW 2179

Unity Grammar College aims to provide formal Primary and Secondary schooling to all of its students. Guided by its Islamic ethos, the College aims to facilitate an environment in which students develop a positive, outward looking view of the future for themselves, and the wider community.

In addition the College aims to provide children with an Islamic education that equips them with moral and social values that best prepares them to be active positive participants in the wider Australian community. Our focus is to ensure a place of learning and teaching that is safe and happy both for students and teachers alike, and that best reflects the needs and expectations of the community.

Holy Spirit Primary School St Clair Logo and Images

Holy Spirit Primary School St Clair

7-17 Todd Row, St Clair NSW 2759

Holy Spirit Primary School is a Catholic co-educational primary school (K-6), that was established in 1985.

Over the years Holy Spirit has grown to meet the changing needs of the parish and local community, and currently has an enrolment of around 460 students. Our student community is a rich tapestry of peoples from around the world, including the Philippines, Malta, Sri Lanka, India, Sudan and the British Isles

At Holy Spirit Primary we seek to provide quality education for the future, in a safe and caring environment. We are a community of learners and believe that learning is a lifelong process.

We value close links with our parent and parish community; and parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child's education.

At Holy Spirit we seek to live our lives like Jesus; work and love as a family; learn and challenge each other, so that…

”Together we grow"

Mamre Anglican School Logo and Images

Mamre Anglican School

45 Bakers Lane, Erskine Park NSW 2759

Mamre Anglican School is a co-educational K-10 day school. The school is committed to achieving high academic outcomes for its students in addition to growth in understanding of the Christian faith.

Parents and students need not be Anglican. However, they must be supportive of the school’s Christian philosophy and practice.

The School is owned and supported by the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation and operational policy is vested in a Board of Governors. Daily operational matters, including staffing and the various educational programs are the responsibility of the Executive Headmaster in consultation with the Head of Campus.

Aspect Western Sydney School Logo and Images

Aspect Western Sydney School

295 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

The Aspect Western Sydney School, established in 1985, caters for children aged 4 to 16 years. The school is located in Sydney's western region, covering a broad geographical area.

The school is one of Aspect's largest and spans nine separate sites, with satellite classes in Richmond, Blacktown, Marayong, Fairfield West, Smithfield, Minto, Springwood and Holsworthy which includes a special school facility located at Wetherill Park.

The school has two high school satellite classes, one on the premises of St Andrew's College (Holy Family Campus) in Marayong and one on the premises of St Columba's School in Springwood (lower Blue Mountains).

The school's satellite classes also include infants and primary programs within both the Department of Education and Catholic schools. All classes are staffed by Aspect teachers and teacher aides.

St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School Logo and Images

St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School

7-9 Greenfield Road, Greenfield Park NSW 2176

With pride and joy, the first stage of the St Hurmizd Assyrian School was opened on Sunday 20th January 2002 by his Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia. Towards the end of his opening speech His Beatitude said "...a school, in which our people from all denominations will have pride in knowing that they have accomplished their national obligations upon which rely all the coming generations May the blessings of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ be upon all of you."

The School commenced its first Term of teaching on Wednesday 30th January with 86 students.

The school's motto is : Haimanoota, Yartoota and Yulpana which translates into: Faith, Heritage and Education.

Currently St Hurmizd Assyrian primary School is providing Educational service for 553 students including religious studies, Assyrian Language and all Board Of Studies Key Learning Areas.

The Assyrian Community in Australia and Abroad will forever be grateful for His Beatitude Mar Meelis's vision to establish a primary then followed by a secondary school Mar Narsai Assyrian College

Mar Narsai Assyrian College Logo and Images

Mar Narsai Assyrian College

673-683 Smithfield Road, Edensor Park NSW 2176

Our Vision:
Lighting the way - Preserving our Faith, Culture and Heritage

Our school is dedicated to educational excellence, encouraging students to reach their potential in a nurturing environment so as to become productive Australian citizens, reflecting the Christian faith of the Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian language in years 7-10 and culture.

Our Mission:
To provide a continuum of education founded on rich traditions of faith, family and community values, while encouraging commitment to academic excellence cultivated alongside a Christian faith-filled learning environment.

Mar Narsai College is a coeducational secondary school which offers curriculum based on the NSW Board of Studies developed syllabus.  Religious studies based on the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East and Assyrian Language are compulsory subjects.

At the end of 2005, the Year 6 class of St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School graduated. In his capacity as the head of the Assyrian Schools Board, His Beatitude Archbishop Mar Meelis Zaia AM decided to establish an Assyrian secondary School. This College would cater for the needs of students graduating from St Hurmizd Primary School as well as other high school students from the community. Mar Narsai Assyrian College became operational in 2006 with two Year 7 classes 30 students each. The College continues to grow, with 300 students currently enrolled in Years 7 – 12. All teachers at Mar Narsai College are accredited by the NSW institute of Teachers.