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Burc College Logo and Images

Burc College

52-56 Wandana Avenue, Gilles Plains SA 5086

Burc College is a place where all students can learn – the only variable can be the time. We have obligations to teach every learner and expect all students to learn. We believe in fostering a nurturing environment in which each child feels special and grows in self-esteem. Burc College is a school where diversity is strength and students are expected to understand, tolerate and respect differences. We value close ties among children, staff, parents, and the community and believe in strong parent participation for their children’s education. Burc College is a school devoted to the development of the student’s, intellectual, social, emotional and physical capacities in an atmosphere of equal opportunity. We create an environment for children to allow them to be themselves and to develop their full potential in the way and at the pace appropriate to them.

The following assumptions are basic to the philosophy at Burc College:

  • ‘knowing’ is a process, not a product;
  • the curriculum should contain different learning experiences;
  • the curriculum must be adapted to the child’s development level.

On-going successes will encourage the development of a positive self-image, which will in turn allow the child to risk and accept failures without retreating from the learning setting. It encourages an awareness of what each child knows and what he/she needs to know in order to accomplish and achieve further. This requires teachers who emphasise the successes a child achieves and necessitates a positive approach to learning.

Charles Campbell College Logo and Images

Charles Campbell College

3 Campbell Road, Paradise SA 5075

The values and attributes of punctuality, appearance, cooperation, courtesy, tolerance, respect for others and their property, openness, honesty and the appreciation of one's own worth, are important parts of our school culture.

Charles Campbell College has a reputation for excellence. It is a community of learners with students and teachers working together in a safe, caring and supportive environment. The wide range of courses and extracurricular activities and an emphasis on self-discipline ensure that graduates are able to access the broadest range of options for life.

Our staff are committed to and continue to be aware of the current methods to improve student learning outcomes. They have high expectations of themselves and their students and ensure that their courses are motivating, rigorous and challenging.

Charles Campbell College provides a fully comprehensive curriculum. In all courses we aim to cater for students needs developing each student to his or her maximum potential.

The junior and middle years curriculum encompasses a broad range of learning and all students participate in a relatively similar course. The senior years curriculum offers an extensive range of subjects which are approved courses for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Kildare College Logo and Images

Kildare College

96 Valiant Road, Holden Hill SA 5088

Kildare College offers an education for girls from Years 8 to 12. Girls are encouraged to take responsibility for their academic, moral and spiritual development through a range of thought provoking and challenging activities. The school nurtures a love of learning and fosters a desire for excellence in a supportive environment.

Kildare is a community of learning, where staff and families work in partnership to provide our young women with a well-balanced secondary education.

 We nurture and educate the hearts and minds through the development of:

     • Success
     • Compassion
     • Achievement
     • Respect

Our tradition and values will guide and support your daughter to develop strength and gentleness of character. By assisting our students to develop positive attitudes to life and learning, we believe that we can help them to discover inner strength, confidence and self-knowledge that will sustain them throughout their lives.

Saint Ignatius' College - Senior School Logo and Images

Saint Ignatius' College - Senior School

2 Manresa Court, Athelstone SA 5076

What is a Jesuit School? It is one based on Christian Humanism, which sees the growth of all the humane as important, and which knows that ‘the glory of God is man and woman fully alive’.

Hence we have always emphasised the development of ‘the whole person’ mind, heart, body, will; the intellectual and the affective, the spiritual and the physical, the imagination and the sense of critique. Our ideal is to see our students as unique and gifted, no matter the range. In traditional Jesuit terms, they are to be treated with ‘cura personalis’, individual care, ‘like the several instruments of an orchestra, each with its own timbre and quality’, so that each may play the part in the world that only he or she can fulfil, the role they are called to play in the Mind of God.

Our ideal graduates are to be ‘young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion’, with an attitude of excellence and service, knowing that they are called to be ‘men and women for others’. In the words of Ignatius, our young people are called ‘to praise, to revere and to serve’, and they are to do this by developing their talents, the potential within them. Their search should be to find God in the world, and in their hearts and minds, as they grow through life in their love of Christ and their neighbour. They should grow as young people able to use their judgement, to discern the direction of the paths into which they tend, whether such paths lead to greater love and truth or to hate and evil in the world. And they are to be young people of great heart, ‘fully alive’, and of great generosity: ‘Lord, teach me to be generous’ towards God and towards neighbour, was Ignatius’ own prayer.

St Paul's College Logo and Images

St Paul's College

792 Grand Junction Road, Gilles Plains SA 5086

St Paul’s College, Adelaide, South Australia has been providing an affordable, quality Catholic education for boys in Adelaide for over 50 years.

As a school in the Edmund Rice Tradition we welcome a wide diversity of boys from five to 18 years of age, encouraging all to educational excellence, supporting their growth in faith and guiding them on the path towards maturity - from boyhood to manhood.

At St Paul’s, we seek excellence in every form and support our students to reach their full potential, in whatever direction that might be.

There is a passion and commitment from the whole school community that empowers our students and enables interests and dreams to become real career and life paths.

Since its founding by the Christian Brothers in 1959, St Paul’s College has provided a quality, inclusive Catholic education for students in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Animated by the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice to liberate the God given potential of young people through education, and building on our proud educational history, St Paul’s has established Strategic Directions for the future.

St Pius X School Logo and Images

St Pius X School

8 Windsor Grove, Windsor Gardens SA 5087

Our school was built on a foundation of dreams, determination and prayers. The words ‘Strength’ and ‘Kindness’ boldly adorn the foyer and these words encapture not only the vision of our founding Priests and Nuns but all of those who are part of our school community.

The story of St Pius X School is steeped in the tradition of the Brigidine Sisters.

The Brigidine Sisters were founded in Ireland in 1807 for the purpose of providing a Catholic education to children. They were women of faith and hope, strong yet gentle in their love, in close union with Jesus Christ and in communion with all God’s people.

In the 1960s, Fr JP McCann approached religious orders of Sisters to take charge of a primary school being built in Adelaide. Mother Pius, the Provincial of the Brigidine Order in Melbourne, accepted this challenge with great strength and kindness. A community of sisters moved to South Australia for the sole purpose of opening a Catholic primary school in Windsor Gardens.

On March 4th 1962 St Pius X Primary School was officially opened with 200 students from Kindergarten to Year Four.

Torrens Valley Christian School Logo and Images

Torrens Valley Christian School

1227 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley SA 5090

Our Vision
is to nurture children in a Christ centred learning environment in order to develop their full academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual potential.

Torrens Valley Christian School is built on faith in Jesus Christ, providing excellence in education and teaching servant leadership, compassion, respect and responsibility for the world in which we live.

St Josephs Memorial School Logo and Images

St Josephs Memorial School

46 Bridge Street, Kensington SA 5068

Believing that every child is a miracle transforms the way we design for children's learning.  The staff consider themselves fortunate to have the privilege, the joy, the excitement and at times amazement of working with young people.

St. Joseph's Memorial School has two campuses.  At Bridge Street, children start in the preschool and transition into school which goes up to Year 2.  The children then move to Year 3 until Year 7 at the William Street Campus.  This unique setting allows for not only a broader preschool program but for an easy transition into school.

Embracing the potential of each child is our primary focus which is guided by the principles of our Catholic Traditions and Reggio Emilia.  Our small class sizes, modern classrooms and facilities, and unique playgrounds, enable the children to develop in a creative, dynamic and progressive environment where the learning prepares children as citizens for the 21st Century.

Our fee structures cater for variation in family size and income level.
To have a personal tour of the school phone and make a time to talk with the Principal, Mr Craig Fosdike.

St Joseph's Payneham Logo and Images

St Joseph's Payneham

78 Portrush Road, Payneham South SA 5070

Our school is an exciting place and we want to share some of this excitement with you. We will provide specific information about our educational programs and daily routines. More importantly, this website will serve to welcome you into our caring community.

 Your choice of schooling is one of the most important decisions made on behalf of your child. At St Joseph's Payneham, we have been supporting students and their families since 1962 when the school was established by the Sisters of St Joseph. It is a co-educational Catholic primary school providing excellence in education from Preschool (4 years) and Reception to Year 7. We offer a nurturing environment which encourages happy and successful learning.

Our programs provide a framework which will equip each student with the skills to enjoy a lifetime of discovery and learning with the latest ICTs and modern indoor and outdoor learning spaces. We work together as a team to make sure the needs of every student are catered for through multi-faceted learning experiences. All the staff at Payneham facilitate a learning environment to suit students through their absolute professionalism, dedication and passion.

We encourage our teachers to utilise models of contemporary learning to provide students with flexible and diverse learning experiences across curriculum areas as well as enabling access to online learning spaces.

At St Joseph’s Payneham, we provide learning experiences which:

  • enable flexible learning
  • are characterised by reflection, higher order thinking
  • encourage creativity and collaboration
  • respond to the diverse needs of each child
  • develop contemporary literacies
  • foster a learning community and
  • enable timely formative and summative assessment.
Mary MacKillop College Logo and Images

Mary MacKillop College

10-14 High Street, Kensington SA 5068

Mary MacKillop College was established by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart to provide exemplary secondary education for girls. The College is named after Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first Saint, who devoted her life to the people of Australia through founding, with Julian Tenison Woods, an Order of Sisters who would educate the “children of the bush” and help all those in need.

Your daughter will receive an excellent education at Mary MacKillop College, both in class and beyond the classroom. Your daughter's personal journey will be different to her classmates and we acknowledge that she will have her own gifts and talents, strengths and challenges. Your daughter will be steeped in the values of Mary MacKillop, develop a strong passion for social justice, seek to understand the circumstances of those who are not so fortunate and most importantly develop a love of learning which will last a lifetime. Our school motto ‘Know More, Do More, Be More’ encapsulates all that we try and offer the girls and what we hope they experience at the College. We want your daughter to develop confidence, resilience and throughout their time at the College try to be the very best version of themselves. As part of their journey they will gain knowledge and develop the ability to apply that knowledge in unfamiliar circumstances. They will also understand themselves as a learner, setting them on the road to success as they discover their life purpose and passion. 

Our College is a small community, rich in relationships which encourage strong connections between staff and students making Mary MacKillop College a very welcoming and special place.

We have placed a strong emphasis on developing the leadership abilities of the girls from Year 8 to the Senior Years and we do this through formal programs and by the girls attending events such as the International Women’s Day Breakfast.

Access for Learning

McKay Ave, Windsor Gardens SA 5087

Athelstone Preschool

338 Gorge Rd, Athelstone SA 5076

Athelstone School

8A Brookside Rd, Athelstone SA 5076

Athelstone School OSHC/Vac

8A Brookside Rd, Athelstone SA 5076

Banksia Park International HS

610 Milne Rd, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091