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Iqra Grammar College Logo and Images

Iqra Grammar College

10 Benham Road, Minto NSW 2566

Iqra Grammar College is an independent co-educational institution catering for primary students from Kindergarten to Year 6 (Primary) and Year 7 - 9 (High School) with Year 10 in 2011.

The future plans are to extend the school to Year 12 in 2013. The college was established in January 2006, is registered with New South Wales Board of Studies, and is a charitable (non-profit) organisation.

Iqra Grammar College strives for excellence in secular and religious education in an Islamic environment.

The school philosophy is that students should strive for excellence, equity and a strong moral ethos. We aim to provide a positive, stimulating and accepting environment in which students can develop individual qualities and abilities without strong or detrimental peer pressure.

Students study a variety of subjects in accordance with the New South Wales Board of Studies as well as an enriching curriculum with a focus on Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Qibla College Logo and Images

Qibla College

44 - 48 Westmoreland Road, Minto NSW 2566

Qibla College was established in 1995. It is an independent primary school and a division of Suburban Islamic Association (SIA) (Campbelltown). Qibla College is an Islamic school and provides an alternative educational choice for the Muslim community. It was initially called Suburban Primary School. The name was later changed to Qibla College. Qibla is an Arabic word, which means 'Direction'. Qibla College is a member of the Association of Independent Schools (NSW).

Qibla College is situated in the southwest Campbelltown region in Leumeah in Sydney. The school is located within the mosque area of Suburban Islamic Association. The school has numerous classrooms, an ESL room, a library and a computer laboratory. The senior students perform the midday prayers in the mosque. The mosque hall is used for school assemblies and special ceremonies. Qibla College offers schooling to boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our school curriculum is based on the guidelines issued by the NSW Board of Studies. Our curriculum is aimed at meeting the needs of our children and to develop a love for learning and a desire to seek the truth. This curriculum is continuously evaluated in our world of rapid change.

Sarah Redfern Public School

Cnr Stafford St & Guernsey, Minto NSW 2566

Spii Tuition

8 Minto, Minto NSW 2566
Spii Tuition, a very multicultural and diverse center, understands that not all children are the same, and we take great care in meeting each child's educational needs.Educating children to become good citizens doesn't happen by chance. It happens because children, parents, schools, and encouraging communities To develop good citizens and at SPII, we are accommodating all that comes along with providing elite education to the people of Liverpool & Campbelltown Region.

Qibla College

44-48 Westmoreland, Minto NSW 2566

Passfield Park Special School

Cnr Guernsey Ave & Mossglen, Minto NSW 2566

Franz Driving School

4/ 4 Minto Rd, Minto NSW 2566