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Mindarie Primary School

education | Mindarie WA 6030

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90 Rothesay Heights, Mindarie WA 6030

At Mindarie Primary School we are committed to providing a holistic, relevant education for each child that will provide a strong foundation for future learning in a rapidly changing, diverse society.

The following principles underpin the delivery of the curriculum in each of the learning areas:

  • We are committed to high standards of academic achievement, particularly in literacy and numeracy.
  • We provide developmentally appropriate programmes for each child to ensure that their learning is optimised.
  • We encourage each person to achieve their personal best in all undertakings and to acknowledge, respect and celebrate the efforts of others.
  • We are committed to developing authentic relationships between children, parents and staff based on care, mutual respect and open communication.
  • We recognise and value each person's uniqueness and encourage their individuality.
  • We appreciate and respect cultural and religious difference and are committed to developing attitudes which support harmony in our multicultural society.
  • We encourage each child to actively participate in decisions about their own learning and the way in which our school community works together.
  • We see ourselves as a community of learners and plan for the broad and continuous learning of both children and adults.
  • We encourage each person to develop critical thinking, creative imagination and interpersonal skills across the different domains.
  • We foster reflective and critical thinking in order to develop in each child self reliance and personal discipline in their learning.
  • We offer a safe environment where each person has fair access to the available resources.

The Mindarie School Plan is developed in consultation with the school community. It clearly outlines the teaching and learning strategies that will be implemented to achieve the major outcomes.