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Our Lady of Good Counsel Gatton Logo and Images

Our Lady of Good Counsel Gatton

20 Maitland Street, Gatton QLD 4343

Our Lady of Good Counsel School is one of the Brisbane Archdiocesan Catholic Schools and as such is founded on a partnership of students, parents, staff, pastors and parishioners at a local level within the broader mission of the church.

Our school community works together – united in our belief in Jesus Christ and His values and supporting each other in many different and important ways. It is this partnership that develops a feeling of family and also pride in our school.

Peace Lutheran Primary School Logo and Images

Peace Lutheran Primary School

36 East Street, Gatton QLD 4343

Peace Lutheran Primary School Gatton offers a high standard Christian education delivered by dedicated teams of teachers in a quality learning environment.

Staged based learning allows students to work in smaller journey groups, enhancing skills in Mathematics and English. Children are given many opportunities to be leaders, especially in home group learning. Interactions based on sharing God’s love motivate community members to serve each other and to in local and overseas communities.

Parents, staff and children are valued and cared for in our close knit, compassionate community. Our commitment to pastoral care builds positive relationships and open and honest communication setting good foundations for learning.

Students are encouraged to believe in themselves and strive to do their best. Individual differences and achievements are proudly recognized, showcased and celebrated. The buddy program builds lasting relationships between students of different ages.

Our annual camping program gives opportunities for learning not easily accessed in the classroom. Teachers are immersed in professional learning opportunities focusing on good teaching practice and students value the challenging and interesting learning provided.

The team at Peace is learning, growing and building futures together, knowing that Christ is leading us in all we do.

Mount Whitestone State School

1313 Gatton-Clifton Road, Mount Whitestone QLD 4347
QATC - Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges Logo and Images

QATC - Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges

University of Queensland, Gatton QLD 4343

For 50 years, our unique mix of practical skills training, supported by classroom based learning, has helped thousands of graduates enjoy rewarding and successful careers in agriculture and throughout the diverse agribusiness value chain. Our graduates can be found in the bush or the city, in Australia or overseas. We work with industry to ensure they are equipped to handle the challenges that modern agriculture will throw their way today and for years into the future.

Our track record and experience are second-to-none. Formerly the Australian Agricultural College Corporation, Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges delivers practical, skills-based training to rural industries, regional communities and regional urban centres throughout Queensland and beyond.


Tent Hill Lower State School

90 Tent Hill Lower, Upper Tenthill QLD 4343

Mt Whitestone State School

Warwick-Clifton, Mount Whitestone QLD 4347

Gatton State School

46 William, Gatton QLD 4343

Grantham State School

15 Victor, Grantham QLD 4347

Ma Ma Creek State School

803 Gatton Clifton, Grantham QLD 4347

Dance Force

78369 - Gatton QLD 4343