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St Jude's Catholic Primary School Langford Logo and Images

St Jude's Catholic Primary School Langford

17 Barnston Way, Langford WA 6147

Saint Jude’s Catholic School is a caring, multicultural community that fosters the education and development of the whole person. Located in the suburb of Langford, in sunny Western Australia, our school caters for children from Kindergarten to Year Six. The school has a strong sense of unity and community spirit, clearly exhibited by the close manner in which teachers, parents and students work together.

Our school is named after Saint Jude, popularly known as the patron saint of impossible cases and students reflect upon the teachings of Christ and the positive acts Saint Jude had undertaken during his life, as part of our programme of Religious Education studies.

Building upon the pride our community has in its history, Saint Jude’s School continues to develop and to focus on the future ahead, striving to offer students an education which provides them with tools for successful Christian living in the twenty first century.

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