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Cabra Dominican College Logo and Images

Cabra Dominican College

225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park SA 5041

A Catholic Dominican co-educational day and boarding school. Years 6 - 13. Cabra Dominican College offers a program of both short and long term study for students from all countries of the world. Cabra has a rich heritage of educating and forming young people from throughout South Australia and beyond. We currently have an enrolment of 1050 students and a staff of 120 teachers and support staff. Together with parents, carers, old scholars and the Dominican Sisters we enjoy life in a vibrant community within the spacious grounds at Cumberland Park.

There is a real sense of support and encouragement for the process of personal growth at Cabra Dominican College.  Reflection days, retreats and regular liturgies complement the formal Religious Education program, which offers a developmental study of our Catholic heritage and the opportunity for open discussion of faith issues.

Cabra has a rich heritage of educating and forming young people from throughout South Australia and beyond. We currently have an enrolment of 1050 students and a staff of 120 teachers and support staff. Together with parents, carers, old scholars and the Dominican Sisters we enjoy life in a vibrant community within the spacious grounds at Cumberland Park.

In 2011 Cabra celebrates 125 years as a Dominican College. During that time the College has experienced many changes as the community has responded to the challenge of providing a contemporary and relevant education for each student. As we approach this historical milestone we remain grounded in our heritage and focused on the current and future needs of each young person currently attending Cabra.

Our Saviour Lutheran School Logo and Images

Our Saviour Lutheran School

28 Taylors Road West, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159

Our Saviour Lutheran School is a community that learns, loves, laughs and lives together. We value learning, because it opens doors to the future and enables children to understand and appreciate more about their world. We show love to others because we recognise God’s love for us and want to share it through a friendly smile, a helping hand or a kind word. We laugh together and live life with enthusiasm because that helps us to grow, to make friends and to seize life’s endless opportunities.

By embracing all that Our Saviour offers and by working in partnership with our dedicated and professional staff, we’re confident that your child will leave our school with the skills, attitude and energy equipped to lead the life you’d want them to live and prepared for the next phase of their learning journey.

Immanuel College Logo and Images

Immanuel College

32 Morphett Road, Novar Gardens SA 5040

Mission Statement

Immanuel College actively strives to provide an education in a Christian context where the whole person can grow and develop. Its curricular and co-curricular programs offer students opportunity for spiritual and moral growth, service and social involvement, excellence in academics, the arts and worthwhile physical activities, to prepare them for their individual vocations and a Christian life.

College Aims

  • Encourage students to develop a living relationship with God through Christ.
  • Develop students’ knowledge, intellectual, interpersonal and physical skills through their participation in the range of curricular and co curricular opportunities provided.
  • Develop students’ capabilities to their fullest potential.
  • Cater for individual differences; recognise individual talents and divergent cultural backgrounds.
  • Prepare students for life and work in a rapidly changing global society.
Our Lady of Grace Primary School Logo and Images

Our Lady of Grace Primary School

38 Beadnall Terrace, Glengowrie SA 5044

Situated in the suburb of Glengowrie, Our Lady of Grace is one of two Reception to Year 5 primary schools in the Glenelg Parish within the South West region of Adelaide.

Established in 1953, the school opened its doors at the start of the school year in February 1954. Originally it served the local community as both a church and a school, being converted from one to the other each weekend for Sunday Mass, with three classrooms housed within the church walls.

Since then it has grown in size and reputation, now comprising eight classrooms, a library resource suite, Reading Recovery and Adaptive Education tutorial spaces and a well used hall.

Our school has approximately 200 students and operates within the Dominican Tradition. A particular focus is placed on Literacy and Numeracy, but we have developed an integrated Information and Communication Technology programme, offer specialisation in Music, Drama and Physical Education and run a comprehensive sports programme.

Being a member of the South West Region of Catholic Schools, children enrolled from Reception are assured a pathway into Cabra Dominican College, Marymount or Sacred Heart Colleges for their Middle and Secondary schooling. It is important to note that parents are responsible for making an enrolment application to their preferred Secondary or Middle school.

Reynella East College Logo and Images

Reynella East College

63 Malbeck Drive, Reynella East SA 5161

Since first opening its doors in 1980, Reynella East College has played a significant role in the development and establishment of the communities in the Southern Vales area.

The school quickly gained a reputation across the southern area for its commitment to standards of excellence and innovation in education. This reputation continues to grow, as the school demands only the best from both its teachers and students.

As a result of its reputation, the school is at enrolment capacity with waiting lists at all year levels. We welcome students from across the Southern Vales of Adelaide and from many different countries of the world through our buoyant international program.

Sacred Heart College Middle School Logo and Images

Sacred Heart College Middle School

28 Percy Avenue, Mitchell Park SA 5043

Sacred Heart College Middle School is a school for boys from Years 6 to 9. Situated in Mitchell Park, Sacred Heart Middle has provided quality boys education to both local and boarding students for nearly 50 years. The school has a close relationship with Sacred Heart College Senior, a co-educational Years 10 to 12, day and boarding school in Somerton Park. The boys are joined in Year 10 by the girls from Marymount College, a girls middle school from Years 6 to 9 located in Hove.

The Marist Brothers were founded in France by Saint Marcellin Champagnat in the early years of the nineteenth century and they were subsequently invited to establish schools in Australia, arriving in 1872. Sacred Heart was founded in 1897 and is now governed by Marist Schools Australia, along with fifty one other schools across Australia.

Contemporary Marist educators share and continue Marcellin's dream of transforming the lives of young people, particularly the least favoured, through offering them an holistic education, aimed to develop "good citizens and good Christians." This is evidenced in the curriculum, extension activities and the religious experiences designed to be relevant and contemporary learning opportunities for middle school boys.

For 2014, Sacred Heart College will have the same Principal for each of the schools - the Middle and Senior Schools. During the year consultation in regard to the future structure of 'Sacred Heart' will occur.

St Anthony's School Edwardstown Logo and Images

St Anthony's School Edwardstown

1 Castle Street, Edwardstown SA 5039

At St Anthony's we believe in the approach 'it takes a village to raise a child'. Your child is important to us and their learning and development is at the heart of all we do. Our children are all unique in the eyes of God with many gifts and talents to develop and share. We believe that your child will succeed here when given the opportunity to become a self-managed learner.

At St Anthony's we dare the children to become learners who take risks, where creativity is nurtured and they are encouraged to become creative and critical thinkers that are socially just and environmentally aware locally and globally.

St Peter's Lutheran School Blackwood Logo and Images

St Peter's Lutheran School Blackwood

71 Cumming Street, Blackwood SA 5051

When you look through the classroom windows at St Peters Lutheran you will see our Early Learning Centre to Year 7 students:

  •     working collaboratively
  •     taking responsibility for their own learning, sharing, setting goals, reflecting, analysing and evaluating
  •     helping each other in the classroom, in the resource centre and in the playground
  •     making decisions about their classroom and about the school
  •     excited and highly motivated about what they are learning

St Peters is part of the Australia wide Lutheran School system which includes preschool centres, primary schools, secondary schools and R-12 schools, educating well over 20 000 students.

St Peters Lutheran School , where the message of Jesus Christ is communicated and celebrated, is a caring supportive learning community that encourages global consciousness, responsible action and life-long learning.

This co-educational Early Learning to Year 7 School was founded in 1999 by St Peters Lutheran Church at Blackwood as part of its commitment to serve the local community. This provided an opportunity to create a school of which students, parents and staff could feel proud.

St Peters Woodlands Grammar School Logo and Images

St Peters Woodlands Grammar School

39 Partridge Street, Glenelg SA 5045

It is our whole school community that makes St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School special – the students, the parents, the staff, the old scholars and our supporters.

If you have a community which values rigour and excellence in education, safety and hope for children then you will have successful children.

Everything we do is focussed on that partnership, the ethos of community.

We are blessed to be able to develop young lives in a beautiful physical setting surrounded by superb buildings and gardens. It is certainly a stimulating and creative environment for our future leaders.

While we love our local area of Glenelg and our state, we are also an International Baccalaureate Organisation World School that offers the Primary Years Program, one of many recognised throughout the world.

We are an internationally minded educational institution, part of a much wider universe and culture.

Our students know that and are energised by it.

Our Values

SPW encourages students to find joy and enlightenment in their education, giving them the best opportunity to leave school feeling happy, confident and ready to face the world ahead.

We believe that a child is born with a spontaneous sense of wonder and happiness at being alive, and a school’s most important job is to nurture and foster that daily sense of delight.

At the same time we have a serious responsibility to reveal the accumulated experiences that we as humans have gained – how the world works, how change creates opportunity and how diversity adds richness.

Most importantly we want our students to understand how the values of tolerance, compassion and respect underpin our relationships.

St Marys Memorial School Logo and Images

St Marys Memorial School

16 Milton Street, Glenelg SA 5045

Christ is central in all areas of curriculum and school life.

Learning at St. Mary’s Memorial School occurs with an attitude of love and forgiveness as exemplified by Christ.

Our school environment embodies the love, care, support, nurture and discipline of a Christian home.

We are committed to the total experience of learning being positive and enjoyable.

We recognise the individuality of all students and every effort is made by the school to maximise opportunities for them to realise their potential.

All students are challenged to achieve their optimum potential in a happy and flexible environment.

We promote awareness of the environment and an ethos of sensitivity to environment concerns, directions and issues.

We endeavour to provide a breadth of experience, encouraging creativity with flexible responses to opportunities.

We are committed to developing a meaningful relationships between Church and the wider community.

Parents, volunteers and community members are valued and encouraged to contribute positively to the total learning environment of the school.

A committed and professional Staff which shares the vision and contributes to the mission of St. Mary’s Memorial School.

St Teresa's School Logo and Images

St Teresa's School

28 Strathmore Terrace, Brighton SA 5048

St Teresa’s School was established by the Sisters of Mercy from the Wilcannia - Forbes Diocese (main city Broken Hill) in 1916.

St Teresa's School was named after St Teresa of Avila who was born in Avila, Spain in 1515. She was a great writer who was able to explain clearly her feelings and thoughts about God. Many of her writings are used today in songs.

The first school room was in a small detached cottage in the convent grounds. From there the school moved into a converted conservatory, which served as a church and school for many years. This building later became known as ‘The Hall’ until demolished in 1983.

The first school classroom was built in 1950 and the next in 1961.

Modifications and up-grading were carried out in 1977 and 1979. During 2005 a major building project was undertaken and has brought the school to its present standing.

The Sisters of Mercy administered and staffed the school until 1976, when the first lay Principal was appointed.

With the rationalisation of schools in the South West Region, St Teresa’s School became a Reception to Year 5 school in 1979.

Mission statement
At St Teresa’s School, we embrace God’s unconditional love within the ordinary circumstances of life in our school community. This fundamental value is evident in our teaching and learning and is revealed in the way we touch the lives of those we meet along the journey.

Vision statement
St Teresa’s School strives to provide a quality education for the 'whole' person - spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically - in a spirit of partnership with families and educators. We celebrate the uniqueness and acknowledge the dignity of each person within our community and encourage them to be the best that they can be. Our Mercy charism calls us to be mercy in action wherever we are.

Westminster School Logo and Images

Westminster School

1/23 Alison Avenue, Marion SA 5043

Westminster School is an Early Learning to Year 12, co-educational, Uniting Church, day and boarding School. Around 1200 students attend our School.Westminster is set on 23 spacious hectares in Marion, a suburb southwest of the City of Adelaide. Since it was established in 1961, Westminster has become one of South Australia's leading independent Schools.

Westminster prides itself on its exceptional teachers, outstanding facilities and resources, extensive academic, co-curriculuar and student wellbeing programs, and its genuinely inclusive, supportive community. This environment gives our students every opportunity to reach their potential. 

Westminster’s holistic approach to education ensures that the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of each student complements their academic success.

Westminster develops confidence and self-esteem in each student. We foster commitment, leadership, independence, resilience and appreciation for others.


Westminster is a vibrant, warm, learning community, recognised for our dynamic approach to education that inspires students to face their future with confidence in a rapidly  changing world. 

Immanuel Primary School Logo and Images

Immanuel Primary School

Cnr Saratoga Drive and Morphett Rd, Novar Gardens SA 5040

Choosing a school for your child in the early years is challenging and even a little overwhelming.  It is a decision that comes at a time when your child is yet to discover their interest and passions. It is a choice that should reflect and connect the values of your family, your community and your beliefs.

Everyone is someone at Immanuel. We don’t try to predict the type of person your child will become, we prefer to connect hearts and minds unlimited by boundaries.  Caring for the well-being of our students and encouraging them to develop positive attitudes toward each other is achieved by offering them social, psychological and emotional support.

Our students experience a diversity of meaningful action-based opportunities to connect with the world coupled with nurturing support as they explore the myriad of pathways presented by a dynamic, world class curriculum.

Immanuel is an innovative school that connects the strengths of spirituality and learning through a celebration of the gospel and an outstanding educational program.  We recognize the values of tradition but keep our eye firmly on the future.  Our school is one of hope and optimism as we strive to make caring a way of life for our students and community.

Pilgrim School Logo and Images

Pilgrim School

Campus Drive, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159

Pilgrim is currently a single-stream Reception to Year 7 school, which aims to provide the highest quality Christian education.

Our school is part of an amazing campus, with excellent facilities that start at preschool level, including a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre, where worship is held every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The academic standards at Pilgrim are high and we work in partnership with parents to achieve the best results for each child.

Pilgrim celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2012 and every year it has been known for the high level of Christian care for children and their families.

A hallmark of our Year 7 graduates is that they are trained to be leaders and they move onto local secondary schools as confident, responsible and caring young people.

Pilgrim School has students from a variety of suburbs, including Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill, Happy Valley, Woodcroft, Morphett Vale, Clarendon, Cherry Gardens and O'Halloran Hill, extending out to Hallett Cove. 

Marymount College Logo and Images

Marymount College

8 Colton Avenue, Hove SA 5048

Our Core Purpose
Marymount College is a place of belonging committed to developing young women of hope who will continue to nurture their hearts and minds in the Catholic tradition and will be agents of justice grounded in stewardship, hospitality, compassion and reconciliation.

Our Vision
To live out our Catholic tradition through the charism of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict, in a spirit of compassion, hospitality and stewardship. Each student is challenged to respond radically to the Gospel to critique and transform the world.

Our Values
With Jesus and Mary as our foundation and the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict as our role models; we value:

  • Hospitality, compassion and stewardship
  • A sense of belonging in a safe, welcoming and supportive community
  • The right of individuals to progress in their journey of faith
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • A love of learning and a commitment to excellence
  • The realisation of each individual’s potential
  • Inquiry, creativity and innovation
  • Active and responsible citizenship
  • An appreciation of diversity
  • Co-operation, collaboration and communication
  • A respect for each other and our environment
  • Risk taking, resilience and reconciliation
  • A culture of encouragement, empowerment and rigour
  • A spirit of celebration
Cabra Dominican College Logo and Images

Cabra Dominican College

225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park SA 5041

Founded in 1886 by Dominican Sisters from Cabra in Ireland, Cabra Dominican College, as a Christian community in the Catholic tradition, strives to nurture and develop the unique gifts of individuals, to liberate them in the search for truth and to empower them to create a better world. The integration of Christian values, scholarly endeavour and cooperative involvement underpin all learning experiences at Cabra. The College motto is VERITAS which is the Latin word for truth. It is a motto shared by Dominican communities and institutions throughout the world. At Cabra Veritas describes our quest to understand who God calls each of us to be and to look at the world through the eyes of a loving creator.

This focus on each individual means that we need to provide a broad range of educational, pastoral and co-curricular programs if we are to have any chance of making the Cabra Vision a reality in the lives of our students. Therefore, it is easy to recognise excellence in many different areas of the College. Cabra Dominican College also hosts a specialist educational facility, the St Mary’s Unit, which caters specifi cally for the learning needs of approximately twenty students with a diagnosed intellectual disability. With highly individualised programmes for its students, the St Mary’s Unit has continually set the standard for excellence in this important and specialised fi eld of education.

Cabra Dominican College

225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park SA 5041