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Mater Dei College Logo and Images

Mater Dei College

107 Tree Top Avenue, Edgewater WA 6027

Mater Dei College, Edgewater, is a Catholic co-educational college established in 1993 to serve communities in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

The College offers a rich program in the Marian tradition of Catholic Education based on the pillars of Faith, Community, Service and Learning.

The curriculum is extensive with a particular emphasis on performing and creative arts, design and technology, languages and learning technologies.

Mater Dei College is located on approximately 8 hectares on the corner of Joondalup Drive and Treetop Ave, Edgewater. The College is a traditional design with wide verandas and shady quadrangles, offering a feeling of spaciousness and friendliness.

To assist the delivery of outstanding curriculum, the College Boards have provided magnificent facilities including a dedicated Language Centre, where Japanese and Indonesian are offered. There is a modern gymnasium with a climbing wall. The Mercy Information and Resource Centre provides electronic and print based references and informal learning areas for students. The College has state of the art IT services including computer laboratories and wireless connectivity to support the student laptop program. A dedicated Music room (with Grand Piano) provides the facilities needed to support the 4 College bands and various ensembles.

Landsdale Gardens Adventist School Logo and Images

Landsdale Gardens Adventist School

77 Queensway Road, Landsdale WA 6065

Your Community Christian School is just around the corner.

Are you looking for a school with a caring family atmosphere and devotion to excellence? Where each child is treated as an individual? Where every teacher knows your child’s name?

Landsdale Gardens Adventist School:

  • Works in partnership with families
  • Reinforces positive Christian values
  • Helps students to achieve personal excellence
  • Provides a safe and nurturing learning environment
  • Offers a 15 hour Kindy program
  • Welcomes families from all faith backgrounds
  • Has a zero tolerance to bullying
  • Has plans for future expansion to Year 12


Kingsway Christian College Logo and Images

Kingsway Christian College

157 Kingsway Road, Landsdale WA 6065

Kingsway is a co-educational non-denominational Christian school for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. The College offers a variety of programmes for parents looking for a private school offering a Christ-centred day education for their child in the northern suburbs of Perth.

We believe that our purpose for existing is to honour, value and support all the children in our care. We have committed to adding value to each child through the provision of programmes that are designed to support, nurture and enrich their lives. Kingsway Christian College strives to open new doors for each child by acknowledging and encouraging personal interests, talents and needs.

At Kingsway Christian College we endeavour to offer an educational programme that is innovative, reflecting best practice and catering for a broad academic range. We seek to foster an attitude of responsible stewardship of the gifts and abilities God has bestowed upon each one in our community. We aim to empower students to exercise their talents responsibly by leading a fulfilling life and making an active contribution towards social justice and the common good.

Lake Joondalup Baptist College Logo and Images

Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Kennedya Drive, Joondalup WA 6027

The Lake Joondalup Baptist College is a Christian, open entry Kindergarten to Year 12 coeducational College located in Perth’s beautiful northern suburbs.

The College has an enrolment of 870 Secondary students and 450 Primary children. The College was established in 1990 as a ministry of the Lake Joondalup Baptist Church to provide a high standard of education within the context of the Christian faith. The College welcomes students of any or no faith; involvement with the Baptist or any other church is not required. It is, however, a condition of enrolment that all students participate fully in the Christian program of the College.

The College aims to provide a Christian education of excellence, encouraging a strong social conscience and developing the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical potential of our students. The LJBC Primary School provides a warm and caring environment for children, together with a strong educational foundation. In the Secondary School, excellent academic programs and a superb range of practical and vocational educational and training courses are tailored to the diverse interests and talents of LJBC’s Secondary students.
LJBC supports students across all levels of learning ability, and provides a positive and challenging learning environment for all students. Talented and gifted students can excel and the learner who struggles is supported.

A sense of warmth, care and energy pervades the College, which is renowned for its smart uniform, high standards and exceptional pastoral care. The College has a superb extra curricular program and students enjoy the many clubs, bands, drama activities and sporting teams. Students flourish at LJBC; it is a caring community, a place of quality teaching and learning, a place of fun and friendship; a great place to come to school!

Mercy College Logo and Images

Mercy College

Cnr Mirrabooka Avenue and Beach Rd, Koondoola WA 6064

Mercy College is a Catholic, coeducational, Kindergarten to Year Twelve College established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1972, with an enrolment of over 1600 students. The College's aim is to offer a Christian education which will provide for the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of our students.

The school's motto Love in Action is based on the personal understanding of what 'Mercy' meant to Sister Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy, who travelled to Australia from Ireland to establish Mercy convents, colleges and community facilities.

Mercy College is directly descended from the original Mercy school which was situated in Victoria Square. We proudly safeguard the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy and practise their ethos in the care and education of our students.

Woodvale Secondary College Logo and Images

Woodvale Secondary College

110 Woodvale Drive, Woodvale WA 6026

Woodvale Senior High School opened in 1985 with approximately 200 Year 8 students from the suburbs of Kingsley,Woodvale and Edgewater located some 20km north of the city.

The catchment area for the school encompasses the middle socio-economic range suburbs of Kingsley and Woodvale and is defined by the boundaries formed by Wanneroo Road and the Mitchell freeway in an east-west alignment and Ocean Reef Road to the north. The south border is in line with the cycle path from Montessori Place to the Mitchell Freeway in Kingsley.

Academically, Woodvale students perform at a level above the State average. The Academic Extension Programme receives good community support, the Music Program sees 20% of the population participating in an instrumental program and the school each year presents a number of students who do well in the WACE Examinations.

Physical facilities are equal or better than any government school and, in all but a few cases, non government schools. In particular, the campus wide Information Technology Network provides a wide range of digital media capabilities and professional level software, and is noteworthy in that it compares favourably with any of the best equipped schools in the nation.

Over the years the school has gathered together an experienced and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff. Staff turnover, for a number of reasons is minimal.

Emmanuel Christian Community School Logo and Images

Emmanuel Christian Community School

3 Salcott Road, Girrawheen WA 6064

Emmanuel Christian Community School aims to provide an education that stresses co-operation rather than competition, fostering the development of the gifts, skills and abilities of the students for the service of Jesus Christ in the Church and the wider community.

Teaching God’s Word to instill lifetime values in the lives of the children is an all important part of Emmanuel’s desire to nurture spiritual growth.

The need to develop physically, as well as mentally and spiritually, is of equal importance at Emmanuel. Athletics, team sports and swimming are just part of the overall physical education program. Emphasis is also given to the development of gross and fine motor skills.

Computer facilities, laptops and desktop computers are used in the classrooms to integrate technology with learning and all classrooms have access to the Internet.

St Lukes Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

St Lukes Catholic Primary School

17 Duffy Terrace, Woodvale WA 6026

St Luke’s is a Catholic community dedicated to learning. Here you will find an optimistic, vibrant and inclusive school. We value the gifts and contributions of students, staff and parents. All people here are treated with respect. Each member of the St Luke’s school community has an important part in bringing our vision to reality. We live by values drawn from the writings of St Luke and through them we are an expression in the world of God’s redeeming love. In our time here we remain attentive to the sacredness of the present moment.

This is a place of courage where everyone can give voice to their aspirations and concerns. Our relationships are marked by empathy and trust. The adults here are strong and conscious role models. In this place power is always at the service of the people. We take risks and so sometimes we make mistakes. We learn their lessons and move on stronger. Laughter is heard here often and we celebrate our success. People here are passionate in their advocacy of depth in learning and in the pursuit of a more just world. We know that the dignity of our work is that we touch the future through and for our children and that tomorrow is being built today.

Our physical environments reflect the strength and vibrancy of our people and relationships. Like us they are colourful and active and often surprising. We value balance in our lives and this is respected in our expectations of others. We seek opportunities for personal and professional development in the knowledge that what we do for our growth, we do also for our students

Our students are encouraged to be active learners. They are taught to reflect critically and to be creatively engaged in their own learning. Thinking skills are explicitly taught in all classes. Our learning experiences are rich and diverse, with emphasis put on worthwhile processes and products. Students are supported in their learning by appropriate technology and challenged to engage with the world beyond our immediate boundaries. We research the best educational practice in order to enhance our teaching.

The school belongs to all of us. Everyone is called to leadership here and to be involved in decision making. Together we create a dynamic and integrated learning environment aimed at the formation of the whole child. We aim to inspire, to dream and to build the confidence of all members of the St Luke’s community. We are a place of living witness to the power and truth of our Christian faith.

Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School

6 Kurrajong Boulevard, Banksia Grove WA 6031

Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School lies in a beautiful bushland setting, which is an apt environment to develop an understanding of our need to care for the land and sustainable practices. Our school is a co educational primary school catering for children from Kindy to Year 7. Being a new school developed in a rapidly growing part of the metropolitan area we welcome children from all over the world throughout the school year. Our multicultural community is a reflection of our motto ‘In Harmony”. As a result we have developed an environment where Inclusivity and tolerance is essential.

Our school community comprises families from 30 nationalities. 4% of our children are indigenous. Each of our classes, 6% caters for children identified as having disabilities

As a result our school offers a broad curriculum, which exposes the children to become confident and competent members of our school community and society as a whole. We work hard at developing relationships between school and home and the community as a whole.

Banksia Grove has been part of the RAISe literacy initiative since 2004. In 2009 we are part of the Leading Aligned Numeracy Development (LAND) project and in 2010 Bluearth program.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Primary Logo and Images

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Primary

55 Hudson Avenue, Girrawheen WA 6064

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Primary is a co-educational and multicultural school catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our school continues the work of the Sisters of Mercy by focussing on our school motto of Integrity and Gentleness and Religious Education forms the basis of our daily life.

The school provides education in the Nine Curriculum Framework Areas. We have specialist teachers in Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library. We have First and Third Wave RAISe coordinators, a Reading Recovery teacher (Second Wave) and an EMU (Mathematics) coordinator who assist students who may be struggling. Our Lady of Mercy also offers specialised programs in Mathletics (Years 4-7) and Lexile Reading to support classroom literacy and numeracy.

A range of extra-curricula activities in the Arts, which include Wakakirri, school band, guitar lessons, and Physical Education including basketball and soccer training which help to develop the physical and educational needs of the students.

We pride ourselves in having a staff dedicated to catering for the development of the whole child - intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our Vision is to build a collaborative learning community in which people reflect a love of God and a love of one another.

St Anthony's School Wanneroo Logo and Images

St Anthony's School Wanneroo

7 Servite Terrace, Wanneroo WA 6065

St Anthony’s School is a Catholic K-6 school servicing the parish of St Anthony of Padua in the CIty of Wanneroo, Western Australia.

Our school has grown in so many ways since the first school building was opened on Wanneroo Road in 1935 and we have gained such a rich history in the many years since then.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful staff, supportive parent group and a school full of energetic and friendly children who reflect the fruits and gifts of the Spirit that we value within our community.

Numbers in recent years have continued to grow and with three streams in Kindergarten and Two Streams from Pre Primary to Year 6 and a 3+ program our school will this year pass 450 students for the first time. To meet these greater numbers, work continues with all stakeholders to ensure that St Anthony’s continues to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Liwara Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Liwara Catholic Primary School

5 Tuart Road, Greenwood WA 6024

Liwara is recognised as a place of quality teaching and learning with a strong community spirit. This reflects the commitment we have to building the learning power of our students and the way we nurture one another through authentic and genuine relationships. In building the learning power of our students we encourage our children to approach learning challenges with a core set of habits, skills and attitudes. All this is done in a school environment that promotes Christian witness through words and actions. We aim to be family-like and family friendly.

The Liwara staff are dedicated and approach their roles with a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism. We value the partnership we establish with parents to encourage support and celebrate the learning growth of our students. Parents are invited to be involved in the many activities of the school and to actively support the P & F.

Whitford Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Whitford Catholic Primary School

256 Camberwarra Drive, Craigie WA 6025

Our vision is to be a "Catholic community where children thrive, enjoy learning and gain life skills to meet future challenges".

Whitford Catholic Primary School caters for approximately 520 students in a double-stream co-educational Pre-Kindergarten - Year 6 community. The school is situated in the same grounds as Our Lady of the Mission Church and Parish Centre, in the north western suburb of Craigie.

Whitford is a school concerned with people - teachers, children and parents - and together we have the privilege and responsibility of building a Christian community.

Ashdale Secondary College Logo and Images

Ashdale Secondary College

75 Westport Parade, Darch WA 6065

The new Ashdale Secondary College, located in Darch. The school is open for Year 8 and 9 students in 2010 and will add Year 10 in 2011. The College will be progressively developed over the next 5 years up to year 12. The new College is an integral part of a natural cluster of schools in the area. The schools together will provide a seamless educational program for students from Kindergarten through to year 12.

Ashdale Secondary College will be a distinctive, world class, educational community of excellence where all students are motivated to strive to achieve their best and to realise their potential in a values-rich environment. The focus of the college will be on student engagement and wellbeing so that they feel valued at all times. The college will measure its effectiveness through the achievement and character of our students and the integral part it plays in the community. A partnership founded on strong relationships between students, teachers, parents and the community will be the enduring platform upon which the college will be built.

St Stephen's School Carramar Logo and Images

St Stephen's School Carramar

50 St Stephens Crescent, Ashby WA 6065

A Uniting Church co-educational day school; Kindergarten to Year 12.

At St Stephen’s School we grow people. We are a Christian community in the Uniting Church tradition, inspiring learning that transforms and empowers lives and believe learning should be exciting, inspirational and, above all, relational.

All teaching and learning experiences at our School are relationship centred inspiring students and staff to explore their place in the world.

St Stephen's School

50 St Stephens, Tapping WA 6065

Mercy College

26 Mirrabooka, Koondoola WA 6064

Hudson Park Primary School

23 Arnos, Girrawheen WA 6064
If you're looking for a school that takes care to nurture students potential as successful learners, consider enrolling your child at Hudson Park Primary School. With approximately 320 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 7, the school embraces many different cultures and ethnicity. The curriculum includes a number of specialist programs including LOTE, physical education, music and drama. For more information, call Hudson Park Primary School on 08 9342 4300.