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173 Hicks St, Gosnells WA 6110

Gosnells Primary School opened its doors on 4th September 1905 and has been in continuous operation for the ensuing 100 years.

Sixteen scholars attended on day one with school held in the Wesleyan Church building in Dorothy Street, Gosnells.

Today Gosnells Primary School operates from the present site, catering for close to 400 students from Kindergarten to Year 7.

2005 saw our school community join together to celebrate 100 years of learning. In fact our very successful Centenary Celebrations were testimony to the outstanding partnership that exists between the school and the community.

Gosnells Primary School students and staff are proud of their heritage and continue their commitment to working together, taking pride in their achievements and maximizing educational opportunities for all students.

Special features of the educational program in place include:
* A well resourced Library Resource Centre holding a large bank of computer workstations supported through the appointment of an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Coordinator;
* A focus on Maths with the implementation of the Getting It Right Maths program;
* The appointment of a SAER Co-ordinator to manage programs for students with special needs;
* A LOTE program which focuses on the teaching of Italian to students in Years 1-7;
* An extensive Music program including a well respected Recorder Ensemble and a commitment to school wide productions such as Musicals and Musical Recordings; and
* A focus on inclusion with a commitment to school wide programs such as You Can Do It! and TRIBES Learning Communities.

Staff and students at Gosnells Primary School are encouraged to work together to maintain a positive, collaborative and cooperative culture within the school community. In this context, the learning needs of students, the professional knowledge and enthusiasm of staff and the expectations of the community are used to establish quality learning and teaching programs and to maximize the educational opportunity and potential for each student.

The achievement of this vision relies on the strong sense of community within the school and establishing processes where all groups within the school community feel valued and have a clear role within the operations and decision making processes of the school.