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Burc College

52-56 Wandana Avenue, Gilles Plains SA 5086

Burc College is a place where all students can learn – the only variable can be the time. We have obligations to teach every learner and expect all students to learn. We believe in fostering a nurturing environment in which each child feels special and grows in self-esteem. Burc College is a school where diversity is strength and students are expected to understand, tolerate and respect differences. We value close ties among children, staff, parents, and the community and believe in strong parent participation for their children’s education. Burc College is a school devoted to the development of the student’s, intellectual, social, emotional and physical capacities in an atmosphere of equal opportunity. We create an environment for children to allow them to be themselves and to develop their full potential in the way and at the pace appropriate to them.

The following assumptions are basic to the philosophy at Burc College:

  • ‘knowing’ is a process, not a product;
  • the curriculum should contain different learning experiences;
  • the curriculum must be adapted to the child’s development level.

On-going successes will encourage the development of a positive self-image, which will in turn allow the child to risk and accept failures without retreating from the learning setting. It encourages an awareness of what each child knows and what he/she needs to know in order to accomplish and achieve further. This requires teachers who emphasise the successes a child achieves and necessitates a positive approach to learning.

St Paul's College Logo and Images

St Paul's College

792 Grand Junction Road, Gilles Plains SA 5086

St Paul’s College, Adelaide, South Australia has been providing an affordable, quality Catholic education for boys in Adelaide for over 50 years.

As a school in the Edmund Rice Tradition we welcome a wide diversity of boys from five to 18 years of age, encouraging all to educational excellence, supporting their growth in faith and guiding them on the path towards maturity - from boyhood to manhood.

At St Paul’s, we seek excellence in every form and support our students to reach their full potential, in whatever direction that might be.

There is a passion and commitment from the whole school community that empowers our students and enables interests and dreams to become real career and life paths.

Since its founding by the Christian Brothers in 1959, St Paul’s College has provided a quality, inclusive Catholic education for students in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Animated by the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice to liberate the God given potential of young people through education, and building on our proud educational history, St Paul’s has established Strategic Directions for the future.

Wandana Child Parent Centre

12 Cowra Ave, Gilles Plains SA 5086

Wandana Primary School

2-12 Cowra, Gilles Plains SA 5086

St Paul's College

792 Grand Junction Rd, Gilles Plains SA 5086
St Pauls College is part of a network of 40 Edmund Rice schools and education providers across Australia and specialises in focussed, high quality education of boys. An authentic Edmund Rice School is one that is characterised by the touchstones of Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Justice and Solidarity and Inclusive Community. St Paul's College aspires to be faithful to these touchstones, which underpin all that we do as a school. In conjunction with these are the four core values upheld by the College - Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity. Our goal is that students of St Paul's will grow in the quality of their personal relationships, their depth of compassion for others and their determination, no matter what their circumstance, to be the best that they can be.

Premier School Of Dance

615 North East Rd, Gilles Plains SA 5086