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Maranatha Christian School Logo and Images

Maranatha Christian School

104-108 Reema Boulevard, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

Maranatha Christian School is a multi-campus school which offers seamless integration from Early Learning to Year 12, VCE / VCAL / VET.  We are a Christian School for Christian families, located in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. As providers of high quality education focused on enabling each student to achieve individual excellence, we have been leaders in Christian education for over 43 years.

The Early Learning program at Maranatha Christian School stimulates a life-long desire to learn. It is the beginning of a wonderful, Biblically-faithful school experience that nurtures children in partnership with families. The Early Learning Program at Maranatha is differentiated by Christ-centred education and a structured learning environment that enables children to grow, flourish, imagine and discover their unique gifts and abilities.

Maranatha seeks to provide a coherent vision of what students should know and be able to do, with the use of instructional strategies. These include challenging and engaging activities relating to the concepts and skills being taught. Teachers are committed to encouraging all students to aspire to attain it. Tutoring, mentoring and other support is all part of the process at Maranatha. Staff members monitor students’ progress, achievement, welfare and Christian growth. Discipline is firm, fair and in harmony with a Christian ethos. Students have gone on to make valuable contributions and provide leadership in all areas of life.

For more information please go to our website via the website link provided.

Cornish College Logo and Images

Cornish College

65 Riverend Road, Bangholme VIC 3175

Cornish College, a new multi award winning independent school in Melbourne, is accepting enrolments for 2012, 2013 and beyond.

We welcome you to come and see first hand why Cornish College is so unique by attending one of our upcoming School Tours.

At Cornish College our educational philosophy is based on the following core tenets:

  • A vision for the whole community of sustainable living based around the sustainable thinking dispositions (personal, socio-cultural, urban/technological, natural dimensions)
  • Emphasis on creativity and the development of thinking skills.
  • Differentiated curriculum to cater for different learning styles
  • Strong emphasis on building foundation skills for learning through structured inquiry
  • Children and staff work together collaboratively in a team structure
St Mary's Primary School Dandenong Logo and Images

St Mary's Primary School Dandenong

New Street, Dandenong VIC 3175

St Mary’s Primary School is a Catholic coeducational school that provides quality education for each Child. The Catholic school, as part of the parish, serves to educate the child both academically and spiritually.

At St Mary’s we believe parents play a crucial part in the education of their children and welcome their active involvement and participation in the life of the school and the educational programs offered.

The staff at St. Mary's work in partnership with parents to nurture each child's development. They guide, support and assist the children in their care in every possible way.

St Kevin's Primary School Hampton Park Logo and Images

St Kevin's Primary School Hampton Park

120 Hallam Road, Hampton Park VIC 3976

At St Kevin’s, we view the education of your child as a partnership - a joint responsibility between the school and home. Our programs are linked to each child’s personal ability, and not simply age expectation.

Each and every child will progress developmentally according to his or her interest in learning, ability and potential to learn, the skills developed and the encouragement, support and assistance provided by teachers and families. We will strive to provide a happy, supportive and secure learning environment. We shall keep you informed on school life, interviews, information nights and other opportunities as they arise by way of the School newsletter.

The purpose of a Catholic primary school is to give your child a foundation of faith, values, knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.

St Simons The Apostle Primary School Logo and Images

St Simons The Apostle Primary School

2 Taylors Lane, Rowville VIC 3178

St. Simon the Apostle School, Rowville was established in 1982, with an initial enrolment of 92 pupils and a staff of six, the second school established by the Parish of St. Jude’s, Scoresby. Rev. Father Les Tomlinson was appointed the first Parish Priest in 1988 when the Parish of St. Simon the Apostle was formed. By 1989 the school population had reached 500, while the catchment area had become one of the fastest growing residential areas of Melbourne. The Parish Church was completed and officially opened by Archbishop Sir Frank Little on 13th November, 1993.

The students participated in a fund raising effort to contribute to the cost of the Baptismal Font. At the same time, the School Motto “Jesus Calls - Come Follow Me” was created. At the beginning of 1997, four streams of Preps commenced their schooling at St. Simon’s, thus bringing the enrolment to 674 students, with a total of 22 classrooms. In the years 1982 to 1997 St. Simon the Apostle School has been in a constant state of rapid change and growth. Student numbers have since stabilized and are now predicted to stay around the 640 mark.

St John's Regional College Dandenong Logo and Images

St John's Regional College Dandenong

5-11 Caroline Street, Dandenong VIC 3175

St John's Regional College is a Catholic co-educational secondary school. It was established by the local parish priests in collaboration with the De La Salle brothers and the Presentation sisters. Their vision and work in educating young people in the rich heritage of the Catholic Tradition are both enduring and inspiring.

St John's Regional College welcomes and celebrates the diversity of cultures, gifts and talents which enriches the school and marks its unique identity. It values co-education in preparing young people to be active citizens in our wider community.

Staff at St John's Regional College endorse Catholic beliefs and practices and are committed to excellence in teaching. In partnership with parents, staff engage students in learning as a lifelong process. In realising their individual potential, students will be encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning.

Students at St John's Regional College will strive for self-worth and respect for others, will act justly, will confront social issues and contribute to community life.

As a faith community, we will nurture each other's growth in the values lived by Jesus Christ.

Heritage College Narre Warren South Logo and Images

Heritage College Narre Warren South

333 Centre Road, Narre Warren South VIC 3805

Heritage College is a Christian community-based Prep-Year 12, low fee co-educational College open to students from a broad range of religious and cultural backgrounds.  The College is located in Victoria with two campuses: Narre Warren South (Primary) and Officer (Prep and Secondary). It is a medium sized school of 384, (211 Primary and 173 Secondary) where students are part of a family and known individually.

Heritage College is proudly operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The College is part of the World’s largest Protestant school system of education and has established a proud tradition of excellence for over 140 years. With over 12,000 students and 48 schools throughout Australia, we are proud of the quality of learning environments we are able to provide.

The Narre Warren South Campus, is strategically positioned in the City of Casey, one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions across Victoria.

Heritage College first opened at the current Narre Warren South campus with a refurbished office/library building and two new classroom blocks in 1999.

The campus offers views across the plains to the Dandenong Ranges and today it boasts 14 permanent classrooms, Library, I.T. facilities, Science Labs, Home Economics, Technology, Music and Art centres. The newly completed Multipurpose Centre allows for all weather use of PE facilities and provides a venue for Performing Arts.

Students enjoy the 2 separate playgrounds, sand pit, a large sheltered courtyard, a soccer field, an oval, tennis and basketball court.

Our Narre Warren South campus continues to provide excellent facilities for the delivery of a balanced curriculum.

St Francis Xavier College Logo and Images

St Francis Xavier College

75 Ridgemont Drive, Berwick VIC 3806

St Francis Xavier College is a Catholic community that is educative and supportive. We have a clear purpose: the development of a person of competence, conscience and compassion formed in the Christian tradition; one who is guided by a sense of hope and self-belief and who will be of service in the world. We recognize God’s presence in our lives by celebrating and pursuing personal excellence and by living courageously with optimism and respect for all.

Our students sense that they are part of a community where they feel they belong, where justice, respect and learning – as witnessed through our Catholic faith – are the ideals by which we live and teach.  Our students are offered a full range of academic and sporting opportunities.

We also offer our students leadership, public speaking and performing arts programs where, as teachers, we watch in awe as our students develop and grow into mature young men and women – developing the skills that will be essential in their rapidly changing world.

Nazareth College Logo and Images

Nazareth College

Manning Drive, Noble Park North VIC 3174

A Catholic day school for girls and boys from Year 7 to Year 12. Nazareth seeks to create a culture of respect, tolerance, justice, equity and care for students, their families, staff and all those associated with the College. We affirm the rights of individuals together with their responsibility to the wider community. Nazareth College provides opportunities for a number of international students to benefit from a progressive and supportive educational experience.

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

73 Ridgemont Drive, Berwick VIC 3806

St Catherine's Primary School is called to offer the riches of education and culture to the children of St Michael's Parish, Berwick. Situated in the south-east growth corridor of Melbourne, the school was established in 1996 with 67 students and enrols over 560 students.St Catherine's shares the site with the junior campus of St Francis Xavier Regional College.

Inspired by the life of St Catherine of Sienna we undertake to encourage in the students the values of faith, strength and courage, a desire for peace, a compassionate response to the needs of others, a belief in prayer and a life-long love of learning.

We provide opportunities for young people to participate in a wide range of activities. The children participate in specialist subjects of physical education, library, Japanese (Years 4-6), music (Years Prep-3), and ICT. The annual concert, art show and sports day are highlights of the year. The school offers extra support to students through the Reading Recovery, Extending Mathematics Understanding and Phonemic Awareness programs.

St Francis De Sales Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

St Francis De Sales Catholic Primary School

122 Paterson Drive, Lynbrook VIC 3975

Our vision is the promotion of the human person, the interaction of faith and life and the learning of each student through an active, student centred paradigm.

A faith community serving the community of Lynbrook and Lyndhurst, St. Francis de Sales is a place of inclusivity, learning excellence and a community where relationships are valued and built upon. Students and teachers have continual access to a range of technologies and digital content that support contemporary learning. It is the second school in St. Kevin's Parish, Hampton Park.

Enrolments now being accepted for 2012, 2013 & 2014

St Gerard's Primary School North Dandenong Logo and Images

St Gerard's Primary School North Dandenong

71 Gladstone Road, Dandenong North VIC 3175

St Gerard’s is the center of a wonderfully multi-cultural community. We are an inclusive catholic school where all families are invited to enrol, whatever their background. Join us in an exciting educational adventure, embrace our catholic identity and are an important part of our community.

Religious Education

At St. Gerard’s we educate our children in the Catholic Faith so that they come to know, worship and love God in everyday life experiences.

Our School ethos should be obvious; it should be palpable as you walk around the school. The things you see, the words you hear and the energy you feel should leave you in no doubt that this is a Catholic School. This ‘energy’ is strong in our school and you are invited to witness it. Observe what we value and how we celebrate. Examine the evidence showing the success of our programs. Talk to parents that are part of our community.

St John Vianneys Primary School Logo and Images

St John Vianneys Primary School

23 Police Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170

At St. John Vianney’s School we aim to provide a Catholic primary education for children in our community. Our community cares for its members and fosters mutual respect. We pass on to the children a belief in God through the Catholic faith which we see as a way of life. Our school’s role is to make this faith an integral part of the curriculum.

The total development of each child has a high priority and we encourage the children to realise their potential. Our policies and practices are child-centred and are designed to consider everyone’s needs. Developing feelings of self-worth within individuals is a focus of particular importance.

A tolerance and respect of different cultures and beliefs is modelled and fostered in the school. Gender and racial equity are important aspects of policy development and classroom practice.We endeavour to make decisions democratically.

All children can experience success. To this end we provide an environment in which children have access to appropriate programs.

We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning and we promote excellence. We offer quality education which is relevant and has purpose. We constantly monitor and evaluate our policies and programs.

St Paul Apostle South Primary School Logo and Images

St Paul Apostle South Primary School

9 William Hovell Drive, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

St Paul Apostle Parish was founded in 1980 under the pastoral leadership of Fr Frank Martin. The parish motto “ One Family” reflects unity in diversity for this dynamic multicultural Catholic community.

Currently the school has 245 students across 11 Grades. The structure for class groupings is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and our belief that within any classroom there are a range of abilities that need to be catered for and that through effective team planning we are able to effectively cater or this. The classroom structure is flexible with some straight and some multi-age groupings across the 4 VELS Levels.

Trinity Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Trinity Catholic Primary School

103-129 Oakgrove Drive, Narre Warren South VIC 3805

Trinity Catholic Primary School serves the rapidly growing demand for Catholic primary education in the parish of Our Lady Help of Christians, Narre Warren. As our Vision Statement indicates, we aim to foster the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each student. This we aim to do in a nurturing and welcoming environment where gospel values are evident in our relationships, policies and practices.

Trinity offers a warm and welcoming environment that provides for the individual learning needs of each student; our curriculum has a strong emphasis on Religious Education, Inquiry based learning and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). Individual differences are catered for through Numeracy Programs, Literacy Programs and Enrichment Programs, as well as a range of extra-curricular activities.

Mary Mackillop Primary School Logo and Images

Mary Mackillop Primary School

2 Ernst Wanke Road, Narre Warren North VIC 3804

Mary MacKillop Primary School first opened in 1995, the year of Mary MacKillop's Beatification.  Our school is one of three Catholic Primary Schools belonging to the Parish of Our Lady Help of Christians Narre Warren. We are closely linked to the Catholic Regional Secondary College St Francis Xavier Secondary College.

Our school is inspired by the charisms of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first Saint and co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph whose life was lived with great faith in God, whom she never doubted.  Mary displayed courage and strength to stand up for what she believed was right and fair and never saw a need without doing something about it.

St Michael's Catholic Primary School Berwick Logo and Images

St Michael's Catholic Primary School Berwick

16 Scanlan Street, Berwick VIC 3806

St Michael’s Primary School, Berwick is a community comprising of 368 children, under the care of a close, effective, professional team of teachers, aides and office administration. The school provides an environment of positivity, openness and love where each child’s innate creativity and ability to learn and grow is nurtured.

St. Michael's is a faith community. It has an important role to play in the faith lives of the children within its care. The presence of God is celebrated as we develop our relationship with our God and with each other. These relationships are based on respect and honesty. A sense of wonder of the world and each other is fostered, as the children are helped to see God as a loving and integral part of their lives.

St. Michael's is a safe place for children. They feel safe and secure within the framework of established boundaries and routines. These boundaries and routines create a peaceful and just atmosphere. The children are helped to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities and consequences for their actions.

There is an enthusiasm for learning and discovery within St. Michael's. The educational programs are stimulating and progressive. The curriculum is strong, comprehensive and covers all educational areas. The school is well resourced due mainly to the efforts of a highly committed and active team of parents.

St. Michael's is a school with a great capacity for assisting children to grow in responsibility and inner-direction, capable of making wise choices, nurtured within a warm, loving environment that prepares them for the 21st century.

Wellington Secondary College Logo and Images

Wellington Secondary College

91 Police Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Wellington Secondary College provides a range of programs and pathways for 1320 students from Years 7-12. The College has also established a strong international program for over 80 students, mostly from China and Vietnam. The ethnic mix of local and international students reflects the multicultural nature of the surrounding area.

The campus is set amongst landscaped gardens and extensive courtyards within a natural bush setting. It includes a performing arts complex, well equipped specialist rooms, a multi-purpose gymnasium, a local area computer network incorporating a suite of computer rooms as well as a number of laptop calves and separate Senior School and Year 7 Centres.

The achievement of learning is the key work of schools. Success in learning is a predicator for a successful life and at Wellington the focus is on ensuring that students have the key skills that will enable them to take the next step forward to achieving a successful and happy life at the end of their school days.

Mazenod College Logo and Images

Mazenod College

Kernot Avenue, Mulgrave VIC 3170

The College is named after St Eugene de Mazenod, founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and the College motto is to ‘Leave Nothing Undared for the Kingdom of God.’ This translates into taking every opportunity to share the Gospel messages. It requires radical daring with necessary and appropriate risks to share Christ with the world

At Mazenod we are committed to encouraging the pursuit of excellence in the intellectual, social, moral and cultural sphere for each of our students, according to their individual capacity. Religious Education is a core component, emphasising social awareness, compassion for those left out and a desire for a more just society.

Mazenod College seeks to provide the means by which the full potential of each of its students and that of the school Community is realised. These are presented under the College aims which are broken into four basic categories: Faith, Academic, Community and Personal Development.

The College seeks to develop fully the intellectual, moral, creative, spiritual and physical potential of each student in a disciplined, fair and challenging environment provided by a committed and well-qualified staff.

It also seeks to instil in its students a sense of their own worth and to promote initiative, self-reliance, integrity and leadership. There is also the broader objective of instilling in students a genuine respect for all, especially those of different cultural and social backgrounds.

Such a Christian Education aims to produce well-balanced, committed and articulate young men; equipped to take their place in society; who are receptive to the needs of others and ready to answer Jesus’ call to serve.

Lyndale Secondary College Logo and Images

Lyndale Secondary College

170-174 Gladstone Road, Dandenong VIC 3175

Lyndale Secondary College has over 1150 students and is one of the state's larger Years 7-12 single campus educational providers.

Established over 50 years ago to serve the North Dandenong area, it is well developed in terms of its educational, sporting and cultural resources. Lyndale is highly regarded within its local community. Eight hectares of grounds contain extensive outdoor activity areas and all necessary specialist and general classroom accommodation.

The college has a well-resourced library, senior studies wing, hall, drama centre, careers room, media centre, computer laboratories, Arts/Technology wing, an Olympic sized sports stadium and a federally funded language centre.