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St Columba's Primary School Elwood

24 Glenuntly Road, Elwood VIC 3184

St. Columba’s models values which are consistent with the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. We promote a safe and supportive school environment for all students and pride ourselves on developing respect and understanding of individual differences.

As a place of learning, our contemporary and personalised environment enables the academic progress of each child, balanced with a strong awareness of the need to nurture their spiritual, social and emotional, creative and physical development.

At St. Columba’s, the curriculum expresses the educative vision of our school community and an authentic understanding of Christ and his teaching.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students gain the knowledge, skills and deep understandings required for success in 21st Century society. To achieve this, the school teaches skills that enable our students to participate fully in their school, parish and local communities today, and which will enable them to participate in the future workplace and contribute as members of their communities.

Skills of innovation, cooperation, problem solving, self-direction, self-regulation, the capacity to relate to others and the capacity to manage change are embedded throughout the curriculum.

St Columbas School

24 Glenhuntly, Elwood VIC 3184

Apt Consulting Group Pty Ltd.

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85-87 Tennyson, Elwood VIC 3184


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Elwood St.Kilda Neighbourhood learning Centre

87 Tennyson St, Elwood VIC 3184
Promote a positive view of multiculturalism, ageing and disability and to enhance the well-being of socially isolated adults through continuing education. ESNLC?S philosophy is that no discrimination will be accepted. All students and visitors are welcome to join our classes and participate in activities around the house.

Geoffrey Baird

8/27 Moore St, Elwood VIC 3184