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Eden Hills Kindergarten

4 Willunga St, Eden Hills SA 5050

Blackwood High School

4 Seymour, Eden Hills SA 5050

Blackwood Primary School

4 Seymour, Eden Hills SA 5050

Eden Hills Primary School

78 Wilpena, Eden Hills SA 5050

High Performance Learning

24 Wonoka St, Eden Hills SA 5050
We teach students with learning difficulties how to overcome their problems and enjoy school and learning. We offer highly successful programs to teach all the basic skills to young children including Reading, Phonics, Comprehension, Spelling, Listening, Speech, Dyslexia, Handwriting, and Maths. We also teach high powered learning and study skills to High School and University students. Download the FREE E-BOOK ?How To Help Your Child With Homework and Study? from our website WWW.HIGHPERFORMANCELEARNING.COM . FULL DIAGNOSTIC EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT: To determine the causes of the Learning Problems & how to fix them. PRE-SCHOOL We prepare young children for success before they enter school. REMEDIAL PROGRAMS: Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Spelling, Listening Problems, Speech Problems, etc. LEARN BASIC READING SKILLS USING PHONICS: - Research proves our award-winning 'Synthetic Phonics' approach to teaching reading is the most effective way to learn basic reading and spelling skills. - Our materials have colour-coded text to teach the phonic rules of English. Using smart phones, tablets and computers, students can hear the sounds of individual letters in words, see syllable marks, learn memory aids, develop comprehension and much more. MATHS: Individual tuition combined with our Math Games helps students enjoy Maths and excel. All Levels-Junior Primary, Primary, Secondary & University. STUDY & EXAM SKILLS: Learn effective and efficient methods to get high marks. TREAT THE CAUSE OF SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS - NOT JUST THE SYMPTOMS: We treat concentration, emotional and social problems by fixing the underlying problems. STRESS MANAGEMENT: We teach Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence with all our programs.