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Ss Peter & Paul's Primary School Logo and Images

Ss Peter & Paul's Primary School

16 Beverley Street, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Ss Peter & Paul’s Parish Primary School is situated away from main roads in Doncaster East. We are approximately 20 km east of the City of Melbourne. The school shares the site with Ss Peter & Paul’s Parish Church and Community Centre.

The school has a current enrolment of around 200 students, housed in three main buildings, which have been recently renovated.

Our students enjoy the use of eighteen different indoor learning areas including:

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Library
  • LOTE – Italian & Mandarin - Rooms
  • Visual Arts Rooms
  • Performing Arts Rooms

Our junior classes all have their own home-yards, which are utilised as outdoor learning areas. Classrooms are conducive to contemporary learning as they are light and spacious with folding walls. Classrooms have glass panels rather than solid walls to hallways which reinforces the open attitude to learning and community. All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards.

Milgate Primary School

96-112 Landscape, Doncaster East VIC 3109

East Doncaster Secondary College

20-48 George, Doncaster East VIC 3109

M.A.D Children's Company

56 Jackson Court, Doncaster East VIC 3109
M.A.D Children's Company provides quality Music and Drama classes for Pre School and Primary aged children. We focus on communication and developing literacy skills. Classes promote team work, imagination and positive social interaction. We currently have venues in Doncaster East and Surrey Hills

Creative Wealth 101

PO Box 4085, Doncaster East VIC 3109
Teaching kids/teens about money, giving them allowances, inspiring them to start businesses and instilling the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and habits of wealthy people must start when they are young. The younger the better. This is when they are forming their views of the world and are learning what is normal and natural from those around them, like their parents, teachers, media and the global world of the internet.

Doncaster Pharmacy

958 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Beverley Hills Primary School

Cassowary, Doncaster East VIC 3109

St Peter & St Paul's School

2-16 Beverley, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Nordic Academy Australia

47 Fernlea, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Tai Chi Celestial College Of Australia

56 Jackson Court, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Pines Learning

520 Blackburn, Doncaster East VIC 3109

The F.L.I.G.H.T Plan Program

2A Cavalier, Doncaster East VIC 3109
Recover and Flourish from Financial Meltdown Creating Wealth, Abundance & Financial Stability as you bounce back from Financial Ruin Falling on hard times can take you down a depressing spiral where all seems lost and hopeless, and you may start to believe that your financial mistakes will continue to haunt you for years to come, and that you are destined to remain in your bleak situation forever. This is certainly not the case! No one deserves financial ruin! And we are living proof that you can bottom out financially - even later in life - and pick yourself up, dust yourself off, move forward and prosper like you never have before. Thats why we created The F.L.I.G.H.T Plan Program, and wrote the book Beyond Broke Recover and Flourish from Financial Meltdown. Drawn from our own real-life experience of losing everything at a time when we should have been planning for retirement, weve proved that there is hope, and that you can hit absolute rock-bottom financially, and not only recover, but use the crisis as a positive catalyst to improve your life on all levels not just financially. FREE DOWNLOAD: Introduction & First 2 Chapters go to our website:

Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

54 Dehnert, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Margaret Parnaby

56 Jackson Court, Doncaster East VIC 3109


56 Jackson Court, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Celestial Tai Chi College

5 Beresford, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Dependable Coaching College

12 Keir Ave, Doncaster East VIC 3109