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All Saints Catholic Senior College Logo and Images

All Saints Catholic Senior College

Leacocks Lane, Casula NSW 2170

All Saints Catholic Senior College is a diocesan systemic co-educational Catholic Senior College administered by the Catholic Education Office, Sydney. The College has committed itself to encouraging the dreams, molding the character and fostering the spiritual, intellectual and social growth of our students so that they may become leaders of high moral standing. Since All Saints Senior opened in 1987, we have always pursued this noble path in the Catholic tradition. This tradition is growing because of our continued priority to provide the best that Catholic education has to offer.

The College enjoys quite a favorable reputation, and for good reason. This status has grown out of our mission to transform our students in a special way so that, in turn, they will transform their world beyond the boundaries of All Saints Senior.

Certainly, a central aspect of the mission of All Saints Senior is to provide a challenging academic program that sets a high standard. Our students are engaged in the learning process, they are challenged by the high standards offered by the College and they are well prepared for the future. Graduates attest to the excellent preparation that they have received. Our goal to prepare each of our students for life after school is consistently reached by our dedicated staff - a staff committed to excellence

Good Samaritan Catholic College Logo and Images

Good Samaritan Catholic College

401 Hoxton Park Road, Hinchinbrook NSW 2168

Good Samaritan Catholic College is a Year 7-12 comprehensive co-educational Catholic College located in South Western Sydney, Australia.

The Good Samaritan Catholic College Community is committed to quality education. Our challenge is to make a positive contribution to the transformation of society by encouraging independent and creative thinkers to search out new ways of dealing with our rapidly changing world.

Our name Good Samaritan Catholic College and our motto "Journeying with Compassion" offer us a challenge and mandate to live the good news of the Gospel in the context of our times.

We acknowledge that each person is on a life-long journey which is a continuous process that reaches beyond schooling. We are called to enrich and empower each student to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will give us an appreciation of the fullness of life.

We acknowledge the individuality of all members of our community and value the gifts they bring with them to our shared journey. All members of our community are encouraged to explore their potential and to strive for personal excellence.

Compassion is an integral part of our journey. The call to journey with compassion is a Gospel imperative which demands each one of us a spirit of service, a sense of justice and a search for truth. It acknowledges the dignity of every member of our community and calls each one of us to act with courage and integrity.

The Good Samaritan Catholic College community is committed to quality education. Our challenge is to make a positive contribution to the transformation of society by encouraging independent and creative thinkers to search out new ways of dealing with our rapidly changing world. As a community truly journeying with compassion, we will come to better understand the Gospel message, to grow as individuals and to help each other build the Kingdom of God.

St Joseph's Primary School Moorebank Logo and Images

St Joseph's Primary School Moorebank

35-45 Nuwarra Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170

St Joseph’s Parish Primary School is a medium size school with 14 classes at Moorebank. The school provides education for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year Six.

Our school hours are 9.00am to 3.15pm. Student supervision commences at 8.30am.

Before and after school care is provided by the YMCA organization at nearby premises with a special bus service transporting children to and from the school under the YMCA coordinator’s supervision. Parents make arrangements for before and after school care directly through YMCA.

We hope to inspire our students to recognize their role in bringing the face of Jesus Christ into their relationships with others and develop tolerance and understanding of the needs of those who are disadvantaged, sick and elderly.

Our school motto ‘Charity and Love’ guides us in this belief and underpinned by our reverence to the life and model of service of Australia’s first Saint, Blessed Mary MacKillop and St Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father and first teacher we are called to share our Christian values of hope, love and faith with our students.

William Carey Christian School Logo and Images

William Carey Christian School

Bumbera Street, Prestons NSW 2170

William Carey Christian School is committed to transforming lives by the proclamation of the gospel and the delivery of an excellent, affordable Christian education; accessible to the whole community.

We strive to be a community that:

  • Has the gospel at its heart
  • Cares and supports each other
  • Energetically focuses on engaging young people in the highest quality learning activities
  • Partners with parents
  • Fosters high quality leadership
  • Develops a culture of ambition and achievement
  • Promotes well-being and respect
  • Values and empowers its staff and young people
  • Reflects on its own work and thrives on challenge
  • Maximises success for all learners
  • Works in partnership with other agencies and its community.
Holy Spirit Primary School Carnes Hill Logo and Images

Holy Spirit Primary School Carnes Hill

25 Main Street, Carnes Hill NSW 2171

Holy Spirit Primary School is a new Catholic School situated in the south-western suburb of Carnes Hill. Our school population continues to grow each year, accommodating many young families who have settled in Carnes Hill.

We are excited at the foundation, establishment and subsequent development of our new school at Carnes Hill. Our time has been exciting, energetic and spirited as we experience growth, unity and a common vision for this school and parish. Of course, beginning school or entering a new school is one large step in the life of your child as they learn more about themselves, others, the world and God. You have already taught your child so many lessons in life. At Holy Spirit School we will strive to support your efforts to provide a challenging and enjoyable Catholic learning environment for your child.

May the Holy Spirit guide us and “enflame our hearts” as we walk in partnership to nurture the education and faith of those placed in our care.

Good Shepherd Primary School Hoxton Park Logo and Images

Good Shepherd Primary School Hoxton Park

21 Twentieth Ave, Hoxton Park NSW 2171

Good Shepherd Primary School is a faith community of students, staff, parents and parish.

In each of our endeavours we acknowledge the person of Jesus Christ as our role model and as our inspiration. The image of Jesus as the ‘Good Shepherd’ challenges us to nurture each other as we follow in His footsteps to proclaim the Good News by example, in word, prayer, celebration and action

Our school community is committed to the development of the whole child.

In a spirit of partnership with parents and the parish, the school promotes the demonstration of Christian values, pursues the promotion of excellence in learning, and the recognition of the individuality of learners.

Clancy Catholic College Logo and Images

Clancy Catholic College

201 Carmichael Drive, West Hoxton NSW 2171

Clancy Catholic College is in its sixth year of operation, and caters for students in Years 7-12.

Clancy Catholic College has been established to provide quality Catholic education for boys and girls through years 7 – 12.

Named in honour of the former Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Edward Clancy AC, this Catholic learning community is enlivened by our motto “To Love Like Christ”. As a developing Catholic College, your son or daughter and your family will have a real part in shaping our emerging culture, spirit and learning environment. Students will also enjoy the opportunity to experience leadership and develop strong relationships with their teachers and fellow students in an explicitly Catholic environment.

At the heart of the daily life of our College is the provision of quality learning opportunities for our young people. An emphasis is given to differentiation of the curriculum to cater for individual needs and talents, the provision of significant eLearning opportunities for students and the provision of opportunities to learn both within subject areas and beyond in the co-curricula life of the school.

Thomas Hassall Anglican College Logo and Images

Thomas Hassall Anglican College

125 Kingsford Smith Avenue, Middleton Grange NSW 2171

The Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation established Thomas Hassall Anglican College in 2000. In that year it had 150 students from Kindergarten to Year 7. The College has experienced rapid growth and in 2011 has 1350 students from Prep to Year 12.

The College has been developed as a single campus providing a seamless transition from the junior, middle to senior years. The establishment of the College has been extensive with an ongoing building program providing a facility strategically located in Sydney's emerging South West growth region close to the M7 and M5.

Our facilities are spacious, modern and well equipped. There is access to a diverse range of resources that engage students in learning both inside and outside the classroom. Its many features include attractive landscape design which creates a sense of space with specialist learning areas shared across the Prep to Year 12 continuum; a well equipped auditorium and extensive playing fields.

Unity Grammar College Logo and Images

Unity Grammar College

70 Fourth Ave, Austral NSW 2179

Unity Grammar College aims to provide formal Primary and Secondary schooling to all of its students. Guided by its Islamic ethos, the College aims to facilitate an environment in which students develop a positive, outward looking view of the future for themselves, and the wider community.

In addition the College aims to provide children with an Islamic education that equips them with moral and social values that best prepares them to be active positive participants in the wider Australian community. Our focus is to ensure a place of learning and teaching that is safe and happy both for students and teachers alike, and that best reflects the needs and expectations of the community.

Mary Immaculate Parish Primary School Logo and Images

Mary Immaculate Parish Primary School

Emerald Drive, Eagle Vale NSW 2558

Mary Immaculate Primary School, Eagle Vale, is a Catholic School, which provides quality education. We are guided by our school motto - "CHRIST, OUR WAY AND LIFE"

The education offered at Mary Immaculate aims to develop knowledge, beliefs and practices of the Catholic Faith supporting at all times the Parish life of Mary Immaculate.
The common goal shared between school and home is to support each child's development:

  • spiritually

We endeavour to facilitate each child's journey towards their potential through quality learning and teaching practices.

St Thomas More Catholic Parish Primary School Logo and Images

St Thomas More Catholic Parish Primary School

6 St Johns Road, Campbelltown NSW 2560

St Thomas More Catholic Parish Primary School is an integral part of the Parish community of Ruse. It is a co-educational catholic primary school catering for students from Kindergarten to Year Six. St Thomas More is a two streamed school with an enrolment of 370 children.

St Thomas More is a school which endeavours:

  • To create a supporting environment where Catholic teaching and Gospel values provide inspiration for growth in personal faith.
  • To develop a community characterised by a spirit of co-operation, participation and effective communication.
  • To provide a contemporary and dynamic curriculum which stimulates worthwhile learning for the present while preparing all students to respond to the demands of the future.

We work with the church community in preparing and presenting the children from the local area for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. The programs are family based.

Mount Carmel High School Logo and Images

Mount Carmel High School

Corner St Andrews Road and Spitfire Drive, Varroville NSW 2566

Mount Carmel High School, Varroville is a year 7 to 12 Catholic, coeducational, comprehensive high school serving the parishes of Campbelltown, Eagle Vale, Ingleburn, Macquarie Fields, Ruse and Varroville, suburbs of the Macarthur region. The school has a population of approximately 1030 students and 90 members of staff. Mount Carmel is a systemic school in the diocese of Wollongong.

The spirit of the school is summarized in the mission statement:

'Mount Carmel High School, guided by prayer and through spiritual formation, aspires to be a Catholic community reflecting gospel values. The students receive a holistic Catholic education in the Marist tradition, with the aim of attaining moral, academic and personal excellence'.

Iqra Grammar College Logo and Images

Iqra Grammar College

10 Benham Road, Minto NSW 2566

Iqra Grammar College is an independent co-educational institution catering for primary students from Kindergarten to Year 6 (Primary) and Year 7 - 9 (High School) with Year 10 in 2011.

The future plans are to extend the school to Year 12 in 2013. The college was established in January 2006, is registered with New South Wales Board of Studies, and is a charitable (non-profit) organisation.

Iqra Grammar College strives for excellence in secular and religious education in an Islamic environment.

The school philosophy is that students should strive for excellence, equity and a strong moral ethos. We aim to provide a positive, stimulating and accepting environment in which students can develop individual qualities and abilities without strong or detrimental peer pressure.

Students study a variety of subjects in accordance with the New South Wales Board of Studies as well as an enriching curriculum with a focus on Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Qibla College Logo and Images

Qibla College

44 - 48 Westmoreland Road, Minto NSW 2566

Qibla College was established in 1995. It is an independent primary school and a division of Suburban Islamic Association (SIA) (Campbelltown). Qibla College is an Islamic school and provides an alternative educational choice for the Muslim community. It was initially called Suburban Primary School. The name was later changed to Qibla College. Qibla is an Arabic word, which means 'Direction'. Qibla College is a member of the Association of Independent Schools (NSW).

Qibla College is situated in the southwest Campbelltown region in Leumeah in Sydney. The school is located within the mosque area of Suburban Islamic Association. The school has numerous classrooms, an ESL room, a library and a computer laboratory. The senior students perform the midday prayers in the mosque. The mosque hall is used for school assemblies and special ceremonies. Qibla College offers schooling to boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our school curriculum is based on the guidelines issued by the NSW Board of Studies. Our curriculum is aimed at meeting the needs of our children and to develop a love for learning and a desire to seek the truth. This curriculum is continuously evaluated in our world of rapid change.

Broughton Anglican College Logo and Images

Broughton Anglican College

81-83 Menangle Road, Campbelltown NSW 2560

An Anglican co-educational day school for Preparatory to year 12 offering a comprehensive education based on sound Christian principles. It aims to provide a disciplined caring environment in which students are given the opportunity to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. The goal is to develop well adjusted young Christian people whose lives have purpose and direction, and who are prepared for the challenges they face in a changing and uncertain world

St Patrick's College Campbelltown Logo and Images

St Patrick's College Campbelltown

4 St Johns Road, Campbelltown NSW 2560

St Patrick’s is a Catholic Secondary School for Girls in the Good Samaritan Tradition, which operates under the trusteeship of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict.

The mission of St Patrick's College is to educate our students for lifelong learning so that, informed by Gospel values and the traditions and spirit of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, they grow into contributing members of church and society.

St Patrick's is a Catholic College, which exists for the good of its students. Teaching and learning are organised to provide a breadth of educational experiences that challenge the creativity, initiative and ability of each student.

Through their participation in the community of St Patrick's College, students, parents and staff encounter the interconnectedness of life and, in a spirit of Benedictine stewardship, learn to reverence the whole of creation.

St Peter's Anglican Primary School Logo and Images

St Peter's Anglican Primary School

Howe Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560

St Peter's Anglican Primary School provides a dynamic, supportive learning environment, underpinned by the Christian faith and with a focus on a strong academic curriculum.

Outstanding class teachers encourage the enjoyment of learning and the fulfilment of each child's potential. Specialist teachers assist particularly in the areas of Music, Sport, Language and Science.

We aim to nurture all children as they develop friendships and grow in confidence, maturity and faith.


St Peter's will strive to provide an inspiring, nurturing and dynamic learning environment, underpinned by Christian faith and with a focus on a strong academic curriculum.

Macarthur Adventist College Logo and Images

Macarthur Adventist College

12 Victoria Road, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564

Welcome to Macarthur Adventist College, a Pre-kindy to Year 12 school, serving families in the south-western Sydney region with quality Christian Education. Macarthur Adventist College offers your child a superior educational opportunity that builds on a careful foundation in key learning areas. We challenge each student to discover his/her particular gifts and talents in a variety of ways and believe that each child is special.

As part of the Adventist school system we will support and encourage the needs of your child, regardless of religious or cultural background, and we have an emphasis on caring for all aspects of their development and growth.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates 5,846 schools worldwide with a total enrolment of over 1 million students. Across Australia there are 60 Adventist schools catering for over 12,000 students, providing a network of resources to give your child an education of the highest quality in an ideal learning environment.

St Francis Xaviers Primary School Lurnea Logo and Images

St Francis Xaviers Primary School Lurnea

71 Webster Road, Lurnea NSW 2170

We believe that Jesus Christ is central to our lives and as a faith-filled community we are responsible for imparting Catholic beliefs, values, practices and traditions and for the teaching of authentic and relevant programs of Religious Education.

We believe that children learn best in an environment which is happy, secure and well resourced and one in which they are challenged to achieve success and are supported in learning from and dealing with mistakes and disappointments.

We believe that as teachers, Jesus the teacher is our model, teaching and acting with love and compassion, forgiveness and acceptance and that our teaching practices should be underpinned by a contemporary understanding of the teaching and learning process.

We believe that each individual has the right to be treated with dignity, respect and justice, where each member of the community is supported and where there is mutual responsibility for the well being of all.

We believe that "The more the members of the educational community develop a real willingness to collaborate among themselves, the more fruitful their work will be".

We believe that students learn best in a school environment which is welcoming, well-managed, pleasant and safe.

Amity College Logo and Images

Amity College

163 Kurrajong Road, Prestons NSW 2170

Amity College is a non government selective, multi-campus school that serves over 1900 students in three campuses located at Prestons, Auburn and Illawarra in NSW. All campuses are equipped with modern education tools and up-to-date technology to cater for the continuous growth in the school population and foster a culture of excellence. This strong reputation established by the school in a short time period is an embodiment of the community’s vision and support for an exceptional academic system.

Below are the 5 school that currently serve the community under Amity College