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St Luke's Catholic Parish School Logo and Images

St Luke's Catholic Parish School

45 Degen Road, Capalaba QLD 4157

St Luke’s Catholic Parish School caters for children from Prep through to Year 7. In partnership with our families, our Parish, the Catholic Education Centre and wider community, St Luke’s offers a curriculum which supports the growth and development of the whole child: socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically.

Our staff respects the uniqueness and dignity of each child and base teaching/learning programs on sound educational theory and practise. Set amid pockets of natural bushland and native gardens, our modern buildings and facilities offer an attractive and welcoming learning environment for children P-7.

At St Luke’s Catholic Parish School we believe that our gift of faith calls each of us (staff, children and their families) on a journey of search, discovery and celebration of ‘CHRIST IN OUR LIVING’. The prayer, liturgical and other symbolic aspects of school life here at St Luke’s complement our formal religious education programs, These integrate with the sacramental life of our local parish to sustain and nurture a distinctively catholic religious atmosphere at St Luke’s. This, in turn, supports the spiritual growth of students and the school community as a whole.

Capalaba State College

53-59 School, Capalaba QLD 4157

ABC School Supplies Pty Ltd

5/71 Redland Bay, Capalaba QLD 4157

Capalaba State College

150 Mt Cotton, Capalaba QLD 4157

A Class of Barista

1 Dan , Capalaba QLD 4157
Basic Barista course - 3hrs - $99.00 Learn how to make the most popular coffees. Complete Barista course - 5.5hrs - $220 Receive a nationally recognised certificate in 'Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee' to make you more employable. Learn the most popular coffees, latte art, the roasting process and how to store and maintain it


20 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba QLD 4157
Classes and Personalised garden consultations that help you to grow delicious organic gardens
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Power of Change Counselling & Coaching

20 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba QLD 4157
Are you struggling to achieve balance, peace of mind, happiness and contentment? Do you need someone to talk to? Power of Change offers professional assistance in many areas such as: * Relationship issues: Individually or as a couple. * Post Adoption * Communication * Anxiety, stress and worry * Personal Problems * Life transitions * Depression * Grief and loss * Self Esteem building * Relaxation * Life Balance Power of Change Counselling is * Safe, confidential and non-judgmental you can gain clarity and perspective on the issue/s or significant life events that prevent you from making changes and moving forward with your life. * Is about being seen, heard, supported and validated. To speak to someone who really cares. * Is a form of guidance within a safe environment whereby connection, trust and respect are grown, allowing for growth and freedom * Counselling encompasses a broad set of approaches and goals that can aid you to understand the implications of your thoughts, behaviors and actions. * Throughout the different areas in your life eg family, relationships, work, health and self development, it is with a different sense of self that will allow you to continue to move forward. How can Counselling and Life Coaching help? Talk to someone in complete confidence and with openness, acceptance and nonjudgmental. Gain awareness around issues or patterns. Experience feelings in safety that may be otherwise difficult to get in touch with. Giving yourself permission to feel these. Grow as a person and develop an increase self esteem and self acceptance. Choose new and more effective ways of being with yourself and with others. Power of Change is a private counselling and coaching service that helps individuals and couples to gain clarity, balance and direction. Power of Change is dedicated to each and every individual who would like to seek help.