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St Paul's Primary School Camden Logo and Images

St Paul's Primary School Camden

20 Mitchell St, Camden NSW 2570

We are a Catholic Primary School, working together with the Catholic Parish of Camden and drawing on the support and life of that community.

With Christ as our model, we seek to educate each student in the Catholic faith tradition. We strive to provide an environment which will foster sound teaching and learning, and encourage all our students to develop to their full potential.

As a learning community, we are committed to making St Paul’s a place where love, reconciliation and compassion are evident and where hope is real and practised.

St.Paul's is a co-educational Catholic Primary School catering for students from Kindergarten to Year Six. There are presently three streams with approximately 600 students.

St. Paul's was founded by Blessed Mary McKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph and is located in Camden.

Mater Dei Special School Logo and Images

Mater Dei Special School

229 Macquarie Grove Road, Camden NSW 2570

Based in the Macarthur and established as a special school in 1957, Mater Dei is an organization that provides early intervention therapy services, education and residential programs for babies, children and young people with an intellectual disability or developmental delay.

The underpinning philosophy for all that we do at Mater Dei is "Inclusion for all".

Much of our work is focused on providing opportunities and experiences that will help our students develop the skills and confidence to be fully included as members of their community.

For students from Kindergarten to Year 12 who have been assessed with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities as their primary disability, Mater Dei is a co-educational Catholic Congregational school located in the Wollongong Diocese under the auspices of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan whose ethos is based on the Rule of St Benedict.

Our culture is one of peace, prayer, service, social justice, hospitality and stewardship. Our Mission is to offer an individual and holistic education in a safe, non-threatening environment.

St Paul's School Camden Logo and Images

St Paul's School Camden

20 Mitchell Street, Camden NSW 2570

The Parish of Camden was established in 1859 while Archbishop Polding was still in office as the Archbishop of Sydney. John Macarthur provided a building and a Catholic teacher to teach the children of the employees that worked on his estate. In 1840 the Macarthur’s donated the present day site for St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

Fr. Sheridan arrived in 1879 and began the task of finding suitable teachers for the school. He wrote to Mother Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St. Joseph requesting them to establish a properly run school similar to St. Anthony’s at Picton.  Finally, in the third week of January in 1883 two nuns arrived and began classes in the Old Church which is at present the school library.

The first principal was Sr. Brigid and there were 56 students. In 1900, it became clear that the school wasn’t large enough and a new school was begun. The children helped to clean the bricks for re-use. The school was opened on 3rd March, 1901.

The school continued to expand and saw further additions of four classrooms, the canteen, the staffroom and a community room. In 1981-82 Fr John Whitty added three new classrooms plus the administration block. The old convent was demolished and replaced by our new Church.

The school has come a long way since the Sisters of St. Joseph and is now a part of one of the largest parishes in the region. We owe many thanks to the pioneers of our Parish that had the vision to create the wonderful school that now exists today. Information taken from “Along the Way” -The Historical, Invitation and Publicity Committee

Mater Dei Early Intervention

229 Macquarie Grove, Camden NSW 2570

Mater Dei

229 Macquarie Grove, Camden NSW 2570

Camden High School

300 Cawdor, Camden NSW 2570

Cawdor Public School

685 Cawdor, Camden NSW 2570

Townsend's Helicopter

Camden Airport, Camden NSW 2570

Mater Dei Early Intervention

229 Macquarie Grove Rd, Camden NSW 2570


78832 - Camden NSW 2570
Music tuition - instrumental and vocal

Leah Cassar Voice Production

2-47 Argyle St, Camden NSW 2570