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PAL College Logo and Images

PAL College

Level 1 7-8/46 Park Road, Cabramatta NSW 2166

PAL College is a Sydney High School which believes in nurturing every individual student to bring out their inner gifts. Our focus is on creating an open and interactive school environment where teachers cater to the different needs of our students, establishing academic discipline and trust in the core of our educational system. Students gain courage in their ambitions and goals as they strive for excellence in a highly individualized and dynamic learning environment. The staff at PAL College strongly believe in the values and core philosophies which lie at the heart of our school community.

Our objective is to instill in our students a range of intellectual, social and life skills which will allow students to thrive and prosper in the future. We have a growing reputation as a community centered school and actively promote extra-curricular involvement.

At PAL we strive to ensure that our students grow into independent, mature and focused learners who play an active role in the community. It is this unique sense of pride, purpose and passion that separates the PAL college student from so many others.

Sacred Heart Primary School Cabramatta Logo and Images

Sacred Heart Primary School Cabramatta

Gilmore Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Sacred Heart School is a Catholic primary school that is part of the Sydney Archdiocese. The school is located on Gilmore Street, Cabramatta, and lies within the grounds of Sacred Heart Church and Parish.

Currently, four hundred and eighty-three students are enrolled at Sacred Heart. The majority of these students come from non-English speaking families, and have a predominantly Vietnamese cultural background. More than forty other cultures are also represented, making Sacred Heart School a truly multicultural educational setting. Forty-four full time and part-time teachers are employed to educate the students, with an additional five teachers’ aides and clerical staff.

Sacred Heart School’s motto is, ‘Learn of Me,’ and the staff are dedicated to ensuring that the Gospel messages and teachings of Jesus are evident daily in the spiritual and educational dimensions of the school. Sacred Heart is a unique community of students, staff and parents who share the common goal of achieving educational excellence, and full spiritual growth towards knowing and loving Jesus fully.

Pal College

46 Park, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Cabramatta High School

17 Aladore, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Clement College

8/46 Park, Cabramatta NSW 2166
Clement College is a new private secondary school for years 11 and 12. We are situated in the heart of Cabramatta and only 30 minutes away from the Sydney CBD. We believe that students now need to empower rather than dictate, mentor rather than instruct, inspire rather than intimidate and create rather than replicate. At Clement College you will find a distinctive atmosphere and a sense of excitement in every corner of the classroom - the particular quality that makes our school special. There is no such thing as a typical Clement student; they are educated in an inspirational and encouraging environment where creativity can be developed and leadership is not just about position but a way of thinking and behaving. Our mission is simple and clear: to offer our student the finest education, compassion, faith, wisdom and vision of becoming the next leaders. At Clement College, we dare you to foster a spirit of curiosity, to lead, to be inspired, to uphold integrity, and to embrace faith so that being our student today means becoming our leaders tomorrow.

Cabramatta Public School

Cnr Cabramatta Rd & Levuka, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Harrington Street Public School

13-25 Harrington, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Cabramatta Public School

PO Box 152, Cabramatta NSW 2166