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St Joseph's Nudgee College

2199 Sandgate Road, Boondall QLD 4034

Inspiring young men to live justly, igniting in them faith, compassion and a love of learning.

We are members of the St Joseph's Nudgee College community founded by the Christian Brothers to provide an education for the development of the whole person.

We celebrate our diversity and work together to create an environment where every person is respected.

We encourage our young men to strive in the spiritual, academic, social, personal, cultural, and sporting aspects of life.

Faithful to the vision of Edmund Rice, we hold a special concern to act justly and with compassion, especially towards those most in need.

For over a century, our College community has been based on Catholic faith, service to others, loyalty and friendship in day and boarding contexts.

In Jesus our brother, we are determined in our struggle to uphold, communicate and nurture the values of the Gospel.

Our goal is that each member of our community will become for the world Signum Fidei - a Sign of Faith.

St Joseph's Nudgee College

2199 Sandgate, Boondall QLD 4034

Boondall State School

2210 Sandgate, Boondall QLD 4034

Kinder Keyboard

1 Jalomy Street, Boondall QLD 4034

St Joseph's Nudgee College

2199 Sandgate Rd, Boondall QLD 4034

Nudgee College Sports Facilities

2199 Sandgate Rd, Boondall QLD 4034

Contract-Free Tutoring

157 Normanhurst Rd, Boondall QLD 4034
Highly qualified tutors come to your home, without formal contracts, on a pay as you go basis. Each tutor will be a specialist in at least one or two major high school subjects including: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Accounting, etc. Tutoring rates vary slightly according to the age of students, ranging from $42 to $50 per hour. A small distance loading may be charged if a tutor must travel more than 15 Km to your home. Usually one hour of tutorial time per major subject per week is necessary to assist students through their high school years. Times are flexible and arranged by amicable agreement. Tutorials may be cancelled or re-scheduled by mutual agreement in the event of contingencies, provided reasonable notice is given. For example there may be no need for tutorials during extended school holidays, etc. Mature age students, and sometimes university undergraduates can also be tutored.