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St Michael's College Logo and Images

St Michael's College

78 East Avenue, Beverley SA 5009

St Michael’s College is a Catholic school committed to a Vision of Lasallian Education - an education which is engaging, caring, religious, inclusive, comprehensive, student-centred and contemporary.

The College is continually evolving to meet changing needs. Our philosophy to develop students into well-rounded, active members of society and ‘be the best they can be’ is delivering results.. there is a pathway for everyone if they are prepared to work hard.

The College comprises two campuses offering a primary education to boys from Reception to Year 7 at Beverley and a secondary education to girls and boys from Year 8 to Year 12 at Henley Beach.

The human and Christian education of the young, especially the poor.

St Michael’s College is a Catholic School committed to the Lasallian vision of education and to challenging and supporting students to “be the best they can be”.

St Michael’s: 

  • is a community that involves staff, students and their families in learning that presents Jesus Christ as the model for growth.
  • is student-centred, inclusive and respectful of human differences.
  • combines the best traditional and contemporary educational practices.
  • prepares students for the broader community and lives of faith and hope.