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St Francis Xavier College Logo and Images

St Francis Xavier College

75 Ridgemont Drive, Berwick VIC 3806

St Francis Xavier College is a Catholic community that is educative and supportive. We have a clear purpose: the development of a person of competence, conscience and compassion formed in the Christian tradition; one who is guided by a sense of hope and self-belief and who will be of service in the world. We recognize God’s presence in our lives by celebrating and pursuing personal excellence and by living courageously with optimism and respect for all.

Our students sense that they are part of a community where they feel they belong, where justice, respect and learning – as witnessed through our Catholic faith – are the ideals by which we live and teach.  Our students are offered a full range of academic and sporting opportunities.

We also offer our students leadership, public speaking and performing arts programs where, as teachers, we watch in awe as our students develop and grow into mature young men and women – developing the skills that will be essential in their rapidly changing world.

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

73 Ridgemont Drive, Berwick VIC 3806

St Catherine's Primary School is called to offer the riches of education and culture to the children of St Michael's Parish, Berwick. Situated in the south-east growth corridor of Melbourne, the school was established in 1996 with 67 students and enrols over 560 students.St Catherine's shares the site with the junior campus of St Francis Xavier Regional College.

Inspired by the life of St Catherine of Sienna we undertake to encourage in the students the values of faith, strength and courage, a desire for peace, a compassionate response to the needs of others, a belief in prayer and a life-long love of learning.

We provide opportunities for young people to participate in a wide range of activities. The children participate in specialist subjects of physical education, library, Japanese (Years 4-6), music (Years Prep-3), and ICT. The annual concert, art show and sports day are highlights of the year. The school offers extra support to students through the Reading Recovery, Extending Mathematics Understanding and Phonemic Awareness programs.

St Michael's Catholic Primary School Berwick Logo and Images

St Michael's Catholic Primary School Berwick

16 Scanlan Street, Berwick VIC 3806

St Michael’s Primary School, Berwick is a community comprising of 368 children, under the care of a close, effective, professional team of teachers, aides and office administration. The school provides an environment of positivity, openness and love where each child’s innate creativity and ability to learn and grow is nurtured.

St. Michael's is a faith community. It has an important role to play in the faith lives of the children within its care. The presence of God is celebrated as we develop our relationship with our God and with each other. These relationships are based on respect and honesty. A sense of wonder of the world and each other is fostered, as the children are helped to see God as a loving and integral part of their lives.

St. Michael's is a safe place for children. They feel safe and secure within the framework of established boundaries and routines. These boundaries and routines create a peaceful and just atmosphere. The children are helped to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities and consequences for their actions.

There is an enthusiasm for learning and discovery within St. Michael's. The educational programs are stimulating and progressive. The curriculum is strong, comprehensive and covers all educational areas. The school is well resourced due mainly to the efforts of a highly committed and active team of parents.

St. Michael's is a school with a great capacity for assisting children to grow in responsibility and inner-direction, capable of making wise choices, nurtured within a warm, loving environment that prepares them for the 21st century.

St Margarets and Berwick Grammar School Logo and Images

St Margarets and Berwick Grammar School

27-47 Gloucester Avenue, Berwick VIC 3806

St Margaret’s School and Berwick Grammar School is a non-denominational independent school catering for the whole family providing co-education from the early years to Year 4 and single gender education from Year 5 to Year 12. The School is based on a proud and distinguished 89 year history and is a highly regarded provider of academic, sporting and performing excellence.

The two campuses are part of the one school community with regular structured mutually beneficial interactions occurring at each year level which may include drama and music productions, ensembles, community forums, after school lecture series, excursions, outdoor education and selected extra-curricular programs.

At our school we seek to be personalised and precise in our approach to learning. In being personalised we seek to know your child as a person and how they learn best. In being precise we seek to understand what your child’s individual learning needs are so that we can best assist them to realise their full potential as a learner. A lifelong love of learning is nurtured so that students may continue to achieve excellence throughout a lifetime of continual change.

The education of children is a partnership between the family and the school, fostering a strong sense of belonging to our school. As a united community we believe in; and work together to create an exemplary school for girls and boys.

Positive and caring relationships are held in the highest regard, building mutually respectful relationships across the whole school community.

Timbarra Primary School

159-197 Parkhill, Berwick VIC 3806

Berwick Primary School

37 Fairholme, Berwick VIC 3806


138 High St, Berwick VIC 3806

St Michael's School

16 Scanlan, Berwick VIC 3806

Kambrya College

68 Bemersyde, Berwick VIC 3806

Berwick Chase Primary School

51 Bridgewater, Berwick VIC 3806

Beaconhills College

92 Kangan, Berwick VIC 3806

Hillcrest Christian College

500 Soldiers Rd, Berwick VIC 3806

Laurel Driver Education

4 Loveridge Walk, Berwick VIC 3806

North Shore Coaching College - Berwick

Kangan Dr, Berwick VIC 3806
Established in 1991, North Shore Coaching College provides effective tuition options from Pre-school to VCE. Specilising in NAPLAN, Scholarships, Selective Schools, ICAS & ATAR. With 60+ centres across Australia and NZ and 25+ years of success, we offer most comprehensive educational programs for students to gain competitive edge. We ensure improved Learning through excellent classroom teaching, free proven course materials, free homework support, monitored learning and ongoing testing.

Insight Education Centre For The Blind And Vision Impaired

120 Enterprise Ave, Berwick VIC 3806
Insight provides a range of educational services for blind and vision-impaired children, young people and their families in Victoria. Insight students follow the AusVELS curriculum and the Expanded Core Curriculum for vision impaired, so they can develop academic and social skills enabling them to fully participate in their chosen primary, secondary, tertiary or post-school pathway.

Splash's Swimming School

60 Kangan Dr, Berwick VIC 3806