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St Pauls Primary School Bentleigh Logo and Images

St Pauls Primary School Bentleigh

122 Jasper Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204

Inspired by the vision of Jesus Christ, St Paul’s Parish School is a welcoming, respectful and inclusive community that fosters the optimal growth and wellbeing of each person. Through our pursuit of excellence in holistic education, all are empowered to grow as life long learners and as the people we are called and gifted to be.

Our vision calls us to:

Welcome, respect and support all people as unique individuals.
Nurture growth in faith and spirituality through the experience of daily life and learning in our community.

Expect all to give, and to achieve, their best.
Promote an ethos of care for the health and wellbeing of individuals, our parish school community and our environment.

Build trusting, respectful relationships as the foundation for effective teaching and learning, and for growth in knowledge and appreciation of self and others.

Provide a rich and challenging curriculum that empowers each child for life and future learning within a complex, global community.

Achieve optimal standards in teaching and learning, and in the leadership and resources needed to support them.

Develop authentic partnership between home, school and the wider community based on open communication and a shared commitment to the wellbeing of all.

Be reflective and innovative in recognising and responding to the evolving needs of people.

Our Lady of The Sacred Heart College Bentleigh Logo and Images

Our Lady of The Sacred Heart College Bentleigh

111 Jasper Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204

"The love of the heart of Jesus will be our light, our strength, our guide and our support", for it is in the humanity of Jesus that the compassion of God is fully revealed. Inspired by these words of Jules Chevalier, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College exists to bring to its students, staff and school community, the Good News of God's compassionate and saving love revealed in Jesus. We take as our motto: "May Christ Reign".

We are committed to deepening the spiritual lives of our students by fostering a knowledge and love of our Catholic tradition. We desire to lead our students to the realisation, in their own lives, of Jesus' promise of "life to the full".

We work to build a Christ-centred community that nurtures the self worth of each person. In our College, enriched by a diversity of cultures, we encourage the growth of an active and welcoming community in which students, family and staff share responsibility for education for life. Compassion, a hallmark of our OLSH charism, will show itself in our endeavour to be understanding, forgiving, just and merciful in our relationships with one another.

We provide educational programs which enhance the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, emotional and social development of our students. Through our comprehensive curriculum, students are encouraged to think critically and independently, and to discover and enhance their own gifts. We strive to develop courageous young women who, in the pursuit of their dreams, will utilise their talents in building a just society and in caring for God's creation.

Our mission, as a Catholic College, is carried out under the patronage of Mary, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. As our Mother and role model, she inspires us to continue to spread the Good News of Jesus' love in our world.

Gippsland Group Training

16-24 Clairmont, Bentleigh VIC 3204

Apprenticeship Group Australia

16-20 Clairmont, Bentleigh VIC 3204

Exclusive Driving School

61 Patterson Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204