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Caroline Chisholm Catholic College Logo and Images

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

204 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook VIC 3019

Our mission at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College is to strive to live Gospel truths and values. We seek to provide a holistic education. We endeavour to inspire and empower all members of the college community to reach their full potential.

A Catholic secondary school; Years 7 - 12.

St Brendans School Flemington Logo and Images

St Brendans School Flemington

103 Wellington Street, Flemington VIC 3031

St. Brendan's Primary School is in the Parish of Flemington, catering for the inner city community. We are situated at 103 Wellington St Flemington, 6 kilometres west of central Melbourne. Our school stands strong and proud within the community, based on over 120 years of Catholic Education within a faith filled Community. We are a school made up of committed and supportive parents as well as professional and friendly staff.

As a Catholic Primary School, St Brendan's espouses excellence in leadership and management practice and works for ongoing school improvement. Our shared leadership model has a strong emphasis on team work.

St Columba's College Logo and Images

St Columba's College

2 Leslie Road, Essendon VIC 3040

A Catholic secondary school. St Columba's aims to educate young women to be compassionate and confident, and who are well equipped to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

St Columba’s is a school that respects the dignity of each student and nurtures her wellbeing. The aim is for St Columba’s students to emerge as independent, resilient, purposeful young women. We work closely with feeder primary schools and our Year 7 students and their families prior to joining the school community to ensure there is a smooth transition to secondary school. After commencement, activities then focus on the development of a sense of connectedness to St Columba's.

Any St Columba’s girl will tell you that there’s not only a lot to learn but that there’s a lot to do at school. Our contemporary curriculum and diverse co-curricular program encourage participation, foster wellbeing and create a real sense of community.

Footscray City College Logo and Images

Footscray City College

Kinnear Street, Footscray VIC 3011

Footscray City College is a multicultural Years 7- Post Year 12 co-educational college located in Melbourne’s inner west, adjacent to the Victoria University. There are about 1000 students who come from our local community as well as further afield. The college is on an outstanding site with views of the Maribyrnong River, Flemington Racecourse and the Central City of Melbourne.

The grounds are landscaped for student recreation, and are complemented by adjacent community playing fields and sporting facilities, including a magnificent swimming and sporting complex that the School has a partnership in with the Victoria University.

Newforce Training Logo and Images

Newforce Training

Level 1, 171 Barkly Street, Footscray VIC 3011

Newforce Training facilitates the delivery and assessment of nationally accredited training courses in partnership with large, well structured and reputable training organizations in Australia. Our selective training courses lead to job opportunities and prepare our clients to meet the industry demands of current Australia's job market.

Diploma & Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Certificate III In Aged Care Work (CHC30102)

Diploma & Certificate III in Children's Services

Apply First Aid - Perform CPR

Fast Track Forklift Training & Licence

Job Oriented IT Training

St Peter Chanel Primary School Logo and Images

St Peter Chanel Primary School

848 Ballarat Road, Deer Park VIC 3023

At St. Peter Chanel School our vision is to help students develop a personal relationship with God while being engaged in a rich learning environment.

  • We aim to nurture a community which encourages participation, inclusion, a sense of belonging and a desire to learn.
  • We strive to enhance learning through good practice and critical evaluation of ever-changing curricula.
  • We want all members of the community to experience justice, affirmation, support, respect and a love of learn
St Therese's School Essendon Logo and Images

St Therese's School Essendon

25-31 Edward Street, Essendon VIC 3040

St Therese's School is situated in Essendon, an established residential north western suburb of Melbourne.

Archbishop Mannix officially opened the Church on March 11th,1923 and the school opened for 30 pupils on April 9th, 1923. The Parish was first named St Teresa's after St Teresa of Avila, until St Therese, the Little Flower was beatified on March 17th, 1925. After this, the Parish came under the patronage of St Therese. 2012 will see the Parish celebrate its 90th anniversary.

Our present student population, as at February 2012, is 533. The school currently comprises 21 classes - three classes of each year level. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards installed, and all rooms have school computer network access..

At present there are approximately 40 staff when all part and full time staff are considered. These include classroom teachers, specialists, aides, administration staff and our school psychologist. The staff work and plan co-operatively and place considerable effort on being involved in curriculum development.

Playground space is divided into three areas – a main playground area, a smaller junior playground and an area comprised of three all weather tennis courts that are utilised as play space during school hours.

Parent involvement in the school is encouraged. Parents participate in the school in many ways, both formally, through representation on the Board and Committees, and informally, through assistance both inside and outside the classroom. The school operates a School Board, a Parents and Friends Committee, a Family Support Group, an Out of School Hours Program, Parent Class Representatives and a Tuckshop Committee.

Our Lady of The Nativity School Aberfeldie Logo and Images

Our Lady of The Nativity School Aberfeldie

29 Fawkner Street, Aberfeldie VIC 3040

Our Lady of the Nativity School is a integral part of the OLN Parish, Aberfeldie. As a Catholic School, the teachings of Jesus Christ are at the core of who we are and permeate all we do. We strive to live out our vision of a faith-filled community with a commitment to social justice, striving especially to uphold the dignity of every human person within our community and beyond.

Based on these principles, we aim to ensure that the children are the focus of every endeavour and that their welfare is of prime importance. We are committed to building strong partnerships between home and school and encourage all parents to become actively involved in their child’s education and the activities organised by the various groups within the school community.

Our Lady of the Nativity School is a vibrant community. Our children are happy and enthusiastic and taught by a team of dedicated professionals

Corpus Christi School Logo and Images

Corpus Christi School

380 Geelong Road, Kingsville VIC 3012

Corpus Christi School is a co-educational Primary School situated in the western suburbs of Melbourne, providing a Catholic education for children from Years Prep to Six.

Corpus Christi School works in partnership with parents to educate children to seek what is true, beautiful and good. We provide a safe, stimulating environment that is non-threatening yet challenging, motivating, enjoyable and conducive to learning. Children with special needs are catered for through our Strategic Assistance for Children with Special Needs Program and our Reading Recovery Program.

We give high priority for teachers to plan in teams with our Director of Teaching and Learning. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards document is used as the core resource for planning.

At Corpus Christi there is regular contact with parents via newsletters, information nights, reporting procedures, open classrooms and informal social gatherings.

Our Ladys Catholic Primary School Sunshine Logo and Images

Our Ladys Catholic Primary School Sunshine

32 Station Place , Sunshine VIC 3020

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School is a Catholic Parish Primary School for approximately 350 boys and girls from Prep to Year 6.

Our multiculturalism is a very special feature of our school and we have a strong history of welcoming new and recent-arrivals to Australia. The diversity of our student population is an asset which gives Our Lady’s a richness from which we can all learn. Our school events and Liturgies are celebrated with much enthusiasm.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child in a supportive environment. We want your child to feel confident, to be happy, to live by the values of the Gospels and to reach their full potential.

Our School Vision
In a spirit of unity and harmony, we strive to develop the whole person; providing an excellent education for all and inspiring our community members to live a Christian way of life.

St Margaret's Primary School Maribyrnong Logo and Images

St Margaret's Primary School Maribyrnong

67 The Esplanade, Maribyrnong VIC 3032

St. Margaret’s school is located in the suburb of Maribyrnong in the North West of Melbourne, 8.5kms from the Melbourne GPO.

The school is situated at 67 The Esplanade, just a stones throw from the Maribyrnong River which has been of significance to the history of the area. Originally home to the Woiwurung people many thousands of years ago, the river was the area around which the Marin Bulluk people built their lifestyle. This group of people concentrated their lives around a small area very much like the people of Maribyrnong today. The area is still seen as a small community because of the physical boundaries enclosing it. The River, Highpoint City and the Defence buildings have formed a fencing effect for many years.

Mount Alexander College Logo and Images

Mount Alexander College

167-175 Mount Alexander Road, Flemington VIC 3031

Mount Alexander College is a local community high school, striving for academic excellence by engaging teachers and students in rigorous teaching and learning practices. The school’s friendly and inviting campus offers students a wide range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities in a respectful, supportive and resilient environment; inspiring and motivating them for future success.

Mount Alexander College’s learning program is categorised as Middle School (Years 7-9) and Senior School (Years 10-12), with specific programs and subject choices tailored to the unique learning needs students at each developmental group. Each lesson is 50 minutes long, and the number of lessons are in brackets after the subject name. Details of the subjects offered for Middle School and Senior School may be found on those pages.

St Mary's Primary School Ascot Vale Logo and Images

St Mary's Primary School Ascot Vale

74 Roseberry Street, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

At St. Mary's we believe that Jesus and the gospel values are central to our life-long journey in the Catholic faith. We value and support strong links between students, staff, families and the parish community by nurturing spiritual development.

We are a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community that values genuine relationships.

Each child has the right to feel happy, safe and valued as a creative and unique individual, in an environment where self-esteem, respect and resilience are fostered.

We educate children to become life-long learners, actively engaged in a changing world. In a stimulating environment, we implement innovative, consistent teaching and learning practices which cater for individual needs and encourage risk taking.

St. Mary's leadership and management teams value, support and empower all members of the school community.

St Leo The Great Primary School Logo and Images

St Leo The Great Primary School

315 Mason Street, Altona North VIC 3025

As a most important part of our parish, St Leo The Great Primary School provides a welcoming, safe and enriching learning environment that promotes success for all.

Our staff presents and gives witness to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, so that our students may come to know and worship God, and to love and respect their neighbour.

Our motto ‘unity is strength’ inspires our children, parents and staff to cooperate in all we do.

Sacred Heart Primary Newport Logo and Images

Sacred Heart Primary Newport

4 Newcastle Street, Newport VIC 3015

Sacred Heart is a Catholic, co-educational Parish Primary School, concerned with developing each student to their full potential.

Our aim is to not only impart knowledge but to nurture our students into “well rounded”, articulate, feeling and thinking individuals.

Sacred Heart School exists to meet the needs of the students and the school community. We aim to empower students to become the people God gifted them to be.

We believe that the staff at Sacred Heart School is aware and informed of educational trends. They show a readiness to change when change is needed.

An important element of the philosophy of the school is our determination to develop each student Spiritually, Academically, Socially, Emotionally and Physically.

St Bernadette's Primary School Logo and Images

St Bernadette's Primary School

2 Willey Street, Sunshine North VIC 3020

We, the community of St Bernadette’s, follow the teachings of Jesus.

We provide a secure, safe and supportive environment for the individuals in our community.

We promote respect, tolerance and acceptance of all.

We provide an environment which nurtures and encourages spiritual growth.

We create an atmosphere which supports and empowers growth of the whole person.

We encourage life-long learning.

St Theresa's Primary School Albion Logo and Images

St Theresa's Primary School Albion

16 Drummartin Street, Albion VIC 3020

We pray for those children receiving their First Eucharist this weekend. Our prayer for you is one of love.
May God give you the strength and love to follow in His way and continue to guide you in your faith as you journey through life. May the peace and joy of His love be with you all of your days.

Westbourne Grammar School P-3 Logo and Images

Westbourne Grammar School P-3

67 The Strand, Newport VIC 3015

School Vision
Our School, your School - a world of learning

School Mission
An economically independent and vibrant community that consistently provides the highest standards of excellence and innovation in learning within a stimulating nurturing environment.

School Values

  • Community
    Recognising that actively building respectful and sustainable relationships with other human beings and with our planet builds strong social capital which in turn supports our well-being. In doing so we acknowledge our shared cultures and histories.
  • Creativity
    Encouraging behaviours which encompass notions of innovation, originality, liberation and generative problem-solving in all that we do.
  • Scholarship
    Celebration of the persistent learning at a high level and the pursuit of excellence. Understanding the importance of thinking routines, self-regulation and reflection.
  • Courage
    Developing the capacity to question without fear. Understanding that “success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”  
St Margaret Mary's Primary School Spotswood Logo and Images

St Margaret Mary's Primary School Spotswood

181 Hudson Road, Spotswood VIC 3015

St Margaret Mary’s is blessed with a vibrant and supportive school community committed to working in partnership to ensure its students are happy and motivated learners. Our dedicated teaching staff work to provide a rich and diverse curriculum focused on developing the whole child- academically, spiritually and socially. We offer a variety of opportunities for children to discover and pursue their talents, including an extensive sports program, and a variety of experiences in the Arts and Technology. Our children are encouraged to engage with the world: to question, take risks, reflect, critique, analyse and act. We aim to empower our students to be independent, assertive and active members of the community, while offering a nurturing environment that caters for the diverse needs of every child.

St Margaret Mary’s school began in 1954 with 76 students who were accommodated in the church/school building in Reed Street. In 1958, a spacious new building was commenced. In 1998, an extensive refurbishment program was undertaken to upgrade and extend our school facilities and was completed in 2000. Since then a multi-purpose gathering and learning space and an ICT lab has been constructed to ensure a contemporary learning environment. The school currently has 163 students across 7 classrooms and a staff of 23, included in this is a new leadership team led by Principal Andrew Leighton who began in 2010.

St Monica's Catholic Primary School Footscray Logo and Images

St Monica's Catholic Primary School Footscray

Wingfield Street, Footscray VIC 3011

St Monica's Catholic Primary School has served the families of Footscray for 160 years. It has a strong history and tradition for providing an excellent education experience for our students.  Our families come from a wide range of ethnic and cultural groups. This richness in diversity is one of our key strengths

St Monica's is a Catholic School.  Gospel values inform every aspect of our school life: academic, social, and spiritual.

St Monica's provides an intimate learning environment, with small classes and focused teaching, where everyone knows everyone else.  Respectful and caring relationships act as a major support for the excellent learning that occurs in our community.

At St Monica’s we believe that excellent learning happens when learners are safe, happy, well supported and challenged. Our students, parents and staff work hard to create such a learning environment. We also ensure that learning is fun!

We have the best of both worlds physically: housed in historic buildings the learning spaces reflect 21st Century learning after a $2 million  refurbishment and extension funded through the Federal Government's 'Building the Education Revolution' program.