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Caroline Chisholm Catholic College Logo and Images

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

204 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook VIC 3019

Our mission at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College is to strive to live Gospel truths and values. We seek to provide a holistic education. We endeavour to inspire and empower all members of the college community to reach their full potential.

A Catholic secondary school; Years 7 - 12.

Catholic Regional College North Keilor Logo and Images

Catholic Regional College North Keilor

Santa Monica Drive, Keilor VIC 3036

Catholic Regional College North Keilor is a Catholic Co-educational Year 7-10 College established in 1982. It operates as part of a complex of Colleges with other Year 7- 10 Colleges located at St. Albans and Melton and the VCE campus located at Sydenham.

North Keilor is a Regional College existing under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Melbourne and serves students living in the Parishes of Airport West, Keilor Downs, East Keilor and Sydenham.

The complex of Colleges has a single Board of Governance known as Catholic Regional College Council. The membership of the Council comprises Parish Priests, parish based parent representatives, the Principals of the four Colleges and other persons co-opted for their expertise. The Council has two subcommittees – the Board of Studies that deals with educational matters and the Finance Committee.

Strong support exists for the College from parishes in both a pastoral and financial sense. Pastoral support is seen in visits to the College by our priests, participation by the priests in in service programs, camps, regular Masses within the College, special liturgies and Reconciliation.

Gilson College Logo and Images

Gilson College

450 Taylors Road, Taylors Hill VIC 3037

Gilson College is a Seventh-day Adventist primary and secondary co-educational school, located in Taylors Hill, Victoria. Prep to Year 12.

The College’s educational activities are designed to provide opportunities for all students to achieve their maximum development, intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. It has produced graduates that are leaders of integrity and have values well recognised by the community.

Southern Cross Grammar Logo and Images

Southern Cross Grammar

Cnr Gourlay Road and Lancefield Drive , Caroline Springs VIC 3023

Southern Cross Grammar is a co-educational, non-denominational school which ensures the highest quality of learning and facilities for children from when they are commencing their social experiences through to becoming active and involved citizens in our community.

Students at Southern Cross Grammar will be immersed in a comprehensive, liberal curriculum, which enables individuals to pursue their talents and realise their potential. The pedagogy of the school will encompass both traditional and innovative teaching and learning.

Southern Cross Grammar students will be lifelong learners who are sufficiently confident and flexible to contribute positively to any society within our global community. As lifelong learners, students will become knowledgeable about their world and be able to respond with confidence to complex situations.

The students will be active learners who communicate effectively.

As an integral part of the community, our school embraces the opportunity to provide a safe and caring atmosphere which welcomes and encourages the community to participate fully in the students' learning journey.

St Peter Chanel Primary School Logo and Images

St Peter Chanel Primary School

848 Ballarat Road, Deer Park VIC 3023

At St. Peter Chanel School our vision is to help students develop a personal relationship with God while being engaged in a rich learning environment.

  • We aim to nurture a community which encourages participation, inclusion, a sense of belonging and a desire to learn.
  • We strive to enhance learning through good practice and critical evaluation of ever-changing curricula.
  • We want all members of the community to experience justice, affirmation, support, respect and a love of learn
Mary Mackillop Primary School Keilor Downs Logo and Images

Mary Mackillop Primary School Keilor Downs

152 Odessa Avenue, Keilor VIC 3036

As a Catholic school we are placed at the ‘heart of the Church’. Within this context, we recognise our defining features as being a parish school which:

  • Promotes the dynamic vision of God’s love
  • Recognises and nurtures the spirituality of each person
  • Creates an environment which engages the children in quality learning experiences
  • Works in partnership with families and the wider community, creating an authentic experience of connectedness

As a Catholic school, we celebrate Christ as the centre of our lives, calling us to be life-giving by the way we live the Gospel in our time.

We strive to empower our community to be people of hope for the world.

Christ The Priest Catholic Primary School Caroline Springs Logo and Images

Christ The Priest Catholic Primary School Caroline Springs

54 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs VIC 3023

Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School is a community of children, teachers and parents working together to create a dynamic and vibrant educational learning environment. In doing so we strive together to create a school which is a centre of learning excellence and of personal and communal well-being.

As a Catholic School, we are a community which celebrates our story, appreciating tradition, engaging in the present, and actively shaping the future. We recognise Christ as the centre of our lives calling us to be life-giving by the way we live the Gospel in our time. Through focusing on living Gospel values, we strive to empower our community to be people of hope for the world.

Our enthusiastic and committed teachers, work to meet the needs of children preparing them for a life of learning.

Our Ladys Catholic Primary School Sunshine Logo and Images

Our Ladys Catholic Primary School Sunshine

32 Station Place , Sunshine VIC 3020

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School is a Catholic Parish Primary School for approximately 350 boys and girls from Prep to Year 6.

Our multiculturalism is a very special feature of our school and we have a strong history of welcoming new and recent-arrivals to Australia. The diversity of our student population is an asset which gives Our Lady’s a richness from which we can all learn. Our school events and Liturgies are celebrated with much enthusiasm.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child in a supportive environment. We want your child to feel confident, to be happy, to live by the values of the Gospels and to reach their full potential.

Our School Vision
In a spirit of unity and harmony, we strive to develop the whole person; providing an excellent education for all and inspiring our community members to live a Christian way of life.

Holy Eucharist Primary Logo and Images

Holy Eucharist Primary

1A Oleander Drive, St Albans VIC 3021

Our school is a Parish Catholic Primary School in the western suburbs of the Archdiocese’s of Melbourne.

We are justly proud of our school as its community represents a snapshot of the wider picture of Australia. – the multi cultural picture.

The community consists of 475 children from Vietnam, Philippines, mainland China, Sudan, Ethiopia , Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, southern and central America and Europe.
Our staff also reflects this diversity that makes us proud to be Australians.

Thus our School Vision states that our school is a place :-

Where strong professional relationships create a successful teaching and learning opportunity within the Australian Catholic tradition.

Our children are:-

  •  engaged
  • educated
  •  empowered

in such a community.

Emmaus Catholic Primary School Logo and Images

Emmaus Catholic Primary School

370 Sydenham Road, Sydenham VIC 3037

"Our schools work for the growth of each child to reach their full potential. We will work with our parish and each family enrolled for the benefit of the children. The policies and expectations we have in both schools help us educate the children in our care. Sacred Heart ,Emmaus and Cana Schools promote a sense of belonging and community based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, our teachers and life model."

Our Religious Education Curriculum is reflected in the entire life of our school. This includes specific Religious Education lessons provided for the children as part of their regular classroom program. One of the main aims of the Religious Curriculum of our school is to help children understand that being Catholic is a way of life, not just a subject studied at school. Our School uses the Guidelines for Religious Education provided by the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese together with our School Based Religious Education Program.

The staff of Emmaus believe that the Eucharist is central to all that they do. As a staff they attend Mass, live out gospel values and share their faith. They are mindful that they are at Emmaus for the children, and work together towards achieving common goals. They are generous and enthusiastic, sharing their gifts and talents. They are supportive and approachable, communicate openly and honestly, and value and respect each other.

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Logo and Images

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Corner of Keilor and Rachelle Roads, Keilor East VIC 3033

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar is a Uniting Church School for boys and girls with campuses located in Essendon, Moonee Ponds and Keilor East. The school is the product of a happy amalgamation of the two schools, Penleigh Presbyterian Ladies' College and Essendon Grammar School which was completed in 1977. PEGS has since developed in both size and reputation for the provision of a strong and successful academic programme.

Today Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School offers a unique blend of single sex and coeducational experiences to over 2000 students. After Kindergarten our students attend either the girls' campus in Moonee Ponds, which caters for girls from Prep - Year 6 and Year 7 - Year 10 or the Essendon Campus for boys in Prep - Year 6 and the Keilor East campus for boys in Years 7 - 10.

The senior campus, the Infinity Centre, also located on the the Keilor East campus, brings boys and girls together for all classes for the first time in their schooling at PEGS. Students at PEGS are thus able to enjoy the benefits that a single sex education can provide - particularly during the years of early adolescence - as well as those of a mixed environment in which respectful relationships can be fostered amongst young men and women.

Overnewton Anglican Community College Logo and Images

Overnewton Anglican Community College

2-30 Overnewton Road, Keilor VIC 3036

Overnewton Anglican Community College, Keilor Campus opened in 1987 in direct response to community need for accessible quality education in the northwest of Melbourne. The second campus, at Taylors Lakes opened in 1996.

The College is organised into Junior School (Preparatory – Year 4), Middle School (Years 5 - 8), Canowindra (Year 9), and Senior School (Years 10 - 12). Each Campus has a Junior School and a Middle School with Canowindra located on the Taylors Lakes Campus and the Senior School at the Keilor Campus.

Recognising that education is a partnership, the College seeks high parental involvement and each family contributes 18 hours of service to the College per term. There are over fifty parent working groups helping in areas such as classroom assistance, gardening, yard duty, student banking, photocopying, catering, canteens and the annual fair. There are regular working bees at each campus. The parental involvement is a key to the success of a student's experience in the College. Students attend the College knowing they have the complete support and commitment of their parents behind them

TAYLORS LAKES CAMPUS 27 - 57 Robertsons Rd Taylors Lakes, Victoria, 3038
Tel: 03 9334 0000 Fax: 03 9390 5144

Resurrection Catholic Primary School Kings Park Logo and Images

Resurrection Catholic Primary School Kings Park

51 Gum Road ,, Kings Park VIC 3021

Resurrection Catholic Primary school is a vibrant and dynamic faith community. Our school motto ‘We Care’ is the cornerstone of what we aim to instil in our students.

Our culturally rich Catholic school community values and respects the traditions of all our members.

Our school centres on:

  • A community that knows how to celebrate and express its faith
  • Meeting the needs of children of the 21st century
  • A team of professionals dedicated to providing a stimulating curriculum that is targeted to meet the needs of the individual child
  • A welcoming environment for all to be part of the great adventure of learning.

At Resurrection we believe in creating a learning community where the parish, teachers, students and their families work in a partnership that, where appropriate, will expand to include business, industry and the wider community. We recognize that it is our task to lay the foundation for a life long journey in learning and faith development.

Keilor Downs College Logo and Images

Keilor Downs College

100-110 Odessa Avenue, Keilor Downs VIC 3038

Keilor Downs College is single campus secondary college located on the north-western edge of metropolitan Melbourne. The student population (and the teaching staff) reflect the many different nationalities present in the surrounding community.

The college is recognised as providing a safe and caring learning environment with significant academic achievement, attracting students from a broad geographic area.

The college has a specific student wellbeing structure and is divided into four vertical Houses. Each House has approximately 350 students from Years 7-12 and about 30 teaching and support staff.

Catholic Regional College St Albans Logo and Images

Catholic Regional College St Albans

24 Theodore Street, St Albans VIC 3021

Catholic Regional College St Albans website is a Years 7 – 10 regional college we provide Catholic co-education for young people from our local parishes; Holy Eucharist, Resurrection, Sacred Heart / Emmaus and St Mary of the Assumption.

Our families are welcomed into a Catholic faith community where respect, learning, support, understanding, equality and community are key values. Students are encouraged to explore their faith, to care for others and their world, and to strive for their personal best.

We believe that young people who are happy, confident and able to establish positive relationships are better placed to learn. A strong pastoral care program and support structures help to nurture such relationships and to ensure that each student is known, valued and connected. At our school we embrace and celebrate the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of the local community.

St Bernadette's Primary School Logo and Images

St Bernadette's Primary School

2 Willey Street, Sunshine North VIC 3020

We, the community of St Bernadette’s, follow the teachings of Jesus.

We provide a secure, safe and supportive environment for the individuals in our community.

We promote respect, tolerance and acceptance of all.

We provide an environment which nurtures and encourages spiritual growth.

We create an atmosphere which supports and empowers growth of the whole person.

We encourage life-long learning.

St Theresa's Primary School Albion Logo and Images

St Theresa's Primary School Albion

16 Drummartin Street, Albion VIC 3020

We pray for those children receiving their First Eucharist this weekend. Our prayer for you is one of love.
May God give you the strength and love to follow in His way and continue to guide you in your faith as you journey through life. May the peace and joy of His love be with you all of your days.

Sacred Heart Primary School St Albans Logo and Images

Sacred Heart Primary School St Albans

4 Winifred Street, St Albans VIC 3021

There are approximately 250 boys and girls from Prep to Year Six attending Sacred Heart. Our school is enriched by children who come from many cultures. Our personalised learning environment ensures the academic, spiritual, social and emotional development of each child.

Mother of God School Adeer Logo and Images

Mother of God School Adeer

67 Blanche Street, Ardeer VIC 3022

Mother of God School is a small school where everyone is known by name. We are proud of our programs and new facilities and technologies, but we are most proud of the delightful young people who help make our school a great place to come every day.

In Brigidine education we will:

  • Be faithful to our Catholic tradition,
  • Welcome all, especially the most vulnerable,
  • Engender a love of learning, hope and purpose,
  • Image and practice justice and service,
  • Celebrate all that is good with joy and gratitude.

We work closely with the wider parish communities of Mother of God Ardeer, Queen of Heaven Ardeer and St Theresa’s Albion and ensure that all we do is informed by Gospel values.

St Augustines Primary School Keilor Logo and Images

St Augustines Primary School Keilor

Augustine's Way, Keilor VIC 3036

St Augustine’s focuses on engaging students in vibrant, creative learning experiences that develop inquiring minds and equips them with knowledge and skills for a life beyond the classroom.

At St Augustine’s Learning and Teaching begins with the needs of the individual child and works towards developing their potential as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

The prescribed curriculum is used to frame learning that is responsive to the children’s needs, the context of our school and the wider community.